Prashant Kishor: Is he India's political game manager or player?

 Popularly known as election manager, Prashant Kishor's going to Congress is being discussed loudly but no one knows what his intentions are.

Prashant Kishor, who took charge of BJP's election management as a professional advisor in 2014, is once again in discussion these days for meetings with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and other opposition leaders.

One thing that sets Prashant Kishor apart from others as an election strategist is that he works as a 'paid professional consultant', has a complete research team and is not tied to a single political party.

After Mamata Banerjee's electoral victory in West Bengal, her status has increased these days because she was constantly giving advice on how to deal with the challenge of Trinamool Congress BJP, some people are believing that her advice worked for Mamta. 

Speculations are also being made about his joining the Congress as soon as he is released from the Bengal assembly elections. Just before this, he was once more in the discussion when he was being described as the 'former of opposition unity', various speculations were being made about his meeting with Sharad Pawar.


Who is Prashant Kishor?

44-year-old Prashant Kishor, who hails from the Bhojpuri speaking area of ​​Bihar, has so far rendered his professional services to Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee, Captain Amarinder Singh in Punjab, Jagan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and DMK leader MK Stalin in Tamil Nadu.

On May 2, 2021, in a TV interview, he surprised everyone by saying that he was no longer playing the role of a professional political consultant, after his announcement that he might want to enter politics himself.

By the way, there is always an atmosphere of doubt about whether he is in politics or not. The situation could never be clear about whether the coach is a player or a player.

 In such a situation, the same question is being raised again from the speculation about his joining the Congress that why political parties claiming to understand the pulse of the people are desperate to associate an 'election manager' with themselves.

It is important to remember here that he played the role of a strategist for the Congress-SP alliance and had to face a catastrophic failure in the last assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, he is generally considered a very successful election manager.

Mamata Banerjee's TMC's victory in Bengal elections, despite a tough challenge from the BJP, has boosted Prashant Kishor's stature and his every move is closely assessed.

In such a situation, there are speculations on the meetings with Sharad Pawar and Congress leaders that he is preparing to unite the opposition against Narendra Modi in 2024.

Writer and journalist Dhaval Kulkarni in Mumbai feels that Prashant Kishor is engaged in a campaign to bring the opposition together against the BJP, although bringing the opposition together in Indian politics has been a difficult task.

Senior journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai asks, "If someone wants to make Mamata Banerjee the prime minister, will other leaders be ready? Will Sharad Pawar consider it? In 2019 also we saw that every non-NDA political party had a say. There was a need to remove the BJP but they could not come along. Only Stalin had said that Rahul Gandhi would be the prime ministerial candidate."

In a conversation with NDTV, Prashant Kishor has said that he does not think that the Third or Fourth Front can compete with the BJP.

 As part of the thinking of bringing the opposition together, it is also being speculated that Prashant Kishor is meeting leaders with the aim of gathering consensus to make Sharad Pawar the next President of the country.

According to Dhawal Kulkarni, when Sharad Pawar's dream of becoming the Prime Minister has been tarnished, his eyes are on the presidential election to be held next year, but so far these things are only speculations because Sharad Pawar has not said anything on this. Is.

Why Prashant Kishor needed?

The behind-the-scenes work of election managers has not been beyond controversies. His job is to create such an environment around the leader at the time of election that he can go ahead in the election, it is said that he is expert in judging the issues, the mathematics of the electoral areas and the mood of the public.

According to political analyst Dr Jagroop Saikhon in Punjab, the increasing penetration of election managers like Prashant Kishor is proof of the hollowness of politics.

"It is the bankruptcy of the political system, especially in political parties, when power is passed on to a few people who act as managers," he says.

According to Dr. Jagroop Saikhon, this is also an indication of how the leaders of today are cut off from the ground and the politicians in Punjab are so infamous that many people do not even allow them to enter their villages.

During the Bengal elections, TMC leaders told BBC correspondent Amitabh Bhattasali in Kolkata how people had been cut off from the party in the last few years due to ground corruption.

Prashant Kishor told this to the leaders because people close to Mamta Banerjee could not put these things in front of him properly.

 Amitabh tells how Prashant Kishor used to manage every little thing himself, an example of this is that the people of his team used to roam the areas and tell which leader where, what to say.

Under the supervision of Prashant Kishor, lakhs of posters of 'Bangla Nijer Makee Chai', i.e. 'Bangla Apni Beti Ko Chahta Hai' were put up in Bengal.

Apart from this, the 'Didi Ko Bolo' helpline program was started, due to which people used to tell complaints ranging from lack of water in taps to dirt directly on the phone, on which the local administration used to take action. Under the 'Dwara Sarkar', the public departments used to organize camps to solve the problems of the people in the areas.

According to Amitabh Bhattasali, these programs helped to draw votes in favor of Mamata Banerjee, but Prashant Kishor was not needed to suggest these programs.

Journalist Jayant Ghoshal says, "Pranab Mukherjee used to tell me that the condition of the Congress has deteriorated because it became a drawing room party, due to which it was cut off from the common people. Where is the alliance, whose is it, Prashant Kishor studies it. Because of this many people don't get tickets."

Journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai cites the example of Jayalalithaa who was not even on social media but had self-confidence and people attracted to her, though she ruled with the help of a select few.

He says, "When leaders do not have confidence, when they feel that they themselves cannot win, then they resort to strategists. Also, leaders believe that Narendra Modi has emerged as such a popular leader with the help of advisors. Yes, but this is not true.

A strategist can write a speech, but it is a leader who has to deliver the speech in a strong manner. Narendra Modi is very good as a speaker. People like what he says."

According to author and journalist Dhaval Kulkarni in Mumbai, campaign managers like Prashant Kishor warn parties and leaders of the much-needed big picture. "Politicians are always busy and they can't take a step back to see what needs to be done," he says.

Political aspirations of Prashant Kishor?

Senior journalist Jayant Ghoshal feels that Prashant Kishor has political aspirations and is not limited to becoming a Rajya Sabha member.

Jayant Ghoshal says, "Prashant Kishor wants to be the kingmaker of the coalition government in the 2024 elections."

But according to Ghoshal, a lot will depend on the results of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, and only then will their intentions be known.

Prashant Kishor's political meetings are taking place at a time when the official death toll from Kovid in India has crossed four lakh, many Modi supporters are also not happy with his handling of Kovid, the economy is in shambles, unemployment and inflation are rising. has been.

Jayant Ghoshal says, "Prashant Kishor can also join any party. He has that option. He can become a Rajya Sabha MP if he wants, but he does not want Rajya Sabha.

Ghoshal says, "Two Trinamool's Rajya Sabha seats are vacant right now. BJP is also trying to drag them because they don't have bad relations with the BJP either."

On the other hand, senior journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai questions Prashant Kishor's ideology. Kumar says, "He was on the side of a right-wing party in one election. In another election, he was on the side of another ideology. Once he was on the side of the Tamil party. Were, another time to a Telugu party. If he has to emerge as a leader, he will have to work hard on the ground. He has to prove himself. He cannot parachute into a party and emerge as a leader. "

 The question on Prashant Kishor is no less

Questions arise about Prashant Kishor that when he is such a great magician, why did his magic not work in favor of Congress in Uttar Pradesh?

In such a situation, an answer comes in his defense that the Congress did not implement what he said, due to which this plight of the party happened.

Apart from this, many analysts believe that Prashant Kishor's contribution to Narendra Modi's victory in 2014 was exaggerated.

He says that at that time the common people were so troubled by the alleged scandal, corruption in the Congress that they took the reins of the country.

Handed over to Narendra Modi, no Prashant Kishor was needed for that.

According to journalist D Suresh Kumar, apart from the Prashant Kishor factor, other factors were responsible for Stalin's victory in Tamil Nadu. He says that one of the reasons for Jagan Mohan Reddy's victory was that people were not happy with Chandrababu Naidu.



9/11 Terror Attack: Know when what happened

 9/11 attack anniversary: 20 years ago today i.e. on September 11, 2001, there was a terrorist attack on America, the world's biggest power. The World Trade Center in New York was targeted by terrorists. In this horrific terrorist attack, 2,977 people lost their lives.

New Delhi: 9/11 attack: 20 years ago today i.e. on September 11, 2001, there was a terrorist attack on America, the world's biggest power. The World Trade Center in New York was targeted by terrorists. In this horrific terrorist attack, 2,977 people lost their lives. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack. The horrific attacks of 9/11 were called by the then US President George Bush as a dark day in American history.

Important information related to the case:

1. The terrorist organization Al Qaeda carried out an airstrike on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 (9/11 Terrorist Attack) through two hijacked planes. At 8.30 in the morning, within 45 minutes, the world was stunned to see the two buildings of the 110-storey World Trade Center piled up like a pack of cards.

2. Earlier (911 Attacks) between 7.59 am and 8.42 am, four commercial flights, two from Boston, one from Washington DC and one from Newark to California, were hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists.

3. At 8.46 am, the hijacked terrorists hit American plane number 11 with the North Tower of the World Trade Center (9/11 News). At 9.03 in the morning, terrorists hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 collided with the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The whole of America was stunned by this, but for the second time it was clear from the collision of the plane that this was a pre-planned attack, not an accident.

4. That day US President George Bush was about to read a book at an elementary school in Florida, when Chief of Staff Andrew Card informed him about the collision of another plane with the World Trade Center. Terrorist attack on America. After this, at 9.42 am, the US Aircraft Authority stopped all flights in America with immediate effect.

5. Around 9.45 pm, the security personnel got the White House, the residence of the US President, and the US Parliament, the US Capitol evacuated. Al Qaeda terrorists later claimed that their target was the US Capitol in Washington DC, the US Parliament.

6. 9/11 anniversary: ​​After two planes collided on the World Trade Center, terrorists hit the third plane at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington DC, at around 10.03 am. Terrorists targeted the fourth plane toward Washington DC, but it crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania after some of the plane's passengers and crew tried to take control.

7. Around 10.28 pm, the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. After its fall, the sky was filled with balloons of smoke and dust. Due to this, more than ten thousand people had to face difficulty in breathing. Many of these have been suffering from respiratory diseases for a long time, while many people have become cancer patients. Seeing the dust and smoke around 11.02 a.m., the Mayor of New York ordered the evacuation of Lower Manhattan.

8. All the passengers on board all the four flights, including the crew and the terrorists who hijacked, died. A total of 2996 people lost their lives in these attacks, including 400 police officers and firefighters. People from 57 countries were also included in the death. The entire building of the World Trade Center was turned into rubble in about 2 hours. Of those killed, only 291 bodies could be identified.

9. Hundreds of New York City Fire Department personnel immediately gathered to control the fire and relief work in the World Trade Center. But while saving the lives of the people, 345 personnel died in it. Most of the deaths were due to being buried under the rubble. Around 5.20 pm, World Trade Center building number 7, which was next to the twin towers, also collapsed due to debris from the twin towers. More than 10,000 people were injured in the 9/11 attacks.

10. At 8.30 pm, President George Bush addressed the public from the White House. Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was behind this painful attack. On May 2, 2011, America took action and killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. 

Nora Fatehi workout in shorts and tube bra, fans gazed at VIDEO

 Nora Fatehi Workout VIDEO: The glamorous acts of Nora Fatehi have once again won the hearts of the fans. Once again, her gym look is blowing people's senses.

New Delhi: Bollywood's best dancer and actress Nora Fatehi is also known for her fitness. Nora also remains in the discussion due to her glamorous looks. Nora Fatehi is very active on social media and keeps rocking with her style every day. Now once again Nora has created a ruckus on social media by sharing a video during the workout.

Nora gym video viral

In the video shared by Nora Fatehi, she is wearing neon colored shorts and a black tube bra. With which she is wearing such a short shrug on her shoulder which is making her look even hotter. She is showing her toned body by doing this. Nora Fatehi has shared this mirror selfie video after the workout on her Instagram story.


Fans are watching the video again and again

Let me tell you, Nora Fatehi is a fitness freak. His style is different. She does not miss the gym for a single day. Nora Fatehi sweats daily to make her body fit. After watching Nora's video, the fans are praising the fitness of the actress. Many fans are watching the video again and again. 

Taarak Mehta fame Nidhi Bhanushali's special friend, with whom she often celebrates holidays

 Nidhi Bhanushali is very active on social media. The actress keeps sharing photos and videos on social media while roaming around. But do you know who makes these beautiful pictures and videos of Nidhi?

New Delhi: If we talk about comedy serials, then the name of 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah' comes at the top. People like every character of this show very much. Many characters of the show came and went and people gave a lot of love to every actor. Nidhi Bhanushali, who has been an important part of the show, comes in the discussion due to some reason or the other. Nidhi may have left the show, but she is constantly active on social media and she keeps sharing moments related to her personal life with fans.

Nidhi's love for traveling

Nidhi Bhanushali has become quite bold after leaving Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. She keeps sharing her photos on social media every day, and if you look at the actress's Instagram, you will find how much she loves traveling. Nidhi is often seen with a special friend and her puppy. Who is this his special friend? 

How to start Dairy Farm Business?

 If you are thinking of doing any business from your home, then dairy farm business can prove to be the best for you, so in today's post, we will tell you how to start a dairy farm business?

The products of dairy farm are not only used by the residents of our country of India but people all over the world use its products in their everyday life.

If you are thinking of starting this business without planning, then stop because in this way you cannot get success.

For any type of business you need a plan. That is, here we will talk about every aspect related to cow rearing i.e. dairy farm or milk production like which species of cow to choose, how to take care of it, what fodder should be given to them, which dairy should charge the right rate etc.

How to Start dairy Farming business?


So, let's know how to start cow farming business


What is dairy farm?

Dairy Farm is a business, in simple language, a small business which is small only in the beginning and keeps on expanding with the passage of time.

Dairy farm products are used in many ways. Apart from milk, ghee, curd, butter, buttermilk, paneer, cow dung and cow urine are also sold in dairy form.

These products of dairy form are used in large quantities.

How to start Dairy Farm Business?

Starting a dairy farm does not make this business successful, but it requires hard work and dedication.

For starting a dairy farm, the most important things needed are the animals first and then the place where these animals will be kept.

Special care has to be taken of the breed of animals in the dairy farm, the person has to work with both his senses and enthusiasm, otherwise his system does not work well.

It is very important to keep the cows in a proper place otherwise if they are kept in their unfavorable environment then its effect can be directly in the daily products.

Good breed animals

Identifying the best breed of animals for a commercial business can shape the future of the business.

For newcomers who do not know about animals or do not recognize good breed animals. Then he will definitely get the loss of soya done.

Such persons should approach the dairy farm falling in their area and collect as much information as possible from the owner or workers of the dairy farm about the animals.

In dairy farm, good breed animals act as backbone. In commercial business, it is necessary that the loss should be in minimum amount.

Some cows of foreign breed are available for commercial business in our country, which are very popular:-

1. HF Cow

This cow is of large body whose weight is about 580 kg. Their skin is mainly identified by black and white spots. Due to the huge body, this cow eats a lot of food. This cow is sensitive.

This cow cannot tolerate high temperature. Talking about the product, it can give 15 to 40 liters of milk per day. Its cost can be around ₹ 40000 to ₹ 60000.

2. Jersey Cow

They are identified by their skin which is a mixture of star and red colour. They have a wide mouth, and large eyes. Their weight is around 400 to 500 kg.

Jersey cow mostly adapts itself according to the environment. Talking about the product of Jersey cow, it gives 15 to 25 liters of milk per day. ₹ 30000 to ₹ 50000 will be enough for its purchase.

Jersey cow's milk contains more fat than HF cow's. This cow can tolerate higher temperature than HS breed.

Jersey cow is more commonly used for small business than HF cow. Because keeping HF cow is a bit more expensive.

Generally pure breeds of HF and Jersey cow are not found in our country India but cross breed breeds of these cows can be seen in our country in great quantity.

To buy defective animals, you can login to this website and get information.

Choose the right location

It is necessary to have green facilities for milking cattle animals. It is very important for them to have a suitable environment.

Wherever it is to be followed, there should be a good arrangement of water. Water consumption is high in the summer season, so there should be no shortage of water in the water source. Apart from this, arrangements should also be made for lighting.

Before choosing a place, keep in mind that there must be electricity there. Apart from this, the surrounding space should be slightly open.

Shelter for cows

The main animals for the dairy farm are the animals there, which is very important to take care of. In such a situation, utmost care should be taken that there is a favourable climate, environment and temperature for the cows there.

In such a situation, the residence of the cows should be planned most carefully because they neither have to live in a very hot environment nor do they have to live in a very cold environment.

If there is an unfavourable climate, environment or temperature for the cows, then their health will be affected very badly. Which can have a direct impact on their product as well. This may harm the owner of the dairy farm.

Deteriorating the health of the animals does not only result in the loss of the product, but the owner of the dairy farm also has to spend for the improvement of the health of those animals.

Dairy farm feed

Special care has to be taken of the diet of the animals in the diary form, because they will produce the same product as they are given to eat.

Commercial business animals are not left open due to which they are not able to get green grass. For the food of these animals, the owner of the dairy farm brings their food to them. Which they export from the markets.

Chemical things are also fed to these animals for more production, which affects their health as well as their product.


The milk of the animals comes out twice a day. Newbies need some training for this. This milk has to be supplied, so take great care of cleanliness.

Collect all the milk in one place and then supply it.

Dairy farm products


Milk is used almost daily all over the world. Milk is very beneficial for our health.


Another product ghee is also produced from the dairy farm. The use of ghee has positive effects in our health. It is used for food and in many other ways.

Desi cheese:

This product made from milk, paneer is very popular, various types of dishes are prepared using this product which are very tasty.


Curd is also made from milk. Curd is also used in worship rituals including food.


Butter is a milk product. Which is used in making dishes and dishes. Its use makes the food very tasty.

Cow dung:

The cow dung produced by animals is also used for commercial purposes and they are sold by making cow dung cakes.

Price of dairy farm products

• Milk - ₹ 50 liters

• Ghee - ₹ 1200 liters

Cost of Dairy Farm:

The minimum cost for dairy farm can be around ₹ 300000 to ₹ 700000. The rest may cost less if the space is already in place and only animals are to be exported.

The cost of a cow can be around ₹ 30000 to ₹ 60000 which will give 15 liters of milk per day.

Capital to be invested in animal feed in dairy farm is also necessary. They have to give things like lentils, gram, maize to eat, due to which there is an increase in the product.

If the health of an animal deteriorates due to any reason, then it also has to be spent in getting it repaired.

Income from dairy farm:

Generally, the income of a dairy farm is not assured as its income is ensured according to its product. If there is a small dairy farm, then the monthly income can be around ₹ 20000 to ₹ 40000.

If we talk about the popular and wide dairy farm, then its income can be around ₹ 100000 to 1.5 lakh rupees. With the passage of time many changes are seen in these business.

Disadvantages of Dairy Farming

Milk and milk products are very beneficial for health. But if this product is pure then it is beneficial for our health, otherwise continuous use of these products can have negative effects on health.

Many people do not pay attention to the quality of milk in the pursuit of more profit and product. Which has an impact on the users.

In the pursuit of more production, people try to get more milk from the animals than their capacity, as a result of which the quality of the distance decreases. Due to which the consumption of milk becomes healthy.

Due to all this, the taste of milk also has a very bad effect. A watery taste is felt in such milk. Due to the tasteless of milk, people also shy away from consuming it.

Such traits are mostly seen in animals used for commercial trade such as Jersey cows and HF cows. This cow gives milk in large quantity but it is not sure that the milk given by them will be pure.

Things to keep in mind in cow rearing

Dairy farm owners should think about the health of the customers more than their profit. By this, this problem can be improved a little.

The milk found in the small dairy farm of the village is very tasty and pure. Because the cows used in commercial business are not kept there, which give more quantity of milk, whose quality of milk is not perfect.

The animals used in the commercial business are kept tied up and given to the grass that has been brought from the markets to eat them, for each product of milk, they are made to consume maize, gram dal, etc. But they are not left open.

The health of animals used in commercial business is worse than that of small cows used in small business i.e. indigenous cows.

Small dairy farms that use indigenous cows do not spend much on the feed of the cows and make them consume naturally available green grass. Due to which their health does not deteriorate quickly and they are happy and give more quantity of milk.

She gives more milk by being happy when the cows are called by their names after keeping them.

Cow's milk is very tasty and beneficial for health. 

How to Vote in Bigg Boss?

 Today, we are going to tell you about how to vote in Bigg Boss in this article, you know that bigg boss is a very big episode and almost everyone wants him to vote for it but many people do not know. In order to give information about how they can vote in bigg boss, then this article of ours has been written so that we can give you complete information related to it.

The main reason for Bigg Boss being so famous is Salman Khan, this episode is run by him and due to its fan following being so much, it has become very famous in a very short time, many people vote in it even before. And there are many people who want to vote in this, but they do not know the right way, for those people today's article is going to be very important.

What is Bigg Boss?

This is a very famous episode which is run by Salman Khan and it is considered to be the most popular show; its voting is done every week in which any person can participate, people like this show so much that as soon as the show starts. The TRP of the channel increases by about 25%, so that you can guess its popularity.

 This show comes only on Saturday and Sunday and it is operated by Salman, you can watch this shaw only 2 days a week, this shaw lasts for about 3 months and when this shaw starts then from 14 to 14 in this shaw 17 members participate and 1 or 2 people are eliminated every week, due to which gradually in the end only one person is left who is declared the winner.

How to Vote in Big Boss?

If you want to cast your vote in big boss then you can give it very easily, there are 3 ways to vote in it, first through SMS, second through voot apps, third through website, today we are going to tell you, in which way you can get bigboss can vote for.

Vote through SMS

When you watch this show, again and again you see a message in it and in it you are told that how and to which number you have to send your vote, in that way you have to type a massage on your phone and send it to the given number. You have to give your vote as soon as the SMS is sent.

Vote through App

If you want, you can vote very easily through the application too, for this you have to download the voot app from playstore in your mobile, after that you open the app and you will get the option of login and sing up in it. If you already have a fb I'd then you can login through it.

After login, you will get 4 options in it, in that you will get the option of Big Boss at the end, you have to choose it, after that you will see a banner image in which you will get the option of vote now, click on it and later you will get the photos and photos of the nominated people. By clicking on the name you can vote for the person you want.

Vote through website

If you want to vote through the website, then for this you have to first go to, this is the official website of voot, after that you have to create your account here.

Now you will see a banner here, in which you have to click on vote now, as soon as you click on vote now, you will see the photos of the nominated persons, out of which you have to click on the photo of the person you want to vote. That person gets the vote.


Through this article, we have tried to give you information about how to vote in bigg boss, we hope that you must have liked this information, if you like the information given by us, then share it with your friends. Do  it and if you want to ask any kind of question related to this, then you can also tell us by commenting.


What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and how to apply?

 Today, we are going to tell you about Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. In this article, as you must know that this PMJAY scheme is a very useful scheme started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and most of the people of India also take advantage of it. But most of the people are not aware about what this scheme is and how to take advantage of it, so today we are going to tell you information related to this.

We all know that as soon as Narendra Modi got the post of Prime Minister, he has released many facilities and through this many crores of Indian citizens have also benefited and perhaps due to this, the whole of India gives him so much respect today Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana also It was started by them and limits have also been fixed to take advantage of this scheme, the ability to take advantage of this has been kept so that the eligible person can get full benefit of it.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana was announced on 15th August and Jan Arogya Yojana was also introduced in the list of Prime Minister's scheme. In this scheme, every eligible family gets the benefit of health insurance scheme for free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh.

• Name of the scheme – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

• Scheme Announcement – ​​15 August

• Launch of the scheme – 25 September

• Beneficiaries – Rural and Urban families

• Monitoring of the scheme - by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Beneficiaries of PMJAY

We are telling you about which people will get the benefit of this scheme and what qualifications the family needs to fulfill for this so that you can know whether you are eligible to apply in this scheme or not.

• According to the 2011 socio-economic and caste census, all the poor families identified will get its benefit.

• No age limit has been kept for any person for the insurance scheme (all people can take advantage of it).

• A letter has been sent by the Prime Minister to the beneficiary families of this scheme.

• A card has also been issued to all the beneficiary families which has QR Code.

• 2.50 lakh service centers have been opened for the information of this scheme.

• Complete information about this scheme can be obtained by calling 14555.

• 14,000 Arogya Mitras have been deployed by the National Health Agency in different hospitals of the country.

No name in PMJAY List

Many times. it also happens that people apply in this scheme, but their name does not appear in the pmjay list, if you also have this type of problem, then follow this method for this.

• If your name is not in it, then you should enter your name, father's name, address etc. in the database.

• After searching your name will appear, after that you have to click on Get SMS.

• Now you will get a 4 digit code in the message, keep it with you.

• If your name is not being found even through this process, then you can contact Ayushman friends.

• Submit the documents asked by Ayushman friends.

• Afterwards check once again whether your name is included in it or not.

Conditions of Jan Arogya Yojana

Along with the introduction of this scheme, some necessary conditions were also kept for it, which are as follows.

• In this way family members can get free treatment up to 5 lakhs.

• In this scheme, 1350 different types of diseases will be treated free of cost.

• If a person is already sick, then they can also take advantage of this scheme.

 Documents required to take advantage of the scheme

For taking advantage of this scheme and for pmjay registration, it is mandatory for you to have a document of identity, some people say that you can take advantage of this scheme only if you have aadhar card, but it is wrong, you have aadhar card, voter I'd, ration You can also take advantage of this scheme through cards etc.

About Jan Arogya Yojana

Now we tell you some information related to this in words, which may be very useful for you.

Other name of Jan Arogya Yojana – Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Beneficiaries of the scheme – Indian citizens

Benefits of the scheme – Insurance up to Rs 5 lakh for the family covered under PM-JAY

Official website of the scheme –

Name of Operations Department – ​​Health and Family Welfare


 In this article, we have tried to give you complete information about what is Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and how to apply in it, we hope that you must have liked the information given about it, if you like the information given by us. If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends and if you want to ask any kind of question related to this, then you can also tell us by commenting.