7 Signs that Say You're Addicted To Porn

 After Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra got caught in the racket of making porn films, nowadays people are openly talking about porn. Of course, people are wondering about the huge market for porn movies in India. But we are not talking about the production or distribution of porn films, but the effect on the mind of watching such films continuously. We'll take a look at the signs that show that you're in the habit of watching porn movies.

One of the facts about porn movies is that almost all adults have seen movies like this at some point in their lives. Without going into the ethics of making porn movies, we can say that watching porn in moderation can act as a tonic for your intimate relationship. But when you start looking for excitement and pleasure in porn, ignoring your real life relationship, it becomes a serious problem. Your porn addiction leaves no stone unturned to make your life hell. However, just as we don't admit to being addicted to other addictions, we also don't admit to being a porn addict. Leaving this task for you, we are telling you seven signs, so that you can test yourself whether you have become addicted to porn.

Your brain is hungry for porn movies

Just like someone has a strong urge to eat something sweet or salty, you have a strong desire to watch porn movies. You definitely watch porn movies once a day. Until this wish of yours is not fulfilled, you feel a strange restlessness. I don't feel like doing any work. There is irritability. 

Do you feel bad after watching movies like this?

By no means do you forget to watch porn by taking out time. Even if for this you had to postpone some very important work. You think, I'll just watch for a few minutes, but you don't understand when minutes turn into hours. When your mind comes to normal mode after watching porn, then you feel how much time you wasted. How many jobs were left to do? You start feeling stressed. You curse yourself. Next time we promise not to do this, but next time the same cycle repeats again. 

You explore different types of porn

Watching pornographic movies may not fill your mind, but watching the same type of porn movies makes you feel bored. You start looking for new movies, new pornstars. You surf the internet a lot. Subscribe to paid porn sites. In this way, along with time, you also start losing your money. 

Now your partner is not able to attract that much

As you become attracted to the virtual world of porn, your attraction to your partner in real life starts to diminish. You are not interested in having sex with your partner. You want to be alone for hours to satisfy yourself by being around your favourite porn stars. 

You wanna have sex like porn stars

As we all know, sex plays in our mind before we go to bed. Since porn-porn is running in your mind round the clock, then you want to have sex like porn stars in real life too. Your hopes and fantasies in bed become strange. This may make the partner feel uncomfortable. Even if he ever has sex the way you told, then in a few days you start inventing new ways in search of new adventures. Which are not practical for common man.

 You are cut off not only from your partner but also from other relationships

The addiction to watching porn demands two things from you, first - time and secondly privacy. Relationships also demand two things, first-time and second-together. When you are with your favourite porn stars, then obviously you will not be able to give time to your partner and neither will you. Your social life starts decreasing. Instead of meeting friends or other relatives in your free time, you stay in a lonely corner of the house. That is, you go on doing it yourself very alone, which can one day become the cause of depression.


Your sex life is almost over

As your interest in porn movies increases, your interest in real sex will decrease. There will come a time that sex will mean porn for you. Your interest in sex will be completely lost. If you are single, you will stop looking for a partner. Even if you look for a partner, then you will focus more on his physical features, rather than connecting with the partner mentally. 

Construction at Motipur Gets Lots of Flak from Koilakh Residents

 Koilakh:  There have been  umpteen number of concrete road construction in the villages of Bihar and many are underway, thanks to the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna as well as Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna. As and when the construction completes, people from village to centre, do not miss any opportunity to get a pat on their back.

Preparations for Panchayat General Election 2021 are going on in full swing in Bihar. The construction of road is a big election plank in Panchayat Election in Koilakh, arguably the most talked-about village of Mithilanchal. The incumbent Mukhiya is making the voters of his Panchayat count the developments that took place in his stint, whereas his detractors are trying to prove him wrong.

Construction that is undergoing in Motipur, the Reception Place of Koilakh, is making rounds these days. Avinash Jha, alias Chote, a successful businessman and the contestant of Mukhiya Election, when contacted to get his opinion, said,

“The construction that is underway in Motipur is going at snail’s pace. There is the connivance of MukhiyaJee with the concerned contractors. And it’s the construction that is bearing its brunt. The construction is not up-to-the-mark, the standard is being ignored, and as a resident of Koilakh with a zeal to do something substantial, it pains me beyond description.”


English Government

Let’s be acquainted with the Government of the English Language. It has its own constitution as a rule book popularly known as English Grammar. For its parts of speech, it has eight Departments to govern the English language all across the world. In this regard, each department aims to establish a flow of good communication in coordination with another. Thus, it enables people in common to communicate clearly and effectively.

Every department has a distinct nomenclature and a role to play. Well-written is the rule book of the Lingua Family asking us to follow it. However, an expression of thought will result in miscommunication or failure of a message if it is not in line with the rules laid down by the Government of the English language.  However, it has seen a sea- change since the Shakespearian time. A dictionary as an apex body paves the way for the functional power of any department. The pundits of linguistic society go to bat for what’s right and what’s wrong.  


The department which has the maximum numbers to its credit is the Noun. Name anything or anyone; it will fall under this massive department.  What works on behalf of a noun is the Department of Pronoun. Thus, it often replaces a noun with its limitation. It is just around a century in number. So, it is easy to master all of them by taking into account how each of them works and functions. At times, it is a compulsion  to use a pronoun. Can you ignore the import of I or we? No, not all!


To add value to any Department of Noun or criticize it in any manner or fashion, the next department that comes into play is the Ministry of Adjective used attributively or predicatively. What if the third department does not come into use for the first one or the second one, life would be insipid, dull, bland, colourless, unexciting or wishy-washy. Hence words like ’good’ or’ bad’ must be used to lift our mood or be a critic of something or someone around. It has its cultural value.


The king is the Verb which is the next department that performs any action or shows the status. Noticeably, Present, Past or Future, all depends on this department. Let’s value it utmost. An auxiliary brings about a radical change in the meaning of the performance of any verb.  But these auxiliaries add up to 12 only. They are ‘ be’ ‘do’, ‘have’, ‘can/ could’, ‘may/ might’, ‘shall/ should’, ‘will/ would’, ‘must’, ‘dare’, ‘need’, ‘used to’ and ‘ought to’.


However, no less is the role of the next Department that is the Adverb that modifies not only the department of the Verb but also Adjective or its own department in another form. At times without considering the department of Adverb, the action becomes meaningless. For example, 'a teacher teaches something’ sounds to be incomplete unless a word like well or intelligently is used at its end.


The piece is more than halfway through the linguistic discussion and governing system of the English language, covering the five departments so far. As a relationship manager, what comes into the picture is the Department of Preposition that shows a relation or position between two or more nouns and pronouns? This piece is for you. This department, too, like that of Pronoun is limited in number. Hence, mastery of around 150 prepositions is child’s play.    


Then there comes the Department of Conjunction to coordinate, subordinate, correlate with or join other departments together. The acronym ‘FANBOYS’ is famous for its role as seven Coordinating Conjunctions- for, and, nor, but, or, yet & so. They connect or join anything or everything.


The last department that often comes first in usage is the Department of Interjection that expresses a strong feeling such as shock, pain or pleasure when it comes to expressing oneself as something either good or bad. The small department with a few centuries of utterances has always a sign of exclamation at its end! Wow! The tone matters a lot! I hope the message is through.

 ----The Author Dr Birbal Jha heading British Lingua, an institute of Communication Skills 

Is your sex life in need of repair?


You are not among those thousands and millions of couples who are living a sexless life even though they live under one roof. But you are also not one of the few couples whose sex life is full of adventure. We can say that your sex life is stuck in the middle. You don't understand if everything is okay, or that you both need to talk about it.

As the cases of job stress, work pressure, financial crises are increasing nowadays, negative swing is being seen in the sex life of married couples. There are some cases in which the overall relationship is excellent, but when it comes to sex, the situation becomes worrying. Is something like this going on in your relationship too? Read on to find out those 4 red signs that will tell if your sex life is in need of repair!

First red mark: The climax is missing from your sex life

By the way, you must have read in many places that many women of the world are not able to experience the climax during sex. In this way, it is a very controversial topic. We understand the climax here as the feeling of pleasure you used to feel during sex earlier. If both of you are not able to enjoy sex as before, then it is a kind of red mark. Find out what are the reasons that are hindering you from finding that pleasure in intimate moments. Maybe there are some temporary things like stress. If things don't improve in a few days, then both of you should have a frank conversation. 

Second red mark: sex has become a routine affair

Routine affair is a matter of consummation. If you are feeling that your sex life is not as hot as before, the excitement and mania for having a relationship is missing, then it is a matter of concern. Of course, sex is an act in which the mind keeps looking for newness. If your sex life will go on the same path for a long time, then dullness will make a place in it. If both of you have sex like settling some routine work, then soon you will get bored with it and stop doing it too. Think of something new, so that newness comes and your mind also feels satisfied.

 Third red mark: Both of you have sex, but there is no conversation related to it

Talking about it with a partner is as enjoyable as having sex. The little chuckles associated with this not only make your sex life spicy, but also strengthen your bond with your partner. During the conversation, both of you share your fantasies, giving hints about experimenting in bed. If nowadays both of you have stopped talking about sex, take it as a red signal. 

Fourth Red Mark: Both of you have started fighting over small things these days

The small mistakes that both of you used to smile at and go away, nowadays you get into big fights over them. Nowadays the blame game has also increased in your relationship. You find the reason for the increasing distance in the relationship and intimate relationship, and you are responsible for it in the eyes of the partner. If this continues, then leave your sex life, the normal relationship between husband and wife will also get sour. Both of you will have to talk to each other immediately and understand where the problem is coming from. Talk in time, with an open heart. It will help in getting things right.


Our society, once very open and aware about intimate relationships, has made sex such a big taboo that the situation has become such that even husband and wife shy away from talking about it openly. They make an intimate relationship, but are hesitant to talk about it. This is the reason why many married couples remain dissatisfied with their sex life throughout their lives. Often in this way questions arise in the minds of people in time, then they start thinking, 'Somewhere the partner should not be hurt' or 'Maybe this is what happens' or 'I have a problem' with such answers. Lifelong try to reduce the guilt of your mind.

Today we are going to talk, why is it important to talk openly with your partner about sex? And what should be the right way to communicate? 

Why should you talk to your partner about sex?

Of course, if you are facing any kind of problem in your sex life then you have to talk to your partner without any hesitation. This is also because it is a problem that can be solved only with the partner. Well usually couples first search the internet, read many articles and then try to solve the problem without informing the partner. But in 99% of the cases, it is of no use, because the solution to the problem is not on the Internet, but in the mind of the person who sleeps next to you on the bed. Many researches have also proved that couples who discuss their sex life among themselves, they experience more satisfaction in intimate relationships. Not only this, their mutual relationship is also strong.

 When should you talk to your partner about sex?

Even if you are usually hesitant to talk about sex, without talking during these situations, the talk is not going to work.

If you are not able to feel satisfaction during sex

-If you are bored with routine sex life and want to try something new

-If your interest in sex is decreasing or you feel that your partner has become monotonous towards sex

If suddenly you have started having a lot of desire for sex

If you feel that there is sex in the relationship, but love and affection have decreased

-If you feel any change in the behavior of the partner during sex, as if he has become too violent

If you feel that your partner never initiates sex, you have to do this work every time.

-If you are thinking about family planning


When and how should you initiate a conversation?

If there is not much conversation between the two of you on the issue of sex, then someday you cannot start it by getting up suddenly. Set a time and place to start the conversation. First of all, you have to remember that you don't have to start the conversation about sex in the bedroom. And even if you do it in the bedroom, then do not do it at bedtime i.e. while sleeping at night.

At the same time, take so much care about the time that it would be better not to talk about it right after sex, otherwise the matter may get worse. And one more thing, do not try to bombard the partner with questions or in any way ie directly or indirectly accuse or hold him responsible for the bad sex life. If you feel that you will not be able to express your feelings by speaking, then write a letter and tell your partner. There should not be a blame game here too. Neither blame the partner nor consider yourself responsible for a bad intimate relationship.

Ego has to be kept away from this whole issue, because sex is a way to show love, not to ignite the fire of ego. Talk in a light-hearted manner, whose purpose is to infuse new warmth in intimate relationships. The most important thing is that this cycle of conversation that started about sex should not end in just one or two times. Both of you will have to keep on talking about this for a lifetime. This will mean that over time both of you will be very mature not only about sex, but also about your relationship. 

Create a spa at home with this DIY massage candle!

 Reaching a state of feeling relaxed and carefree is an unmatched experience indeed. This condition can be reached with the help of warm body massage and aromatherapy. Now for this you will think about the spa, as well as the money that you will have to pay after a wonderful and relaxing massage session. But if we say that you can get the same massage at home, that too by spending only one percent of that money… then will you believe us? We are not saying that spending a whole day in a spa is a useless idea, but during this pandemic, it is better to prepare and experience a spa at home than to go to the spa and it is the need of the hour.


The idea of ​​a home spa with massage candles can be realized at home and very easily. As the name suggests, these candles are loaded with moisturizing goodness, therapeutic aromas and warmth, which work to relax your muscles and make you completely stress free. If you can't reach for these magical spa massage candles, you can easily make them at home. It's actually more fun to make your own DIY massage candles and you know personally what products are used in them. To prepare these, you can use those essential oils, whose fragrance you like very much. Now you can use essential oils lying on your beauty shelf in another way.


Follow the recipes below to make candles and create your favorite massage candles!


DIY Aromatic Massage Candle


100 grams soy wax

50 ml almond oil

1 tsp Vitamin E oil

40 Drops Essential Oils

candle wick

Glass jars




1. Place the soy wax in a glass jar and put it in the microwave to melt completely.

2. In the meantime, take another glass jar and place a candle wick in the middle of it. Use chopsticks to keep the wicks straight, so that when you add the wax, the wick doesn't sink into it.

3. After melting the soy wax, take it out from the microwave and let it cool down a bit.

4. Add vitamin E, almond oil and essential oils of your choice to it. Lavender, chamomile, vetiver and frankincense essential oils are good options. Mix all well.

5. Now put the mixture in the jar with the wick facing upwards.

6. Let it set well. Your candle will be ready.



Light a scented candle and let its aroma soothe your senses. Apply melted wax from candles directly to your skin as a lotion. Soy wax is not as hot as regular wax. Also, the oils found in it also act as a moisturizer during massage.