No Compromise when it comes to Milk

 There are two kinds of milk----one that contains pesticides, chemicals and water and the one that is pure, natural, raw milk, obtained directly from the livestock raised as per the best dairy methods. White Honour is the milk that falls on the latter category. This milk is sold under the brand name Guju Milk.

Mahendra Sonawane is the Founder and Director of Guju Milk. He is the founder and  director of the company since 26 December 2019. Mahendra leads Guju Milk products, design and marketing teams and In addition to leads finance team and responsible for business development. He has more than 7 years of experience leading garment industry and like Alok, Siyaram and Future Group and etc.


Mahendra holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Textile Technology from NMIMS University, Mumbai (Maharashtra).

His journey started with one of the most essential and important part of our daily diet - Milk and Dairy products. He is using his knowledge and expertise in building complex supply chains to make this possible on a daily basis. Mahendra aims to take these good quality food products to more and more households. In future, he looks forward  to bringing more farm fresh products to your dining table.

What makes his milk so Good?

White Honour milk is pure, natural, raw milk obtained from livestock raised according to best dairy methods. That is, they are fed on a very high quality diet, their milk is obtained without contamination and the cattles are not treated with any hormones. At our farms, we ensure the milk produced retains every aspect of this definition:

        No artificial growth hormones: The cows and buffalos are not given any hormonal injections to boost the milk yield.

        No antibiotics or steroids: The cows and buffalos are not given any steroids and antibiotics (exceptional cases can be where the ailment is serious, but those cows and buffalos are not milked).

        No stress on the lactating cows and buffalos: The cows and buffalos are free to roam, stay in clean and well-maintained surroundings, and live healthily.

        No preservatives and adulterants: The milk obtained from the cows and buffalos is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives (such as formalin), which is widely used by local dairy vendors as well as branded milk.

        Chemical-free fodder: Fodder for the cows and buffalos (green and dry) are obtained from the best local resources.

Full control over quality: From fodder to milk to packaging, the entire process is controlled and monitored at the farm.

Simply put, White Honour milk is Pure, Natural, chemical-free, hormone-free and preservative-free.