Which is the best time to eat Shilajit?

 The right time to eat Shilajit is in the morning.

Let me tell you that you should consume liquid shilajit. It is 100% purified and happens naturally.

This capsule gives quicker benefits than Shilajit. You will know its result within a day.

Take it in the morning on an empty stomach with lukewarm water.

Way of Eating-

1. Take a glass of lukewarm water. It is better if the glass is of glass.

2. Take a grain of rice from the opposite side of the spoon and mix it well.

3. Wait a few moments and drink it.

4. By drinking in the morning, you will feel energetic throughout the day and you will not feel tired to work. Even after work, you will feel refreshed till evening.

5. If consumed in the morning

6. The problem of gas arises in the stomach by taking it after eating. It generates heat in your stomach, which mixes with food in the stomach to form gas. Therefore, you should consume Shilajit two hours before breakfast.


By eating shilajit, man's manhood increases. Apart from this, Shilajit also removes many problems and diseases related to the body.

Its effect is correct only by taking Shilajit in the right way. In the beginning you take about 100 mg once a day. After that gradually increase the dose. Like 100 mg 2 times a day and then 3 times a day. Keep taking its dosage until you see the desired effect.

By consuming Shilajit, the weakness of the person's body is destroyed and his sexual power increases, so Shilajit should be consumed with great care because it is very hot in nature. It can be mixed with warm milk before or after one or two hours of taking food with milk or water.

Shilajit is an ancient medicine that has been made from plants and organic substances buried for many millions of years in the mountainous regions of India and Tibet. These plants were transformed into a very useful medicine by the pressure of mountains and extreme temperatures. The benefits of consuming Shilajit are countless, but it acts like a panacea in increasing sexual stamina. If Shilajit is consumed in the right way, then immediately its benefit reaches Sheerik.

It is very important to know the way of its consumption and many fake medicines are also being sold in the name of Shilajit in the market, so first of all it is necessary to identify the real and fake Shilajit.

The use of Shilajit depends on the individual. That is, why you are consuming Shilajit depends on how and in what quantity you have to consume Shilajit.

Talking about the benefits of consuming Shilajit, it is very beneficial for those people who have the problem of frequent urination. Such people are benefitted by mixing Bang Bhasma, small cardamom seeds and Vansh Lochan in Shilajit and taking it with honey in the morning and evening. Shilajit is also considered very useful in increasing immunity. For this, you should consume Shilajit with milk and honey in the morning and evening. Shilajit is also used to increase brain power. To increase your memory, take Shilajit with a spoonful of pure butter daily. Shilajit is also a panacea for blood pressure patients. Due to this, blood pressure is controlled and blood circulation in the veins is smooth.

Shilajit can also be used to keep the skin young. It is common to have wrinkles on the skin in rapidly growing age. Shilajit can be used to avoid this. The consumption of Shilajit is beneficial to relieve stress. By consuming it, the stress-causing hormones remain balanced. The elements present in Shilajit give instant energy to the body. The use of Shilajit is also effective for people troubled by the problem of premature ejaculation.

 Apart from this, Shilajit is a very effective medicine for increasing sex power and also for insomnia. Everyone knows this use of Shilajit. Consuming Shilajit, Loha Bhasma, Saffron and Amber together, increases sex power and ends problems like self-destruction. Apart from this, it is also effective in heart diseases and diabetes.