Lalu Yadav's new method, when doctors ask him to drink less water, he is quenching his thirst this way

 The style of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is very unique. He is known for his different style.

The style of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is very unique. He is known for his different style. His words, lifestyle, everything is completely different. On Thursday, Lalu Yadav was seen eating orange ice candy. He was doing this because he was thirsty and the doctors forbade him to drink more than 500ml of water throughout the day. This jugaad taken by him to quench his thirst is in discussion.

Let us tell you that Lalu Yadav's kidney is not working properly. That's why doctors have told him not to drink more than 500 ml of water throughout the day. According to the information, on Thursday, the RJD chief was at the residence of Rabri Devi at 10 Circular Road in Patna. Here, when he felt thirsty, he asked one of his employees to bring an orange ice candy from the ice cream vendor outside the residence. RJD MLC Sunil Singh was also present in the Bihar Legislative Council present at the residence of Rabri Devi. He took three pictures of Lalu Yadav eating ice cream like a child and posted it on social media.

Sharing the photo, Sunil Kumar Singh said, 'When I reached Rabri Devi's residence, I saw Lalu Yadav eating orange ice candy. When I asked him to leave it, he refused saying that he had no other option but to quench his thirst. He told that doctors have advised him to drink less water. Sunil Kumar Singh further said, 'Lalu ji also likes traditional food like sattu, bhunja. He is a simple person and has overcome many obstacles. Soon he will be healthy."

It is worth mentioning that Lalu Yadav has diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, increased uric acid, kidney disease, kidney stone, thalassemia (blood-related disease), brain-related disease, right shoulder bone problem, leg bone problem. Problems, problems in the eyes, suffer from POST AVR (heart related) diseases.