Koilakh Panchayat Votes for the Incumbent Mukhiya

 Koilakh 22 October: The voters of Koilkah Panchayat voted for the incumbent mukhiya Mr Shekhar Suman. In what seemed to be a photo finish competition, at least with his closest competitor Mr Avinash Jha alias Chote, Mr Suman emerged victorious quite comfortably. The psephologists who were monitoring the election from close quarters, cite a number of reasons for this victory. Some of these are as follows:

·     No mud sledging: Some psephologists believe that this time mud sledging was rampant in panchayat elections. Though his detractors and critics left no stone unturned to malign and soil the image of Mr Sekhar Suman, but he stayed away from such nefarious practice. He did not use it as “election plank”, though he would refute the charges levelled against him by his rivals.


·     Let the Work Speak: Instead of emphasing  on election manifesto, Sekhar let the work speak. In his election campaign, he would produce his report card and ask for his peoples’ support for the greater good of Koilakh Panchayat. He would also give cogent arguments for the charges of correction and openly challenged the person to come with corroborative evidence. In an interview with a local media channel, he said, “After 2016, if any property is found in the name of I myself, my spouse, even of my grandmother, I will register that property to the person who proves it.” And his candidness worked well with his electorates.



·     Comprehensive Campaigning: Koilakh Panchayat has very large jurisdiction. It comprises Tulsipatti, Alichak, along with Koilakh. Sekhar did not squander any opportunity to connect with the people. His comprehensive campaigning brought a sense of belonging for the voters there. He visited every Pakka house, every thatched house, met every family and asked for the support on the basis of the work that he did since 2016.

      --Ashish Jha