Aryan Khan Case: What is Rave Party, what happens there?

 The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan from a rave party. Aryan is accused of buying and consuming drugs.

Aryan Khan's bail was heard on Monday, but he was sent to NCB custody till Thursday.

Apart from Aryan Khan, eight other people were detained at the alleged rave party at Cordelia Cruz.

Since then, discussions have started on rave parties and the use of drugs in them.

What is rave party and what happens in them? We have spoken to the Narcotics Department and their informers regarding this.

What is Rave Party?

Rave parties are organized secretly. This includes drugs, alcohol, music, dance and sometimes even sex.

An NCB official, who did not wish to be named, said, “Rave parties are organized only for a select few belonging to the party circuit. Newcomers are not allowed to attend these parties so that they do not know about it. spread."

Rave parties are a safe place for drug takers and sellers.

An NCB official said that large quantities of drugs are taken in rave parties.

NCB seized 13 grams of cocaine, five grams of mephedrone and 22 tablets of ecstasy from the rave party held on the cruise.

"Ecstasy, ketamine, MDMA, MD and charas are also taken at rave parties," the official said.

During the party, loud electric trance music is played so that drug users stay in the same mood for a long time. People take drugs and dance to this music.

Rave parties last from 24 hours to three days.

An NCB official said, "It is a special type of music system, so that electric trance music can be played at high volume."

Laser color photos, visual effects and smoke machines are also used at rave parties.

"The songs played at rave parties have very few words. Trance music creates a fanciful or confusing atmosphere and people like it," said an informant accompanying the raiding officers.

Code language is used from planning to organizing these parties.

Samadhan Dhanedhar, a retired police officer of Mumbai Police, has worked with NCB.

"These parties are held in far-flung places so that no one gets suspicious," he says.

Rave parties are generally held in Khandala, Lonavala, Karjat, Khalapur, Pune and some such places.

How are people invited to parties?

Rave parties are organized in a very secretive manner. Therefore, many methods are adopted to avoid the eyes of the investigating agencies.

Social media and code language are used to invite rave parties.

Adil Sheikh (name changed) is a police informer. He had earlier informed the NCB about the two rave parties.

Adil says, "The use of social media to give information about the rave party has increased significantly in the last few years. A small group of people who are part of these parties are formed who pass the party information to others."

Because a large amount of drugs are used in rave parties, they are done in forests or areas that are out of reach of the police.

Samadhan Dhanedhar explains, "Party organizers use some secret codes for this. No one can attend these parties whenever they want. Sometimes party information is given only through each other."

Who can go to the rave party?

Very few people are invited to rave parties. These are selected groups.

Thousands and lakhs have to be spent to join these parties. That's why ordinary people can't go there. These parties are for very rich people.

But, in the last few years, middle-class youth along with their rich friends have been found to be a part of it all.

Rave parties became popular among the youth in the 1980s.

Which rave parties were raided?

In 2009, Mumbai Police raided Bombay 72 Club in Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. The police had detained 246 youths in the raid. Many of these people were confirmed to have taken drugs in their blood tests.

Raigad police raided a rave party in Khalapur in 2011. Anti-Narcotics Cell officer Anil Jadhav was also arrested for his involvement in the case.

A blood test of 275 of those caught in the party confirmed drug use. In 2019, 96 people were caught during the raids at Auckwood Hotel in Juhu.