What is Zomato App and how to run it?

 Today, you can buy all kinds of items from the internet and if you are fond of ordering your favourite food sitting at home, then today it is also possible, so today we are going to tell you about Zomato App. In this article, we will focus on what is Zomato App and how to run it.

You must have heard the name of Zomato App because nowadays you get to see its advertisements everywhere and Zomato App is also being liked a lot by the people.

Because today everyone wants to save their time and many things have become easier due to online facilities, so now people have started ordering food online and for this Zomato is the most used.

But still many people do not have much information about what is Zomato App and how to run it, so today we are going to tell you in detail about Zomato App, so if you are interested in ordering your favourite food sitting at home. If yes, then definitely read this article.

What is Zomato App?

Zomato is Indian Food Delivery App which was launched in July 2008 and today Zomato provides its service in 24 countries apart from India as well as Zomato is used by more than 191 million people every month.

Zomato is a Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App with the help of which you can order your favourite food from all the restaurants near you.

Its most important thing is that one, you get food sitting at home and secondly you also get discount on ordering from Zomato, so people like Zomato App and also its food delivery is very fast.

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Zomato App feature

– Widest Choice

– Trusted Restaurants Ratings

– Great Savings

– Recklessly low minimum orders

– Late night delivery

– Multiple payment options

– Fastest checkout ever

– Live order tracking and support

– Maniacal customer support

How To Download Zomato App?

Downloading Zomato is very easy and you get to see it in the Google Play Store, so let's know how to download and use the Zomato App.

Step- 1

First of all, you download the Zomato App from Google Play Store or by clicking on the button below.

Step- 2

As soon as you open it, you are given three options to login to the Zomato App, Facebook, Google, Gmail etc.

Step- 3

Use any option and login in it

How to use Zomato App

Downloading Zomato is as easy as it is to use it, which you can order your favorite food very easily, so let's know.

Step- 1

After opening Zomato, first you have entered your location, after which a list of all the restaurants around you is shown.

Step- 2

Now you are also shown information like the names of all the restaurants around you and how far away they are.

Step- 3

Now choose the restaurant according to you and then order the food of your choice from the menu.


Complete the order by entering your home address and make payment, after which your ordered food reaches you.


In this way you can order food from Zomato, it is very easy process.

Zomato App Invite and Earn

If you order food online then you must be using Zomato App because it provides very fast and good food facility as well as earn money from this app. 

 So, friends, we hope that you could learn about what is Zomato App and how to run it?