What is Youtube ? How to earn money through Youtube?

 YouTube is a video sharing platform where many videos are seen and anyone can create and upload their own video.

This is an American video sharing website based in San Bruno, California. It was built by 3 people together whose names are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

This was made in February 2005. Google bought it in November 2006 for US$ 1.65 billion. It has now become a part of Google itself.

It is designed so that anyone can upload a video and millions of people all over the world can watch the video put in it.

About 35 hours of video is uploaded every minute of every day. The length of the video to be inserted in it can also be big but it is impossible to send the same video in email.

Initially, the purpose of creating this platform was that people could share any video with each other.

But it would become such a big source of earning that no one had even imagined. Today, if we talk about the highest traffic, this number comes after Google.

And wherever there is traffic, people promote their business there. This is the reason that the video that attracts people towards it earns as much.

Blogging and YouTube are the best ways to earn money online. You must have understood that it would happen very rarely that when you would go somewhere else for any information.

Firstly, you must have searched it in Google and secondly, you must have searched its information in YouTube and taken it from the video.

Nowadays people prefer video more than text. So YouTube has become such a medium that people turn to it when they want to get information.

This is the reason that money is earned from blogging but earning from this is done more than it. Let us now know what is the way to earn money from it.

Today everyone knows that if you have internet knowledge then you can earn money by working hard.

There are many ways to earn money from the internet like earning money by blogging, earning money from apps, affiliate marketing, freelance etc. There are many ways, one of them is this platform.

Who is the founder of YouTube?

The founder of YouTube is Susan Wojcicki, serving as its CEO since February 2014. Wojcicki was also involved in the founding of Google and became its first marketing manager in 1999.

You must have known something or the other about it and what is its history.

If you do not know this and want to get more information about this, then there is no need to take tension because today I am going to give you good information about how to earn money from YouTube.

With this information, you will get answers to all the questions raised in your mind and do you know that you too can become a big YouTuber of the future and we all watch your video.

You all know that India is a very big country. The population here is very high and because of this, despite being educated, there is no work for the youth in our country.

There are not enough industries that everyone can get jobs.

In such a situation, it is sure that everyone is busy looking for other options. Want to know the different ways by which money can be earned. In this episode, it comes to online marketing.

How to earn money from youtube?

We all know that today this platform is a very good way to earn, but it is not necessary that everyone should get success.

You also need to be aware of all the terms and conditions of Google that it has made for YouTube.

Many people go out in the way of becoming a YouTuber, but in the very beginning, some people give up and go behind and stop creating content.

Some people live in a hurry and think that they will get success in 2-4 months and when nothing happens in such a short time then they stop uploading videos.

Thus ends their journey. So I request you that first read the post completely and follow all the steps mentioned here. And keep in mind that this is not rocket science.

You just have to work continuously by creating good quality content and also have a little patience. Then you will definitely be able to earn money from it. Now I am going to tell you 5 steps, so read and follow all these carefully.

5 steps to earn money from youtube

Friends, if you want to earn money from this platform, then read all these steps one by one and follow all the steps mentioned here.

Step 1. Create your own YouTube channel

Whenever you open YouTube, after searching for videos, you will see many videos, then know that all of them are made by different people and they all have their own channel.

To upload content in it, it is very important that you have to create a channel. Creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task but it is very easy.

First of all, you have to understand that on which topic you want to create content, according to that you have to keep a name of the channel. Which best describes your category.

Along with this, you have to make a logo and channel art for your channel or say that you can make a banner of your channel, you can do all these things later but definitely do it.

As I have already told that this platform has now become a part of Google, so it is very easy to create a channel in it. All you need is a GMail account to create a channel.

The Gmail account of an Android user is already created, you can create a channel using the same.

Step 2. Create and upload good quality video

If you want to become a  YouTuber, then create and upload good quality content. It is obvious that everyone likes good things.

Create such content which helps people and if you have talent related to entertainment then make content related to that.

Friends, some people work in a wrong way and think that they will earn money.

But by working in the wrong way, one can walk for a few days but cannot be successful. That's why make only original and fresh content.

Once the idea of ​​creating content comes, consider yourself a visitor and watch the video you make and understand whether you liked the content you made yourself.

If you liked the video then many people might also like it.

When the content is completed, then upload it by opening your channel.

Be sure to write a good title, description and tags in the middle of uploading. Write in full detail about the content created by you in the description, it gives a good rank to your videos.

Install Youtube buddy extension for google chrome or mozilla browser. This will help you a lot.

Make sure to make a nice thumbnail for each of your videos, this attracts viewers to your video.

In this way, after completing all the work, you upload your content.

Step 3. Following its rules

Read Youtube Policies, Copyright and Community Guideline completely.

Keep in mind that never upload someone else's video.

Make your own content and do not use others' videos as far as possible, then your channel will be safe.

According to its stated policy, understand every rule and follow it.

Do not shoot arrows in the dark. There are some rules everywhere, so you too must follow all the terms and conditions of this.

Never use other's music in your videos. Otherwise if your channel finds any strike then all your hard work will go in vain.

Read all the given steps completely, if you work with knowledge of everything, then there will never be any problem.

Step 4. Monetize the Video

Here our aim is to earn money from this, but the question arises that where does this money come from?

So, the answer is that there are many ways in which you earn money through content. But here I will tell only about Google Adsense, you will read about the rest of the methods at the end of this post.

Friends, once you start uploading content to YouTube, you also start getting views in it. These views tell us how many times people have seen our videos.

According to the monetization policy, a criterion has been laid that when you complete it, then you can monetize your videos and earn money.

Youtube Monetization Criteria

Subscribers: 1000, View time: 4000 Hours

You will not be able to apply for Google Adsense until your channel has 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of view time of videos.

Google Adsense is the part of Google that monetizes the publisher by advertising for their website, YouTube channel and mobile apps and then makes payment for the ads.

When you put good quality content, it is not a difficult task to achieve it, you just have to keep adding good content ie videos regularly.

Step 5. Finally you can take payment from YouTube

This is our final step, that is, we get the result of our hard work when we get money for working in YouTube.

But before this there are some steps which have to be completed. For example, when $ 10 is deposited in your Google Adsense account, then Google Adsense sends a post to verify your address.

In which the pin of Adsense is there. For this, you have to fill the correct address in your Google Adsense account.

When you get the letter, then open the Adsense account and verify the address by entering the PIN in it. After this we also have to enter our bank account details.

So, enter all the details of your bank account correctly because your payment will be transferred to this bank account.

After this, when we complete $ 100 in our account, then Google transfers these money to our account.

Other ways to earn money from youtube

Friends, Google Adsense is the first source of earning of every YouTuber. Google Adsense gives you very good money if your videos get very good views.

YouTube is a good way to earn money but many people do not even know how youtube gives us money.

If you have already learned about Google Adsense, then we also know other ways here.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good way by which you can earn good money in less time that too through youtube channel.

For this you have to signup in Affiliate network like amazon, clickbank, cj, flipkart etc. After this you have to generate affiliate link of any product.

Then you make a promotional video of that product and upload it on your channel.

Now put that affiliate link in the description of your video.

With the help of this link, now your visitors will be able to buy that product. Whenever a viewer buys a product from that link, the affiliate company will give you its commission.

2. Promoting Business

Friends, when a channel specializes in attracting viewers, then many people contact that channel.

See what happens that there are many ways to promote, but those who run the business, they find such a way that they can tell people about their business in the least amount of money.

Youtube channels promote less money than other options online, that's why business people contact such channels.

If viewers have started coming on your channel too well, then you too can earn good money by promoting other's business.

3. Selling Own Products

This is a very good way that if you create a product, then you can promote it in your own channel.

Suppose you make GYM related products, sell those products in the market and if you have a channel what is better than this.

You can tell everyone in your channel about the quality of your products and create content on how to use them. This will give a lot of response to the viewers and will also buy the products if they like it.

In this way, the more views you get on your channel, the more traffic you will get and the more your product will be able to sell.

4. Sell Videos to other channels

If you can create good content, then you can also earn money by selling videos to other channels. For this, you have to set up a good setup to make videos and keep the lighting right.

You will find many channels in the category in which you are interested, which will buy the videos made by you, just you have to create good quality content.

You have to make all your videos in HD quality. Once you have sold the video, then do not sell it again to anyone or upload it in your own channel.

How to turn on youtube?

You can go to the website to start YouTube. For this you have to login with your Gmail. Then you can search the video of your choice in the search box.


How much money does youtube pay for how many views?

The money earned on this platform is completely based on cost per click.

CPC means the money received on each click.

It is never fixed, rather it varies according to the advertisement.

Let us understand by example:

Let's say your CPC is $0.10 and you get 10 clicks. And all these clicks you have got, you have got 1000 views.

Earn on 1000 views

0.10*10 = $1

0.10*20 = $2

So you can understand here that it is based on CPC and Clicks. If you have more than 50 and clicks are also more then your earning increases further.

YouTubers working in India often get less money on each click. If we talk about America, then the amount received on every click there is more.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does YouTube run on RAM?

RAM is present in any Android handset. Without it the Play Store cannot make other apps available to install. The main role of RAM is to help any application to work well.

In smart phones which have little RAM, many applications do not work well, of which YouTube can also be one.

2. What is YouTube Password?

Whenever you login to your YouTube account, you use Google Mail i.e., Gmail for that.

The password for your Gmail login is the same password for YouTube.

3. What is YouTube Title Description?

Whenever a video is uploaded in it, the main name of the meeting that is held is called the title.

Every video is made on a particular topic and when you watch a video, below it you are given information about it, which is called description.

4. What is YouTube Payments?

The YouTube Partner Program allows its creators to advertise their videos to monetize their content.

Under this program, there is no such agreement of any kind, which shows that you will get this much money.

It totally depends on the views of a video. The more views, the more ads will run and the more payment will be made.

5. What can we do with YouTube?

It is a video sharing platform. In this countless videos are uploaded everyday. In this we can entertain ourselves, get information related to technology, health.

Overall, you get information related to every field in this. Apart from this, those who create these content can also earn money through it.

6. What is the Gmail ID of YouTube?

The Gmail ID you use to create a YouTube channel is its ID. You do not need to create a separate ID and password to login to this platform, but whatever Gmail ID you have, just login to it and you can directly login to this platform with the help of Gmail.

7. What is YouTube's income?

If the information of the last 3 years is taken, then in the last 3 years YouTube has earned $ 34 billion.

In this way, if we look at the earnings of 1 year, then it has made an income of $ 11.3 billion every year. You must know that one billion is equal to 100 crores.

In short

In today's time, unemployment is everywhere, even well-educated boys are in search of employment. I want to say to them that you must do your hard work in YouTube and see if you know that you can become a big YouTuber of the future and we are your fans.