What is Vlog?

 Today is the age of video and many people make videos and upload them on different social media, in which YouTube is the most prominent where you get to hear the word Vlogger or Vlog but what is the meaning of Vlog. Today, we will focus on what is Vlog.

Actually, two words of the same type are searched a lot on the Internet, first Blogger and second Vlogger Since they seem exactly the same, people get confused as to what Blogger and Vlogger are actually.

Both Blogger and Vlogger are words of the Internet world which are used at different places, since we have already told you about what is meant by Blogger and who are bloggers.

So today we are going to tell you in detail about Vlogger, what is Vlog meaning and who is called Vlogger as well as all the information related to Vlogging are going to be shared with you in this article, so read the article till the end.

What is Vlog Meaning?

Vlogger….. This word you often hear on YouTube, which is directly related to the video content, in which the creator of the video provides his lifestyle, experience, life etc. through the video.

If we say in simple words, just as bloggers reach people by writing their words, similarly Vloggers are those who reach people through videos and share their experiences, lifestyle, life, etc.

Usually YouTube has Vlog Meaning, who record their lifestyle and put it on YouTube, but due to the competition on YouTube, the field of Vlogging is expanding and Vlogger is doing Vlogging in different ways.

Because Vlogging is not only a way of showcasing your lifestyle and life, but it has become a very good source of earning money from Youtube, with the help of which Vlogger makes thousands and millions of rupees every month only on YouTube in the form of video content for their lifestyle and life. Earn by uploading.

That's why it becomes very important to know how Vlogger earns money so that if you also have the idea of ​​becoming a Vlogger or want to get more information about Vlogger then this is very important information.

How do vloggers make money?

The video that Vlogger wants to make is called Vlogging, through which Vlogger earns money in many ways, since today is the era of video content, so its demand and ability to earn money is increasing.

The most interesting thing is that you can earn money in many ways by making Vlogger, so Vlogger earns thousands and millions of rupees every month, so let's know how he earns money.

Vlog Meaning- YouTube Monetization

Anyone can easily create their own YouTube channel on YouTube, but not everyone can earn money by creating a channel because unless you complete 10K subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time according to the rules of YouTube, then YouTube is on your channel. Ads do not appear.

Since today people like to watch the life and lifestyle of others, Vlogger can soon do their YouTube monetization, after which advertisements come on their YouTube channel, through which they earn a lot of money.

For which he uses Google Adsense and usually every Youtuber or Vlogger first earns money from his channel in this way.

Vlog Meaning- Affiliate Marketing

Vlogger tells people about what they are buying, what they are using with their lifestyle and life, and also motivates them to buy it.

For which he puts a link to buy the same in the description of his YouTube video, as soon as someone clicks on that link and buys the same, then that Vlogger gets some commission.

Which is known as Affiliate Marketing, with the help of which there is a huge income and any vlogger earns money from Affiliate Marketing only more than Google Adsense.

 Vlog Meaning- Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a very good way to earn money from YouTube and when the YouTube channel of Vlogger people becomes a little popular then they get sponsorship by the company through which they earn a lot of money.

In which he tells about a product and gives information about how to use it, since Vlogger talks about his lifestyle in his video, so he also makes videos of what he is using.

Although Vlogger earns money in many ways by creating a YouTube channel, but the 3 ways we have told you are the most used and the most important way to earn money is Google Adsense which is the most used.

How to become a Vlogger

Being a blogger does not mean that you just go to a good place and record its video and show it, but a blogger is the one who records his lifestyle and things related to life and shows it through video content, that is called Vlogger.

That's why there are many types of Vlogger, now it depends on what kind of blogger you want to become, we are providing you the list of Vlogger Youtube Channel on which you can start your Vlogger career.

Personal Vlogs

-Your Bucketlist

-House or Room Tour

-Our Morning/Night Routine

-Day In The Life

-Draw My Life

-Facts About You

-Tell a Story


-Best or Favorite

-Worst or Least Favorite

-Behind The Scenes

-Cover an Event

Funny Vlogs



-Reacting To


Information Vlogs

-How To


-Explain a Topic or Concept

Travel Vlogs

-What's in My Bag?

-Talk About Your Next or Previous Trip

-Talk About Your Budget

-Travelling Tips (or Do's and Don'ts)

-Travel Stories

-Fitness Vlogs

-Show a Workout

-What I Eat in a Day

-How To Do X

Transformation Video

-Vlog Ideas for Couples

-How We Met

-Relationship Advice

-Boyfriend does my makeup

-Do a Youtube Challenge

Friends & Family Vlogs

-Sibling/Parent Tag

-How You Met Your Friends


-Vlogs With Others

Q&A Video

-Ideas of Your Viewers

-Do a Giveaway

-Answer Frequently Asked Questions

-Collaborate With Another YouTuber

Trending Vlog Ideas

-Trending Video Tab

-Look at Other Channels

Miscellaneous Vlogs

-Gaming Video

-Video Edit


If you have chosen on which topic and how to do Vlogging, then the next turn comes that what are the things you need to do Vlogging, let's have a look at them!

Essential things for Vlogging

By the way, many things are required to do Vlogging like if you are a Travel Vlogger then you have to go to different places for which you have to travel in which you need many things.

But if you have a smartphone and knowledge of video editing, then you can start Vlogging with the help of that too, although it completely depends on what area you will do Vlogging and how and how you will do it there. -What will be needed?


Vlog Meaning: First of all, you should have a camera and you can use your smartphone as a camera .

Mic/Voice Recorder

As important as it is important for your video to be clean, it is equally important to have a clear voice in your video so that the information you give reaches the people properly, although initially you can start from the mic of your smartphone. Is.

Video Editing

Video editing plays an important role in making any video great and great and to bring life to it, so you should know at least basic video editing so that you can present your video in front of people in a better way.

All the big Vloggers in today's time, almost everyone started their Vlogging career with these three things, if you also have these basic three things, then you too can start Vlogging from today itself, now the question comes. That's how to do Best Vlogging, so let's know about this too.

How to do Best Vlogging

Get started

First of all, let us tell you that you should start Vlogging with whatever you have, if you think of doing absolutely perfect work from the beginning, then you will never be able to start, so as soon as possible. Quickly start with whatever you have.

Keep learning

This is an area where you have to learn something new every day, only then you can improve yourself, you can learn by watching the videos of the best Vlogger on YouTube whose videos are very much liked by the people. 

And then looking at the techniques and tips used by them, you can also use those things to make your video even better, but instead of copy-pasting, do something different in your style.

Do something different

If you want to do Vlogging in a short time or better, then one of the best ways is to do something different and be better than the people who are doing Vlogging on YouTube.

If you do something that other people are not doing and people start liking your style, then you will be the next shining star in the world of Vlogging, so try to do something different and best.

Make video editing great

No matter how well you record video, but unless you know good video editing, your video will not perform so well, so pay attention to your video editing as much as you can.

Because if you know great video editing, then you can add life to any video and you can leave your mark on the heart of your user by improving video editing, then overall video editing is the most important contribution in making you a Sueccesful Vlogger.

Everyone likes beautiful and clean people and according to a survey it has been found that people who look more beautiful are considered more important than people who look less beautiful.

Therefore, take care of your look and personality in your Vlogging Video, the better you look in your video, the more people will be attracted to you and will like your video.

Keep upgrading

In the beginning, you start Vlogging anyway, but when people start liking you and watching your videos, then you have to invest on yourself and upgrade yourself.

Then you can use DSLR camera and professional mic and lighting setup etc. instead of your smartphone and upgrade yourself from time to time to do the best Vlogging and become a successful Vlogger.

So friends, we have tried to provide you all the information related to Vlog Meaning and Vlogger in this article, we hope that this article will be helpful for you and you must have got to learn something from it.

So if you like our article here and you find it helpful somewhere, then share it with all your youtube friends who want to start their career on youtube or think about earning money online.