What is Rummy Game and how to earn money through this Game?

 Friends, today we will know what is Rummy game and how to earn money through this game. Rummy game is being very much liked these days, whose advertisements you also get to see on TV channels and there is a lot of search on the internet about rummy, what are rummy and how to earn money by playing rummy.

Actually, there are many card games online, some of these games are very popular like rummy, teen patti, poker, bluff, bridge etc. But rummy game is being liked the most but people do not know about it. And this is the reason why they want to know what is Rummy game and how to earn money through this game

So today, we are going to give you information about Rummy Game, so if you do not know what is Rummy Game? How to play rummy game? And how to earn money from rummy game, then after reading this article you will get answers to all the questions related to rummy.

Join Rummy because various such questions come to the mind of people and to answer all those questions, we have prepared this article in which you have been given complete information about Rummy Game.

Rummy Game - What is Rummy Game?

Rummy Game is one of the very famous card game liked in India, you can play it online also it is very entertaining game and you can play it with your family members also.

This game is very smart and mind game. In this game you have to keep an eye on the cards of the opponent player along with your cards.

Rummy can be played by two or more people and this game is played on a table in which you have to put your cards before all the players in a certain order (all players have to do this) and when your cards If you put your cards in a certain order, you win the game by showing your cards to everyone.

Many companies feed the rummy game, although the rules of playing the rummy game are the same, but it depends on those companies, how they feed the rummy game and what is the benefit to the player.

Important things to play rummy game

Playing Rummy Game is very easy but if you are completely new in this game then you have to first learn to play this game well only then you will be able to play this game.

To learn to play rummy game, first of all you have to understand some things very well, if you do not know these things (which I am going to tell you next), then you will never be able to play this game, so let's talk about those things. Will tell you about

As we all know the order of thirteen cards of cards is something like – Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J(Jack), Q(Queen) and K (King) and there are 52 cards in a complete set of cards which is called a deck.

Jack, queen and king are called face cards and we can use ace as number 1 or face card.

Rummy Game is played with two decks and two jokers and to understand the game well it is very important to understand Pure Life (1st Life), Impure Life (Second Life) and Set because only after understanding this it is good to play the game. You can learn that way.

1st Life (Pure Sequence) - In pure sequence we have to put any 3 or 4 cards in ascending order in which joker is not used and only such sequence of 3 or 4 cards we call first life or pure sequence .

For example: A-2-3-4, 7-8-9-10, 10-JkQ etc. All these cards should be of the same class/suit/colour like suppose you have made a group of 4 cards like A- 2-3-4 So all these cards must be of the same class/suit/colour.

Only then these cards will be valid and this sequence is called your pure sequence and this life is your 1st life. You can also understand by looking at the picture given below.

 Second Life (Pure or Impure Sequence) - Like 1st life, we have to put 3 or 4 cards in the same order, all these cards should be of the same class / suit / color, this is our second life if you have If there is no one card to complete the sequence, we can use joker instead.

When we make a group of 3 or 4 cards using joker then it is called impure sequence but if you make a group of 3 or 4 cards in sequence without joker then it is called pure sequence.

 One or more lives/sets – When you make 1st life and 2nd life then you have to make a life or set from the remaining cards and the set is a group of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but unequal class/suit/colour. For example, if you made a group of three aces, then all these aces should be of unequal class/suit/colour.

But if these cards are of the same class/suit/colour then they will be considered as invalid set as you can see in the photo here two aces on the right side are of same color (Diamond) so these sets are not valid.

If you do not have a card to make a set, then you can also make a set with the help of joker, in this way you can make a set from the remaining cards and have already told you to make a life.

Joker- There are two types of jokers available in rummy game 1 cut joker and second paper joker if paper joker looks like cut joker then all aces become joker.

Wild Cards - In the game, after dealing 13-13 cards to all the players, a card is chosen from the deck, this card you choose yourself, which is called a wild card or joker.

I hope now you have understood well about 1st Life (Pure Sequence), Impure Sequence (Second Life) and Set, now we tell you how to play Rummy Game.

How to Play Rummy Game?

Step-1. The online rummy game is played with two decks of 53 cards and two jokers. If two players are playing the game, the toss decides who will play the first innings.

Step-2. To play Rummy, each player is dealt 13-13 cards, these 13 cards are placed in any order, these 13 cards have to be made in pure sequence, impure sequence and set.

Step-3. The game has a sort button, on clicking which the cards themselves are placed in an arranged order, if a sequence or set is being formed, then after clicking on the sort button, it will be automatically arranged.

Step-4. You must have at least one pure sequence for you to win the game. Here I show you a photo as an example, by looking at which you can get an idea of ​​how you will have to arrange your cards during the game.

Step-5. After the cards are dealt to the players, the remaining cards are placed on the table, which is called the close deck.

Step-6. While playing rummy, each player has to pick up a card placed on the closed deck to form a sequence or set and remove one of the cards from the deck of cards and place it on the open deck.

Step-7. Keep in mind that you have to remove the same card from your deck which you do not need (ie the order or set is not being formed from that card)

Step-8. When you remove the least important card from your hand, your innings ends then the next player's innings begins and that player repeats the same sequence in the same way and he also takes out the card and puts it on the open deck.

Step-9. If you think that a card drawn by a player can form your sequence or set, then you can also pick up that card from the open deck, any player can do the same.

Step-10. While playing the game, when a player first makes a pure sequence, impure sequence and set in 3 or 4 groups, then that player shows his cards by clicking on the show button and he wins the rummy game.

Rummy game rules

1. While playing rummy you have to arrange your cards in sequence and sets

2. You must have 2 sequences of 3 or 4 cards

3. You must have at least one pure sequence which is your first life.

4. After making a pure sequence, another sequence has to be made which can be pure or impure.

5. When you have made two sequences, then you have to make sets or sequences from the remaining cards which are made up of 3 or 4 cards.

6. You can remove less important cards only after you have picked up the deck or a card thrown by a player.

7. Each player must draw a card from his cards within a time limit. If it comes out, that player is considered a drop.

8. If you are not getting some special good cards while playing the game, then you can drop the game.

9. You can show your cards only when all your cards are put in a sequence or set, but you can do this only when your innings comes.

10. To show the cards, one has to drop one card on the show after which you will be asked whether you want to finish and you have to click on finish.

11. When a player shows his cards while playing the game, then all the players also have to show their cards.

Best Top 5 Rummy Game Apps

There are many apps to play Rummy Game but here we are going to tell you about top 5 apps with the help of which you can earn real good money. Here, after doing a lot of research, we have told about the top 5 apps from which you can easily win a lot of money.

1. Classic Rummy

 Classic Rummy is the best app for rummy players. You can also play it on its website. This classic rummy is great for those who are just learning to play rummy and also great for those who are very proficient in playing rummy. Huh.

Classic Rummy App gives a bonus of Rs.5,500 and Rs.500 for free on depositing money by creating an account for the first time, in this you have to invest money to play the game and you can transfer the winning money to the bank. This is a real app and Anyone can earn money by playing rummy in this.

In this game you can start playing the game by depositing 50 rupees for the first time you get 100% bonus on deposit 50 rupees but if you deposit 2000 rupees after sign up this game then you get 5000 rupees bonus and 500 cash You can withdraw 500 cash immediately.

In Classic Rummy App you can play Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Tournament Cash. can. You can also earn good money by referring this app to others. You get 1500 rupees and 20% bonus for referring one.

2. Adda52

On the second number we have included Adda52 Rummy game, this app is also very much liked by the people, this app is very fast and lightweight and in this game you can earn real money and transfer those money to your bank.

This app is 100% legal and safe, the tournaments that are played in this app are huge, so if you win the tournament, you can earn a lot of money. In this app you can start playing rummy game with 50 rupees. .

When you create your account for the first time in this app, you get a free sign up bonus of Rs.500 and you can also earn good money by referring your friend.

You can play this game on the app or on the website, in this app you can play games like 13 points, 21 points, pool and deals rummy and you can also earn good money by referring the app, you can refer any one friend. Can win up to Rs 1 lakh.

3. Rummy culture

Rummy Culture is a fast and secure Rummy game. Rummy Culture holds the "Guinness World Record" for having the world's largest online Rummy Tournament, and Rummy Culture has achieved this record with 1,09,000 players coming together in the "Saturday Bumper Cash" tournament. had made.

The interface of this game is very nice and in the app you can play Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Race Rummy. This game gives the highest sign up bonus in the entire rummy industry when you sign up for the first time in the app to get cash. When you deposit, you get Rs.5000 Welcome Bonus and Rs.250 Instant Cash which you can withdraw immediately.

Along with this, by registering in this app, you can win 300 rupees bonus daily for free. You can also earn good money by referring this app to others. The concept of Refer & Earn in this app is based on Club Status.

On VIP Club Members you can win up to Rs.12,000 and your friend on each referral. Similarly, there are Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Club Members where you can win amount from 5000 to 12000 by referring this app. 

4. Rummy Circle

This app is also a very good app to play Rummy and the interface of this game is very good and there are tournaments in rummy circle also by playing which you can win millions and the money won comes in rummy circle which you can later You can transfer to your bank.

If you want to practice playing rummy, then the option of practice is also given in it and you can play the practice game as much as you want, you do not even have to put any points in it.

When you SIGN UP in Rummy Circle, you do not get a single rupee but if you transfer 2000 to it for the first time to play the game, then you get a bonus 2000

In Rummy Circle you can play cash games (pool, points, deals and race rummy), rummy rumble, tournament and practice games and you can earn money by referring your friend and you can win Rs.500 by referring a friend. To which certain terms and conditions also apply.

5. Junglee Rummy

Jungle Rummy is a very popular game to play Rummy, whose advertisements will also be seen by you, you can play this game on Android, Eos and Windows, if you want to learn to play the game, then in Jungle Rummy 10000 chips are available so that you can easily You can learn to play games.

To play Rummy in Junglee Rummy App, you can spend from Rs.200 to Rs.10,000 and you will get a welcome bonus of Rs.5,250 for the first time you SIGN UP and also the interface of this app is very nice. is well understood.

In Junglee Rummy App you can play rummy game of Pool, Points, Deals and 10 cards with this app you have given options to play cash, practice and tournament and also earn good money by referring the app to a friend. You can earn 1000 rupees by referring.

How to earn money from rummy game?

To earn money from Rummy Game, you have to play rummy game, many companies give the opportunity to play this game in many ways, so that you can earn a lot of money sitting at home.

If you talk about Rummy Circle, then in this app you can play these games in different ways like Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deal Rummy and Race Rummy.

To earn money in Rummy Game, you have to invest money, you deposit this money from your bank account in the app, when you deposit money in the game for the first time, many companies also give bonus for the first time depositing money.

Although some companies give some money for the first time signing up in the app, from which you can learn to play the rummy game but if you win the game then you will not be able to withdraw the money you have won, you can transfer the same money to your bank. You will be able to do that which would have been charged from your own bank.

Join Rummy Q&A

Pool Rummy: What is 101 Rummy and 201 Rummy?

Pool rummy is a variant of the rummy game. Pool rummy is played in two ways: 101 rummy and 201 rummy. In this game each player has to keep his points below 101 and 201.

You have to bring your points at least then you can win the game if a player's points become 101 or 201 then that player is out of the game if you think that you are not getting some special good cards And your chances of losing the game are high, then you can also drop the game.

Let's say 6 players are playing pool rummy and the number 5 player pure, impures, and makes sets with all his cards before all the players, then he makes a show and wins the game and the player's money is calculated. Based on the entry fee of the losing player and their entry fee.

Cash Money = Entry Fee X Number of Losers

For example, the entry fee of all players is Rs 50, so cash money = 50×5 = Rs 250 i.e. you get Rs 250, this rummy feeding app deducts its commission and gives it to you.

What is Points Rummy?

Points rummy has a fixed value. The winner of the game wins the money lost by all the players at the end of the game for example 6 players playing this game for Rs 780 and each point is priced at Rs 4.

One of them will win the game, if the remaining 5 players lose this game on 20, 30, 40, 25, 35, then the determination of the winning player's money will be as follows.

Money won = (sum of all the points of the losing player) X (fixed value of Rs.)

Money won = (20+30+40+25+35)X4 = Rs.600

What is Deals Rummy?

In deal rummy, once the number of points you lose, then you get another chance, but this time you have to beat your opponent player by more points than the number of points you lose for the first time.

For example, suppose you are playing 2 deal rummy and you lose by 10 points the first time, then the second time you have to win the game by at least 11 points to win the game.

In 2 deals rummy you play twice and in 3 deals rummy you play this game 3 times and every time you have to try to beat your opponent player in the end the player with 0 points wins the game.

How are numbers determined in Rummy?

Ace (A), J (Jack), Q (Queen) and K (King) have 10 ends in the game and the rest of the cards have the same number of points as the card of the number i.e., the number of the card of the number 4 will be 4.

To win the rummy game you have to arrange your cards in sequence and sets, if you do this you get zero points.

You have to keep in mind that when you make a life or a set, the points of those cards become zero and if no set or life is made and a player shows the first card then your points will be added to those cards. Will be formed by adding which no set or sequence could be formed.

We have provided you almost all the information about Rummy Game. Now you will not need to go to any other website to know about Rummy because every thing on our website is provided with complete information.

What is Rummy Game, how to play and what are the apps through which you can earn money by playing rummy, now you will know and you can use your favorite app among the Top 5 Rummy Apps we have talked about.

So if you are fond of playing rummy and want to earn money by playing rummy then we think this article must have been very helpful for you so if you like this article of ours then share it with all your friends who ask that How to play rummy.

So friends, we learnt what is Rummy game and how to earn money through this game. Although we have answered all kinds of questions related to Rummy, but if anything is missed then you can ask us through the comment box.