What is the meaning of RIP?

 You must have often seen using the word RIP on social media, but even today there are many people who do not know why the word RIP is used and when they do it and what is the full form of RIP.

You must have seen that the word RIP is being used more on many social media today, you may or may not have heard about these words before or not, but today you will know about RIP very well.

While writing this article, we tried to know about the word RIP from some people so that we can know what is their concept towards these words and we found that everyone has different concepts towards these words.

This word has become a cause of confusion for many people today that what is RIP and how it originated and why these words are being used etc.

Some people also say that earlier these words were not used in all our religions and communities, then why are they being used today, so today we are going to give you answers to all these questions, so that you have no idea about RIP. Do not leave the information incomplete.

What is the full form of RIP?

The meaning of speaking the word RIP is to pray for the peace of the soul of a dead person and the word RIP is a short form of Return in peace. It is made up of two Latin words Requiescat and Pace. Long ago these words were used only. It was done only for the people of the Christian community.

But today these words are being used more in other communities as well and in return in peace, instead of the word Return, Rest can also be called.

When a person dies in the Christian community, their dead body is buried and crucified on their grave and RIP is written on this cross and writing RIP on the cross is for the people of the Christian community for the peace of their soul. Have to pray

Today these words are being used for people of almost all communities and on social media today these words are being used a lot and people express their feelings for the people who have left the world by writing RIP in their DP and status. .

If we want to say in one word about RIP, then we can say that there is a trend of using the word RIP in this social media world to pray for the peace of the soul of a dead person.

Full Form of RIP in Other Region

Here it is a matter for you to understand that the meaning and meaning of the word RIP changes at a different time, time and situation, as we have given some examples below for you, so that you can understand better.

Full Form of RIP in Law

“Regulatory of Investment Powers”

Full Form of RIP in Computer Field

"Routing Information Protocol"

Full Form of RIP in Physics

“Refractive Indri profile”

It all has different meanings and meanings of RIP in different contexts but speaking RIP is specially to pray for the peace of the dead soul and to express one's feeling.

The word RIP is always used only for the dead person, so never use it for any living person, their hearts will be hurt and if you want to know what happens after killing then read Gurur Purana.

Where do you use RIP?

It is used extensively by Catholic Christians, but in today's modern era, these words have started being used in other communities, it is being used more today on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Today people express their feelings by writing RIP in the form of status and story for the deceased family members, but it is not the case that all Christian community people believe in this RIP word.

Because some people of the Protestant community of Christianity refuse to believe it and the people of the Protestant communities of Northern Ireland protested to stop using the word RIP or Rest in Peace in the year 2017, they say that the word RIP is not a divine word. is not

RIP or Rest in Peace has been appropriated as a prayer which is wrong because in Latin it means "May he begin to rest in peace!" That is, “Let him begin to rest in peace.

But in spite of this, today this word is gaining its popularity and popularity, if you have ever paid attention, you must have found that today on social media, this word "RIP" is written in the same post in which there is news of killing a person. .

Is it right or wrong to use RIP?

When a person dies, then the word RIP (Rest in Peace) is spoken for the peace of his soul and we have to express condolences on the death of a person, then we use these words.

We pray to God for the peace of the souls of those who died, now we are using the Latin word RIP more on social media to express this sentiment.

Why RIP is used?

The use of the word RIP has increased a lot on the Internet nowadays, but it has been used by most Christians on their graves since long ago. In Christianity, when a person dies, he is buried and crucified on the grave is made and RIP is written on it.

When Christian people bury a dead body, then that dead soul rests in the grave forever, so Christians write 'Rest in Piece' on the top of the grave, this is what people have started writing RIP in short form today, which is today this word. It has become popular among people everywhere.

Many different religions are believed in our country, in each religion, different rites and customs have been told about life and death, as well as according to different religions, we have to talk about different words. I get to know that for this reason, when someone dies in Christianity, the word REST IN PEACE or RIP in short form is used.

Similarly, different other words are used in other religions as well, in all these words there is a change on the basis of religion, country and language, after the death of any person in each of our different religions. His tribute is given in different ways, while in Christianity, to pay homage to a person, a cross is written on his grave by making a cross.

According to any Hindu religion, customs are adopted in very different ways in Christianity or Muslim religion. In Christianity, when a person dies, the dead body of that person is buried in the ground.

Because people in these religions believe that one day "Day of Judgment" or "Judgment Day" will definitely come and on that day all the dead bodies will be resurrected, so to wait for that day by making a cross over the grave, REST IN PEACE or The words RIP (Rest in Peace) are spelled out.

We hope that now you have understood what is the full form form of RIP and when and how RIP is used.

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