What is Google and who created it?

 The world's most popular search engine of the Internet is Google. Today, we will know about what is Google and who created it. Who does not know Google?  Whenever any question comes in our mind, first of all we do Google, which some people also say Google Baba.

 It has the answer to our every question, if you have internet data in your mobile then you can use it absolutely free and the special thing is that Google still earns crores of rupees every day. 

Google works fast to provide accurate information on the Internet, as well as Google has become the biggest source of knowledge because when we have to go something, we prefer to use Google instead of using books.

But what is Google, who created it, how it works and what is Google full form, such questions are often reached by people, whose answer is not known to most people, so today we are going to tell you about all these things. After reading the post completely, you might have some question left in your mind.

What is the Full Form of Google?

Many times you must have thought that what is the full name of Google. But do you know that earlier Google was named Googol which means 1 followed by 100 zeros which was intended to provide a large amount of information.

But due to a spelling mistake, the word Google originated instead of Googol, due to which the name of Googol was changed to Google, meaning Google, the world's largest company which earns crores of rupees every day, was named by mistake.

The word Google is made up of 6 letters and no official information about Google full form has been given by Google, but the Google full form you get to see is something like this.

G – Global

O – Organization

O – Oriented

G - Group

L – Language

E – Earth

Now you must have understood very well that somehow Google originated from the word Googol and how Google company was named today whose full form is "Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth".

What is Google and how does it work

Google is a search engine that works to give accurate and fast information about the information we have searched. Google uses many parameters for the result that you get to see first, which is called Search Engine Optimization.

Google mainly works by keeping in mind the User, Publisher and Advertiser's meaning the people who put content on Google are called Publisher or Blogger and when you read something, the advertisements that come in between are called Advertisers. And every person who uses Google is called a user.

Google company provides you many ways to earn money online from internet, as well as you can earn money from Google company, for this Google provides you many platforms.

Google keeps on updating its Google Search Engine over time so that it can provide a better experience to its users, so in the coming time you can see many changes on Google.

Who created Google and who is the owner?

Before the advent of Google, it was very difficult to find information on the Internet because the search engines present at that time only worked for their own benefit and showed a large amount of advertisements.

Googol was founded in 1996 by two Stanford University students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In fact, at that time both Larry and Brin were PhD students who were doing research on search engines and to improve search engine results, they created Googol and later it was renamed as Google.

Google proved to be much better than the previous search engines and in today's time has become the most used search engine in the world because Google works for its users and always tries to make their experience better.

The biggest thing about Google is that the products made by it are always better and better than other companies. So let's know about Google's product tax

Google Service and Product List




Chrome browser

Google maps

Google Translate

Google Calendar

Google Photos

Google play store

Google music


google hangout

Google News

google keep

Google Book

Google Adsense

Google AdWords

Google Trends

Google alerts


Google analytics

google docs

Google Drive

This is a service and product of Google which is made by Google itself. Most of the service must have been used at some point of time because it is easily available in your smartphone. So friends, today we learnt about what is Google and who created it.