What is Fiverr? How it works ?

 This question is asked many times by many people that what is Fiverr? How does it work? So let's know about this in detail today.

Fiverr is a platform where you can hire employees to get any work done. There are more people who provide services related to IT, music, designing.



On Fiverr, you can do any type of work related to graphics designing, digital marketing, writing & translation, video and animation, music and audio, website designing, business promotion, lifestyle, industries with the person of your choice to see a sample of his work and share it. After talking, you can get it done very easily. Here you will easily find good and efficient working people at very low cost.



Why is Fiverr reliable?


If you think that some freelancer or seller will run away with your money, then it is not possible. Because fiverr has given security to both the buyer and the seller. For example, whenever a buyer contacts a freelancer for a service and hires it. So while hiring, the buyer already has to deposit the money in the freelancer's account on fiverr.

Which fiverr keeps to itself until it's done. And only then the freelancer gets this money. When the work is approved by the buyer. But despite this, it takes 14 days for the money to be added to the freelancer's account, which has been done by fiverr keeping in mind the safety of the buyer.

This is a very good and safe platform. For those people who cannot hire permanent employees for their small tasks. And here the buyer does not have to pay the salary of the month like other permanent employees. Get your work done when needed and give only money for that.

So let us now know about fiverr in detail, how you can hire a freelancer. And what things should be kept in mind while hiring you. And if you want to cancel the order then how can you do that.


What is Fiverr? How it works?


Fiverr is an online market place from where anyone can hire a freelancer for their work. And you can get your work done by them. fiverr.com brings together employer and employees on one platform. So that companies or small employers can get their work done by any person at a low cost.

In return, fiverr charges some amount from both the buyer and the seller. Fiverr protects the money of all its clients. Along with this, he also protects the privacy of everyone. So that no one can harm anyone.

There are many different sellers categories on fiverr. As buyer can get logo design done here, can write content for his blog, can get video editing done. You can make music. Along with this, you can also hire freelancers from here for web design or online marketing, brand promotion.

If your budget is high then you can also hire pro freelancer or any company from here for your work. There are many companies that also provide their service on online freelancing websites. So if you are a buyer and your budget is good then you can also hire any company for your work.

How to create an account for buyer on Fiverr?

If you are a buyer or also want to sell any of your services. So in both the cases you have to create your account on fiverr, only then you can hire someone here or provide your service. Creating an account on Fiverr is very easy.

• To create a buyer account on Fiverr, you must first create your own account. For which you have to click on the Join button which is present with the sign in button on the top right.

• Now you will come to fill the form. In which you have to fill your details. For example, your name and password and a secret question would also have been given for 2nd layer security. So whatever you are putting the answer to this, you should always remember it.


• Now you have to choose your username.

• When the form is completely filled, submit it. And now you have to go to your email id which was entered while creating your account.

• Here an email must have come from fiverr to verify. So you have to verify the account by clicking on that link.

• Then refresh the page again and sign in to the account.

• If you want to avoid all these process then you can also login to fiverr directly through your google account.

• You can also easily join Fiverr by clicking on Continue with Facebook and Continue with Google and no verification will have to be done.

• Now you are ready to hire any freelancer.

• But when you hire a freelancer, then at that time you are asked the payment method. Which we often do only through our ATM card. So while proceeding with the payment, you should not save your atm details on the website.


How Buyer should hire or buy gig any freelancer?


There are many things to keep in mind while hiring a freelancer for his work.

• You have to first see your budget that how much budget you can afford the freelancer. Because more old and experienced sellers provide expensive service.

• First of all, you have to see that the work for which you are hiring a freelancer. Is he capable of doing that work or not? Meaning what is his rating. And how are its reviews.

• Now whatever seller feels right to you, talk to him through message first. And explain your requirement in a good way. And also ask for their opinion so that you can know whether the person you are hiring has understood your point or not.

• If you are hiring a new seller. So don't palce orders in bulk right away. First, ask him for some sample related to work or place only one order. So that you can know whether it is right for you or not.

• Now if you do not know how to place order or you are facing problem in finding gig or want to give work in more amount like any new type of order, then you can also make custom order by speaking to seller.

• When you order palce, during that time you should tell your requirement well to the seller and also see how many times the seller is providing you the revesion option. So that if you do not like the work or want to get some correction done, then you can enter revision request to correct it.

• After seeing all the things, you should palce the order.



What is a gig?


Service on gig fiverr is called that which is presented by the seller to the buyer to describe his service. It is like when you go to a shop to get some goods and there is some goods kept outside as a sample. Similarly, through gig, the seller tells about his service, what kind of service he provides to his customers.


What is Fiverr Seller level?


There are three types of seller levels in Fiverr. Which tells how the seller's service is. And how reliable it is and how old it is. The seller level also depends on the orders, how much the seller has sold. In the first level, there are mostly new sellers who have either not been on fiverr for a long time or they have not sold much. The same second level sellers are those sellers who are more trusted to buyers and they have got more time even while working on fiverr. And pro sellers come in the third level. Those which are more expensive are trusted.


How to cancel an order on fiverr?


If you have ever bought a wrong gig or you have ever bought a gig from the wrong person. So in such a situation, you can also cancel your order if you want. Before canceling the order, you have to talk to the buyer and tell about your problem. After that, if mutual understanding is formed between both the persons, then you can easily cancel the order. For that you have to request seller for cancel order. And a sufficient region will also have to be written in it that why you are canceling the order. After this, when the seller will approve your request. Then your order will be canceled and your money will be returned in fiverr account. But if the seller does not approve the buyer's cancel request, then you can talk to the fiverr team for this.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiverr Freelancing Website



• Here you can easily hire freelancers for your work.

• Here you can get your work done at low cost.

• It is 100 percent trusted website. Where your money is completely safe. And no one can cheat on you.


• There are many problems in understanding the work properly.

• The trust issue persists.

• Brokerage charges are high.


You learned through this post how to hire a freelancer on fiverr and what to keep in mind while hiring a freelancer.

Friends, this is a very good platform. Where any person can hire employees for short term or long term for his work. And here the safety of your money has also been taken care of very well. So that no one can scam anyone.

If you are a buyer then here you get all types of freelancers. For example, according to the budget, you want a person working in less money or you want a person doing good quality work who is of high budget. And if you did not like someone's work or you want to make changes in it. So you can also get that done through revision option. Or you can also ask to make changes through a personal message. And if you have any kind of problem then you can also contact with fiverr team.