What is Club Factory App? How to Download Club Factory App?

 In Club Factory App, you get such facilities which gives you a new experience of online shopping and in the present time this app is very popular for online shopping, so you people have never tried Club Factory App on social media. Must have seen an ad about it.

You can guess the popularity and popularity of the Club Factory app that this app has been downloaded by more than 100 million people and its download numbers are increasing rapidly every day.

The Club Factory app is also special because it is very beneficial for both buyers and sellers due to which the problem of commission process has been eliminated in it where you get all kinds of goods.

Today we are going to tell you in detail about what is Club Factory App, how to download, what are its features, how to create account in it, how to use it, how to do online shopping from it and how to earn money from Club Factory app etc. Huh.

What is Club Factory App?

Club Factory is a Chinese company that was established on June 7, 2014 and is headquartered in Hangzhou Zhejiang (China). Club Factory is a type of e-commerce app that you can buy many types of goods online for very little money.

The sellers selling in front of Club Factory App are mostly from China, so the products found in this app are very cheap. You keep getting many offers in the Club factory app, due to which you often get the honour of 1 thousand even in 100 rupees.

Here you almost get all the kind of items you need and that too in many offers and cheap prices, so this app is used by many people, in this you get to see the following types of items.


Groceries women's bags

Kids & Baby Fashion Men's Bag

Sports & Fitness Automotive

Women's Shoes Home Appliances

men's shoes electronics

Jewelery & Accessories Toys & Baby Products

Home & Living Mobiles & Accessories

Ethnic Wear Beauty and Grooming

women's clothing men's clothing

How to Download Club Factory App?

It is very easy to download Club Factory App, you can download this app from Google Play Store and Club Factory website, follow these steps to download Club Factory App in your mobile.

Step-1 First of all, open Google Play Store and search by typing Club Factory App in the search or click on the button given below.

Step-2 Now the Club Factory app will appear in front of you, click on it and install it.

Step-3 By this way you can download this app very easily and click on above download button to download Club Factory app directly.

What are the Features of Club Factory App?

There are many features available in this app which make this app great if you download Club Factory App in your mobile and use it then you get all these features.

1. In the Club Factory app, you can find many different types of Stylish products like Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Beauty, Health, Books, Electronics, Watches, Sports & Fitness etc.

2. In the Club Factory app, you get many different types of coupons and discounts, so that you can buy the products available on it cheaply.

3. The Club Factory app offers its new users lots of discounts, great sales, coupons and free gifts etc.

4. Club Factory app often gives its new users Rs.99 and up to 90% off on most of the products along with a huge sale every month with Weekend.

5. In this you get the feature of a lucky spin from which you can win mobiles, coupons and many different products.

6. By using this app, you can earn money along with shopping.

7. In Club Factory App, you can pay for your products through Cash On Delivery and apart from this you can also pay with the help of your Paytm, Net Banking, Debit and Credit Card.

How to Create a Club Factory App Account?

To buy and sell any item from the Club Factory app, you need to create your own account on it and it is also very easy, you follow the steps given by us to create your account.

Step-1 First of all open Club Factory app in your mobile and click on allow for all permissions.

Step-2 Now select your country and then click on Continue.

Step-3 After this select your Gender.

Step-4 Now the home page of Club Factory App opens, here you will see the account option at the bottom, click on it then click on Log In / Sign Up.

Step-5 In this, click on Log in With Google. Now click on the Google account from which you want to create your account, now your club factory app account is ready.

How to use Club Factory App

Club Factory App is very easy to use so every person can use this app very easily. In this app, you get a menu at the bottom in which you get five different buttons which are something like this.

Home Button: On clicking this button, the home page of Club Factory app opens. On this page you get information about many new deals and discounts. Apart from this, you also get to see many products on the home page, which you can buy very easily.

Categories Button: On clicking this button, the category page of Club Factory App opens. Category page, you get to see many different types of categories like Woman Clothings, Man Clothings, Beauty & Health etc. From whichever category you click on, you will be shown the products related to that which you can easily buy. .