What is BPL and what are its benefits?

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BPL Full Form

Before telling about what is BPL and why this word is used, let us tell you about its full name.


BPL is called poverty line below poverty line and BPL is used to identify the people of poor and weaker section.

What is BPL?

Families of poor and weaker sections come under BPL and through this, the poor families are provided the benefits of suitable assistance and schemes by the government and it has been established by the Government of India to identify the weaker section. Gaya is a benchmark, it refers to the income of any family and if the income of a family is less under it, then it is added under BPL so that it can get the benefits of government schemes.

The purpose of starting BPL was that the poor people of India can be provided facilities like food items, clothes, government benefits etc. And in 2021-12, a committee convened under the chairmanship of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has given data. According to this, 30% of the total population of India comes under the poverty line.

Benefits of BPL

There are many benefits of BPL, in this only poor families are included and the government wants to provide special benefits to poor families and this is easily done due to BPL because the government can easily identify poor families through BPL. And is able to provide them the benefits of government schemes.

The families who come in BPL are provided the benefits of government schemes by the government, along with this, food items are provided in suitable quantity from the fair price shop in suitable amount, whichever family wants to take advantage of the scheme provided by BPL. It is necessary for them to make BPL ration card, when your ration card is made, after that you will be able to get its benefits.

Different types of benefits are provided to BPL families in all the states and the government tries to provide more benefits to BPL families as compared to other families because through this poor families of India can easily get government benefits. .

Relief in treatment under BPL

BPL families are benefited a lot by the government in treatment, if any BPL card holder is treated in a government hospital, then his treatment is done in very less money so that all poor families can get good treatment at a low cost and in this Along with the BPL card holder, family members are also given relief in treatment.

Relief in education to BPL families

Education is the right of everyone, but education becomes a big challenge for the children of poor families, in such a situation, if the family has a BPL card, then the children of that family are given admission in the government institution with very low fees so that the people of the poor family can provide best education to their children.

Loan facility to BPL families

Loan facility is also provided to BPL families by the government, the families whose BPL ration card is made, they are easily provided loan from the government bank at low interest rate, this loan can be used by the BPL family in any of their personal work. .

Benefits of government schemes

The government tries to provide benefits to the poor families of India through different schemes and the families whose BPL ration card is made, they can easily take advantage of the upcoming government scheme and along with this, the government in many other ways can get benefits.

Benefits of food

Materials like food grains, salt, pulses, rice, kerosene etc. are provided to BPL families through fair price shops at very low prices so that poor families can live their lives easily.


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