What does W/L and C/Fa mean on a railway track?

 While looking out of your window during the train journey, you must have often noticed that there are some votes near the railway track, which are written W/L and C/Fa. Often a question comes that what is the meaning of W/L and C/Fa, then if the answer is not found, then one thinks that there must be some codes for the operation of railways. This answer is correct but incomplete. Let us find out in our 1 minute that what is the full form of W/L and C/Fa.

Meaning of 'W' or 'W/L' - Full Form

W or W/L is a whistle (also known as horn) indicator word. W means – Whistle while 'W/L' means Whistle for level crossing. This means that where only W is written on the board, the driver of the train has to leave the horn. Where 'W/L' is written, the speed of the train has to be reduced by blowing the horn because there is an unmanned (a railway crossing that does not have a gate) railway crossing at a distance of 250 meters.


Meaning of c/fa - full form

C/Fa is also a whistle signal word. It is the Hindi version of 'W/L'. C/Fa means whistle, the gate is ahead. Hindi bearing boards are set up in Hindi areas.


Meaning of W/B - Full Form

W/B means whistle for bridge.