Those people who trusted the most cheated--- Milind Soman's wife

 Ankita Tanwar, wife of famous model and actor Milind Sonam, shared her old experiences through social media. 30-year-old Ankita shared her old bad experiences with people through an Instagram post. This painful post of his is becoming quite viral, people are giving a lot of reaction on it.

Ankita wrote in the post that as a child she was abused as a child. She had to live alone in foreign cities, she was duped by those she considered her own. He lost his father and lost his ex-boyfriend. She was then judged after marrying an older married man. Ankita married Milind Soman at the age of 26, then Milind Soman was 52 years old.


  Shared video on insta

Ankita shared the whole thing with her followers through a video. He also shared the painful story of his childhood, the pain of losing his father and lover. He told that the world judged him for the decision of his marriage. In her post, Ankita wrote, "Abuse in childhood... Lost a brother... Lost a lover... Lost a father... Judged by my love. So if you see me being optimistic , then just know that I am! Love yourself."