This sneaky feature of Google will keep your Android smartphones Virus-Free, use it like this

 With the update of Android 11, Google is coming up with a new feature that will protect Android smartphones from viruses and malware. Let's know more about it.

New Delhi: We all want to protect our smartphone from viruses and malware. Google has come up with a new feature that can protect all Android smartphones from viruses and malware. This privacy protection feature of Google will keep your phone safe and with just one update you will be free from this huge worry. Let's know how..

Google's auto-resetting feature

With the update to Android 11, Google has brought a special auto-resetting permissions feature so that if an app on your phone has not been used for a long time, the phone will automatically close access to storage, mic, camera and other sensitive features. Is.

After the Android 11 update, if there are any apps that you have not used for a long time, then you will have to give them separate permissions for features like storage because under this new feature the phone will automatically reject these permissions. With this, these apps will not be able to use the data in the background and your smartphone will be safe.

Apart from the users of Android 11, who will get this benefit

Google is also bringing this feature to all those smartphones which work on Android 6 or later versions. This is so that these apps do not get a chance to take data from old unused smartphones.

Google believes that with this feature they will be able to protect millions of Android smartphones.

According to a report by 'The Verge', Google will release this update by December for all smartphones working on versions of Android 6 and Android 10. Google says that this feature will be automatically available on Google Play Services, it will not have to be downloaded in any special way.