Tata Group will make 56 transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force, will give jobs to 6000 people

Under Make in India, now military aircraft will be manufactured in our own country. The Central Government has approved this deal worth $ 3 billion. From salt to software, the Tata Group will now make transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force. The private sector Tata Group company has been entrusted with the task of making military aircraft. A deal worth Rs 21,000 crore has been signed with the Central Government and the Tata Group for the manufacture of 56 military transport aircraft.

The present central government is emphasizing on Make in India. Under which the task of manufacturing 56 C aircraft has been given to the Tata Group company. Let us tell you that the Indian Air Force was waiting for a long time to buy 56C-295 aircraft. At present, the Indian Air Force has a 60-year-old Avro 848 transport aircraft, in view of this, the Security Cabinet Committee of PM Narendra Modi has approved the construction of 56C aircraft.

Within 4 years, 16 transport aircraft will come to India from Spain, under the new contract, Tata Group will manufacture the remaining 48 aircraft in India within 10 years. With this, Tata will become the first company to manufacture military aircraft in the country under Make in India. An agreement was reached with the Tata Group for manufacturing aircraft 6 years ago, the project was getting delayed due to financial reasons. This year's difference will also be signed. At the moment it is not clear, where the military aircraft will be manufactured, let us tell you that the Tata Group has set up an aviation company in Hyderabad.

The Defence Ministry has said that indigenous companies will benefit from this project. Let us tell you that Tata will buy aircraft parts, equipment and other necessities from India itself. Employment will also be available to the people. Also, there is a possibility that more than 600 skilled and more than 6000 indirect people will get employment from this project.