Prashant Kishor: Is he India's political game manager or player?

 Popularly known as election manager, Prashant Kishor's going to Congress is being discussed loudly but no one knows what his intentions are.

Prashant Kishor, who took charge of BJP's election management as a professional advisor in 2014, is once again in discussion these days for meetings with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and other opposition leaders.

One thing that sets Prashant Kishor apart from others as an election strategist is that he works as a 'paid professional consultant', has a complete research team and is not tied to a single political party.

After Mamata Banerjee's electoral victory in West Bengal, her status has increased these days because she was constantly giving advice on how to deal with the challenge of Trinamool Congress BJP, some people are believing that her advice worked for Mamta. 

Speculations are also being made about his joining the Congress as soon as he is released from the Bengal assembly elections. Just before this, he was once more in the discussion when he was being described as the 'former of opposition unity', various speculations were being made about his meeting with Sharad Pawar.


Who is Prashant Kishor?

44-year-old Prashant Kishor, who hails from the Bhojpuri speaking area of ​​Bihar, has so far rendered his professional services to Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee, Captain Amarinder Singh in Punjab, Jagan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and DMK leader MK Stalin in Tamil Nadu.

On May 2, 2021, in a TV interview, he surprised everyone by saying that he was no longer playing the role of a professional political consultant, after his announcement that he might want to enter politics himself.

By the way, there is always an atmosphere of doubt about whether he is in politics or not. The situation could never be clear about whether the coach is a player or a player.

 In such a situation, the same question is being raised again from the speculation about his joining the Congress that why political parties claiming to understand the pulse of the people are desperate to associate an 'election manager' with themselves.

It is important to remember here that he played the role of a strategist for the Congress-SP alliance and had to face a catastrophic failure in the last assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, he is generally considered a very successful election manager.

Mamata Banerjee's TMC's victory in Bengal elections, despite a tough challenge from the BJP, has boosted Prashant Kishor's stature and his every move is closely assessed.

In such a situation, there are speculations on the meetings with Sharad Pawar and Congress leaders that he is preparing to unite the opposition against Narendra Modi in 2024.

Writer and journalist Dhaval Kulkarni in Mumbai feels that Prashant Kishor is engaged in a campaign to bring the opposition together against the BJP, although bringing the opposition together in Indian politics has been a difficult task.

Senior journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai asks, "If someone wants to make Mamata Banerjee the prime minister, will other leaders be ready? Will Sharad Pawar consider it? In 2019 also we saw that every non-NDA political party had a say. There was a need to remove the BJP but they could not come along. Only Stalin had said that Rahul Gandhi would be the prime ministerial candidate."

In a conversation with NDTV, Prashant Kishor has said that he does not think that the Third or Fourth Front can compete with the BJP.

 As part of the thinking of bringing the opposition together, it is also being speculated that Prashant Kishor is meeting leaders with the aim of gathering consensus to make Sharad Pawar the next President of the country.

According to Dhawal Kulkarni, when Sharad Pawar's dream of becoming the Prime Minister has been tarnished, his eyes are on the presidential election to be held next year, but so far these things are only speculations because Sharad Pawar has not said anything on this. Is.

Why Prashant Kishor needed?

The behind-the-scenes work of election managers has not been beyond controversies. His job is to create such an environment around the leader at the time of election that he can go ahead in the election, it is said that he is expert in judging the issues, the mathematics of the electoral areas and the mood of the public.

According to political analyst Dr Jagroop Saikhon in Punjab, the increasing penetration of election managers like Prashant Kishor is proof of the hollowness of politics.

"It is the bankruptcy of the political system, especially in political parties, when power is passed on to a few people who act as managers," he says.

According to Dr. Jagroop Saikhon, this is also an indication of how the leaders of today are cut off from the ground and the politicians in Punjab are so infamous that many people do not even allow them to enter their villages.

During the Bengal elections, TMC leaders told BBC correspondent Amitabh Bhattasali in Kolkata how people had been cut off from the party in the last few years due to ground corruption.

Prashant Kishor told this to the leaders because people close to Mamta Banerjee could not put these things in front of him properly.

 Amitabh tells how Prashant Kishor used to manage every little thing himself, an example of this is that the people of his team used to roam the areas and tell which leader where, what to say.

Under the supervision of Prashant Kishor, lakhs of posters of 'Bangla Nijer Makee Chai', i.e. 'Bangla Apni Beti Ko Chahta Hai' were put up in Bengal.

Apart from this, the 'Didi Ko Bolo' helpline program was started, due to which people used to tell complaints ranging from lack of water in taps to dirt directly on the phone, on which the local administration used to take action. Under the 'Dwara Sarkar', the public departments used to organize camps to solve the problems of the people in the areas.

According to Amitabh Bhattasali, these programs helped to draw votes in favor of Mamata Banerjee, but Prashant Kishor was not needed to suggest these programs.

Journalist Jayant Ghoshal says, "Pranab Mukherjee used to tell me that the condition of the Congress has deteriorated because it became a drawing room party, due to which it was cut off from the common people. Where is the alliance, whose is it, Prashant Kishor studies it. Because of this many people don't get tickets."

Journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai cites the example of Jayalalithaa who was not even on social media but had self-confidence and people attracted to her, though she ruled with the help of a select few.

He says, "When leaders do not have confidence, when they feel that they themselves cannot win, then they resort to strategists. Also, leaders believe that Narendra Modi has emerged as such a popular leader with the help of advisors. Yes, but this is not true.

A strategist can write a speech, but it is a leader who has to deliver the speech in a strong manner. Narendra Modi is very good as a speaker. People like what he says."

According to author and journalist Dhaval Kulkarni in Mumbai, campaign managers like Prashant Kishor warn parties and leaders of the much-needed big picture. "Politicians are always busy and they can't take a step back to see what needs to be done," he says.

Political aspirations of Prashant Kishor?

Senior journalist Jayant Ghoshal feels that Prashant Kishor has political aspirations and is not limited to becoming a Rajya Sabha member.

Jayant Ghoshal says, "Prashant Kishor wants to be the kingmaker of the coalition government in the 2024 elections."

But according to Ghoshal, a lot will depend on the results of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, and only then will their intentions be known.

Prashant Kishor's political meetings are taking place at a time when the official death toll from Kovid in India has crossed four lakh, many Modi supporters are also not happy with his handling of Kovid, the economy is in shambles, unemployment and inflation are rising. has been.

Jayant Ghoshal says, "Prashant Kishor can also join any party. He has that option. He can become a Rajya Sabha MP if he wants, but he does not want Rajya Sabha.

Ghoshal says, "Two Trinamool's Rajya Sabha seats are vacant right now. BJP is also trying to drag them because they don't have bad relations with the BJP either."

On the other hand, senior journalist D Suresh Kumar in Chennai questions Prashant Kishor's ideology. Kumar says, "He was on the side of a right-wing party in one election. In another election, he was on the side of another ideology. Once he was on the side of the Tamil party. Were, another time to a Telugu party. If he has to emerge as a leader, he will have to work hard on the ground. He has to prove himself. He cannot parachute into a party and emerge as a leader. "

 The question on Prashant Kishor is no less

Questions arise about Prashant Kishor that when he is such a great magician, why did his magic not work in favor of Congress in Uttar Pradesh?

In such a situation, an answer comes in his defense that the Congress did not implement what he said, due to which this plight of the party happened.

Apart from this, many analysts believe that Prashant Kishor's contribution to Narendra Modi's victory in 2014 was exaggerated.

He says that at that time the common people were so troubled by the alleged scandal, corruption in the Congress that they took the reins of the country.

Handed over to Narendra Modi, no Prashant Kishor was needed for that.

According to journalist D Suresh Kumar, apart from the Prashant Kishor factor, other factors were responsible for Stalin's victory in Tamil Nadu. He says that one of the reasons for Jagan Mohan Reddy's victory was that people were not happy with Chandrababu Naidu.