Onion Paratha

 An onion stuffed Indian flat bread recipe, ideally suited for a daily lunch or snack. It is usually served or eaten without any side dish, but can be served with any Indian curry or vegetable choice.

Onion Paratha Recipe | Onion Paratha Recipe | Onion Paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. There are many ways to prepare Pyaaz Ka Paratha recipe, but generally it is prepared in 2 ways. The paratha can either be stuffed with onion masala, or onions can be added directly while kneading the paratha. I have used the first option in this recipe.

Although there are not very complicated steps with onion paratha recipe, there are some tips to make it perfect. firstly, chop the onion really finely, it will be really difficult to roll the paratha thin. Also, do not keep the stuffing for long, as onions release moisture and will be difficult to roll. finally, onion paratha tastes great when the stuffing is slightly spicy. If you are serving it spicy then it is best served with curd which helps in reducing the heat.