Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj is also afraid of going to the chair? Amit Shah praised this leader

 During the last three months, the BJP has changed chief ministers in three states and given opportunities to new ones. By changing chief ministers in Uttarakhand, Karnataka and then Gujarat, the BJP has given a clear message to its leaders that if they remain non-performers, they may have to lose their seats. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is the tallest leader of BJP in Madhya Pradesh and is holding the post of CM for almost two decades. 

However, the latest developments have also made Shivraj Singh Chouhan sleepless. Recently, Home Minister Amit Shah has increased the pressure on the Chief Minister by praising BJP MP Rakesh Singh in the presence of Shivraj. Since then Shivraj Singh Chouhan has started polishing his image and for this he is holding marathon meetings every day.

According to the news of Hindustan, Union Home Minister Amit Shah attended the program organized on the martyrdom day of Amar Shaheed Shankar Shah and Raghunath Shah of Gondwana Kingdom in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. During this program, Shah praised former BJP chief and MP Rakesh Singh. According to reports, since Shah's visit, Shivraj has held several meetings keeping governance in focus.

Shivraj is constantly reminding the officers of his state that Madhya Pradesh should be established as a model of 'Good Governance'. Amit Shah had reached Jabalpur on 18 September. A day later, Shivraj Singh Chouhan met Governor Mangubhai Patel. Congress leaders even described this meeting as 'unusual'. However, the Chief Minister said that the meeting was held to discuss the development related schemes in the state.

After this, on Monday, Shivraj met with the officers of the Indian Police Service and the Indian Administrative Service. Here Shivraj said, 'I will make the officers come on the basis of their work. We have to adopt zero tolerance policy against corruption. The state should make a model of good governance and every officer who fails to perform his duty will be punished. Shivraj Singh Chouhan also asked the officials to take strict action against the mafia.

During the program organized on the occasion of the sacrifice day, Shah praised its organizer Singh, saying, "On whose invitation I have come here and who is truly leading, our Rakesh Singh ji." CM Shivraj was also present in this program. Shah made this statement in two separate programs, from which it was clear that he had reached Jabalpur only on the invitation of MP Rakesh Singh.