Live in Relation: Meaning, Benefits and the Law

 In today's era, where there is a curiosity, excitement, excitement about love among the youth or there is a competition to understand friendship as love. At the same time, haste is also seen in these youths. Friends, in fact, today through this article, we are going to discuss with you all such a practice which is spreading in our country by coming from western countries. So, let's first try to know what is the meaning of this live-in relationship?

Is Live-in Relationship better than Marriage?

The lifestyle of Indian youth is changing rapidly. For this, they do not feel any hesitation in adopting modern culture. And live in relationship is a style of modern culture itself. Today's youth have started considering live in relationship as better than married life.

Today's generation considers marriage and live in relationship the same. They believe that society and law intervene in marriage, but nothing like this happens in a live-in relationship. Rather, there is complete freedom. But there is a difference between marriage and live in relationship. It needs to be understood in detail.

              Live-in Relationship Meaning?

Live in relationship is called a system in which two people i.e. a boy and a girl with mutual consent, living together without marriage as husband and wife. Even though their relationship may not be affectionate and deep, but while living like husband and wife, they also make physical relations.


Nowadays this trend is coming fast in foreign as well as in Indian metropolis. On doing research in this subject, one reason came to know that a boy and a girl live in live in relation with each other for the purpose of testing each other. Perhaps these people practice whether these two can live together in the future or not. Perhaps this is their thinking, due to which they choose the path of live in relationship. By and large, this live-in relationship meaning.

By the way, some people support this practice as a means of time pass and wish fulfillment. They feel that supporting this tempting practice will bring many benefits.

But let us tell you that this practice is as easy as it seems. There are more disadvantages than there are benefits. Such relationships are often seen in abundance in Western countries. Because the culture there readily accepts this practice. The lifestyle there is also similar.

In India too, this system has got support for a few years. Behind this, the changing social views of some people living in the metropolis, the problem of marriage and matters related to religion can be considered.

A section of the society considers it the biggest threat to Indian culture. So on the other hand, seeing it as a change in the modern tradition, considers it a boon to lead an independent life. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, live in relationship has its advantages and disadvantages too.

Benefits of live in relationship 

• By living together in a live in relationship, the boy and the girl get to know each other well, their habits, likes and dislikes. If they love each other then live in relationship can be a good way for them. Let's find out what are the benefits of this relationship – by living together in this way, both of them do not have to face any kind of social and traditional barriers.

• Responsibilities related to matrimonial relationships do not apply to live in relationship.

• On the pretext of this relationship, both of them also realize the truth and responsibility of married life.

• There is also saving of money. Just like meeting each other and spending on each other are less than living together.

• Both try to respect each other and live lovingly in the hope of respect.

• If the partner is really good, then the whole life ahead is really enriched. Because by living together with your partner without marriage, you become even closer and your relationship becomes even stronger.



• Ability to handle married life comes. Small problems come to grips with. Also, what will be the future of this relationship, it is understood.

• Living together gives freedom to have physical relations. Which is not possible while living away. By staying away, you are able to live only as a friend. Whereas living together gives an opportunity to make a relationship like husband and wife.

• If you want to separate from the relationship during this time, then in such circumstances you do not have to face the hassle like divorce. This relationship can be broken at any time.

• There is no need to be bound by the rules of society/law like marriage in live-in relationship. Neither while making a relationship nor while breaking a relationship. 


What rights do those living together without marriage get?

According to the report, the woman further told that a formal agreement was also made between the two to marry. Simultaneously, the person's name was registered as the father in the child's school and the person was also made a nominee for his bank accounts. During the hearing of the case, the woman presented all these documents in the Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court upheld the trial court's decision on the basis of these documents.

The woman also said in her petition filed in the trial court that during their stay together, differences arose between the two. In such a situation, she wants that the person should not remove her from the rented house and at the same time give her allowance. On the other hand, the person said that the woman already knew that she was married, so she could not be given allowance under the Domestic Violence Act.

Actually, Live In Relationship is not defined in any particular way in our law. The law sees this as the nature of marriage between two unmarried people. According to Supreme Court lawyer Devika.

“People living in live-in relationships get all the legal aid that other people get. But in the eyes of law, there are some conditions of live in relationship. First of all, both the people living in this relationship should be unmarried. Relationship time matters a lot. It cannot happen that they stayed together for a few days and then separated. Then after a few months they started living together. It is necessary to live in the same house together. It is necessary to act on the age of a couple in the society. It is important to take responsibilities towards each other. Being in a live-in relationship is a right in the eyes of the law."

Punjab-Haryana High Court imposed fine

At the end of January this year, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had made controversial remarks in the matter related to live in relationship. The court, while rejecting the petition of a married woman and her lover, had termed the relationship of both as immoral. Along with this, the court had also imposed a fine of 25 thousand rupees on those who filed the petition.

According to the report of Indian Legal Live, a woman named Sonu and her lover Sukhvir Singh had filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. In which both had appealed to Sonu's husband and her in-laws to provide security. Sonu had told the court that she was married to Gurjit Singh and had three children. Sonu also told that he met Sukhvir Singh six months ago and then both of them fell in love.

 The Punjab and Haryana High Court, terming the relationship between the married woman and her lover as immoral, imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on both of them.

The petition further stated that when Sonu's husband and in-laws came to know about this, they threatened to kill Sonu. After which both of them wrote a letter to the Police Commissioner of Patiala and appealed for security. According to the petition, the police commissioner refused to provide security. On the other hand, during the hearing, Justice Manoj Bajaj said that the relationship between Sonu and Sukhveer cannot be considered legally valid without divorce.

 Security Cover

On the other hand, the Rajasthan High Court recently gave such a decision, in which a person's live in relationship was not considered legally valid when he got married, but police protection was definitely given.

According to the report of Live Law, the Rajasthan High Court, while hearing a similar case, said that the relationship between two people can be considered immoral and anti-social, but still they have the right to life and freedom under Article 21 of the Constitution. has full rights.

The Rajasthan High Court said that everyone has the right to life and freedom under the Article.

In this remark, Justice Satish Kumar Sharma of the Rajasthan High Court also outlined section 29 of the Rajasthan Police Act, 2007. He said that it is the duty of every police officer of the state to protect the life and freedom of the citizens of the state. On the other hand, the Allahabad High Court, other than the Rajasthan High Court, has on many occasions refused to give protection to women and men in such cases.

Live in relationship decision related to domestic violence

The Supreme Court's 2013 decision regarding Live In Relationship is mentioned a lot. This whole case is known as Indra Sharma Vs VKV Sharma. Through this decision, the Supreme Court made an exception by bringing live-in relationships within the purview of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

According to the report of Legal Information Institute, a woman named Indra Sharma left her job and started living with VKV Sharma. This 'live in relationship' of both lasted for 18 years. Later VKV Sharma separated from Indra Sharma. Then on the complaint of Indra Sharma, two trial courts found VKV Sharma guilty of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005. VKV Sharma was ordered to give Rs 18,000 per month to Indra Sharma as an allowance.

 Supreme court

VKV Sharma appealed against these decisions in the Karnataka High Court. He said that Indra Sharma knew that she was married. On this ground, they cannot be compelled to pay allowance under the Domestic Violence Act. The Karnataka High Court accepted the arguments of VKV Sharma and set aside the earlier decisions. On the other hand, Indra Sharma filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Karnataka High Court.

The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Karnataka High Court, but also made an exception. The court said that if a woman lives with a married man without knowing that the man is married, then living with both of them will be treated as a 'domestic relationship'. The court said that in such a situation the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 would be fully applicable and the woman would be entitled to demand allowance for herself.

Not all relationships  are live-in Relationship

A 2010 decision of the Supreme Court regarding live in relationships is very important. In the case of D Velusamy vs D Patchaiammal, the court laid down the pre-conditions for a live-in relationship. The court said that the people living in a live-in relationship should behave like a couple and their age should be legally valid for marriage.

The Supreme Court said that not every type of relationship will be considered as a live-in relationship and in this case the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 will also not apply. For example, the Supreme Court said that if a man hires a woman as a servant, pays a fixed amount in a month and the two have only sexual relations, then such a relationship will not be considered as a live-in relationship.


Friends live-in relationship has been started by the educated and financially independent people living in the metropolis who want to get rid of the bondage of marriage because this relationship can be broken at any time without the consent of their partner.


Negative Side of a Live-in Relationship


But in the true sense, how can a relationship that has no foundation be more sustainable? It also has to bear losses. Let us understand the disadvantages of this-

• Since in this relationship, there is complete freedom to leave each other at any time. Therefore, the couples who live in this type of relationship always have this issue in their mind.

• When the family members of such couples come to know about their relationship. The whole family is then eclipsed by stress, due to which these couples also have to go through a lot of stress. The result of which is bad.

• When people live together, there is often tension between them due to small things. If there are men and women living in a live-in relationship, then it is a little difficult to reconcile between them.

• Along with the family, such people also have to face the consequences of disdain from the society.

• This type of relationship is not very durable, the relationship can be broken at any time after getting bored with the relationship.

• Unfortunately, if your partner proves to be bad for you, then after the breakup, your life has to be spent like a bad dream.

• A woman has to face more problems than a man when the relationship breaks up. Because in this relationship it is common to have a physical relationship with a woman. Which suddenly breaks the relationship, that woman gets drowned in physical, mental, social stress and depression. Which has very bad consequences.

Impact of live-in relationship on society- The children born out of such relationship are forced to lead a frustrated life apart from the norms and behaviour of the society.


Impact of live-in relationship on society- The children born out of such relationship are forced to lead a frustrated life apart from the norms and behavior of the society.