KLF Maithili Literary Festival concluded, a virtual fair of world's leading litterateurs

The virtual event of Maithili Literary Festival, organized under the leadership of Kalinga Literary Festival, was organized on all social media platforms on 11-12 September. The event started with the inaugural session on the first day, in which Udaynarayan Singh 'Nachiketa', former director of the internationally renowned Central Institute of Indian Languages, along with senior litterateurs of Maithili literature Pradeep Bihari, Arvind Thakur, Shri Ramesh, Ramesh Ranjan, Mahendra Narayan Ram and General Secretary of Maithili Writers Association Vinod Kumar Jha were present.


At the same time, Rashmi Ranjan Parida, Sitansu, and Ashutosh Thakur were present on behalf of Kalinga Literary Festival in this session. Krishna Mohan Thakur, the coordinator and coordinator of this event was also present.


In the poetry discussion session after the inaugural session, young speakers put forward their statements on the important dimensions of contemporary poetry, in which the images, verses, symbols, antarlaya, consciousness, rural and urban have come in the composition of young poets and poets in the past years. The environment and novelty were mentioned with his compositions. Narayan Mishra, Aditya Bhushan Mishra, Maithil Prashant and Pankaj Kumar were present as speakers.


The session was conducted by Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar awardee young story writer Sonu Kumar Jha.


The second day of the function began with a children's literature discussion session. In this session, the speakers gave their views on both the condition and direction of children's literature.


In the discussion session, the situations of Geet-Ghazal from the Vidyapati period to the present time were discussed closely. In today's time, talks were held on the real situation, prosperity, necessary changes and problems of Maithili Geet-Ghazal.


The function concluded with a fruitful review session in which all the initiatives taken in this two day event were reviewed and the speakers expressed their candid views on the presence and utility of the young poets. The speakers said that today's young generation, who are actively writing in Maithili, certainly have an immense potential which is necessary to establish Maithili literature on the global stage.


KLF representatives Rashmi Ranjan Parida and Ashutosh Kumar Thakur informed that Maithili is a language spoken in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand and Terai region of Nepal. About 5.6 percent of India's population, about 7-8 crore people, use Maithili as their mother tongue. Maithili speakers are spread in many countries of the world including various parts of India and Nepal. Maithili is considered to be one of the richest, sweetest and sweetest languages ​​in the world. Maithili is respected as an official language in India and Nepal. Maithili has its own script which is the first hallmark of a rich language. It has a rich literary history which makes it unique among all Indian languages ​​as well as global languages.