Is corona vaccine necessary for children or not?


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Schools are being opened in many states of India with all the guidelines and precautionary steps.

While one side is emphasizing on the importance of opening schools for the development of children, the other side is asking the question that what is the hurry to open schools, offline studies are going on.

This debate is going on between the medical world, educational institutions and parents, while now a big debate has started whether children should be given vaccine to avoid corona or not?

This debate is intense not only in India but also abroad.

Talking about Britain, there the Vaccine Advisory Body or Vaccine Advisory Committee has expressed its disagreement about giving the vaccine to healthy children aged 12-15 years only on the basis of health.

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The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) there says that the risk of the virus to children is so low that vaccination will be of very little benefit.

Doctors recommend that the Kovid vaccine be given to those children who have severe heart, lung or liver problems as the risk of Kovid is higher in such children than healthy children. That is, children who have co-morbidities.

At the same time, medical experts in India are also divided in the matter of giving vaccine to children.

Vaccines for children in India

Speaking to the BBC, Dr NK Arora, head of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization in India (NTAGI), said that Zydus-Cadilla's ZyCov-D vaccine (ZyCov-D) should be given to children of 12-17 years of age on or before October. Will be given from the second week and this vaccine is safe and effective for teenagers.

But they say that the first priority in this vaccine will be those children who are co-morbid.

He says, "We will start giving vaccine to children who have co-morbidities (other diseases) like cancer, diabetes etc. Such children may have a serious condition of Kovid or there is an increased risk of death. As soon as the vaccination of older people is completed by the end of December, after that we will start giving vaccine to healthy children.

Zydus Cadila vaccine has been approved in India. This is a needle free vaccine and according to Dr NK Arora, 'there will not be much pain in it.'

In the meantime, they hope that the results of trials in children of 2-18 years of age will also come out, while other companies are also doing trials in children, whose figures can come, in such a situation, 44 crore people under the age of 18 years. Children can be started vaccination in the first quarter of next year.

Vaccine should not be given to the healthy children

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IAPSM National President Dr Sunila Garg clearly says that not all children should be given the vaccine.


The Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine or IAPSM has 550 medical college members from all over India.

 Dr Sunila Garg

Dr Sunila Garg agrees with the opinion of UK doctors saying that the Kovid vaccine should be given only to children who have co-morbidities.

Referring to the Sero Survey-4 conducted in India, she says, "About 60 percent of the children have been found positive in the sero survey even though they neither went to school nor came out of the house. This means that the children got infected but remained asymptomatic. In which three percent children were below ten years and 9 percent were 11-18 years old in which mild infection was found.

But Dr NK Arora believes that even healthy children should be given the vaccine as they can be a factor in spreading the infection.

Dr Shyam Kukreja, Head of the Department of Pediatric (Children) and Infectious Diseases at Max Hospital, believes that even if the vaccine is not given to children below the age of 12 years, it will work because they have good immunity. But children above 12 years of age must be vaccinated.

According to him, "As a person's age increases, this immunity goes on decreasing, so older children should be given the vaccine.

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But they also believe that serious cases of Kovid in children have not come before them.

In India too, people were started vaccination in a phased manner, which included frontline workers including health workers, policemen, municipal employees. Then people above 45 years of age were included who have many diseases (co-morbidities). After this, vaccination was started for people above 60 years of age and then for people above 18 years.

According to the Union Health Ministry, the Kovid vaccine has been given to more than 68 crore 75 lakh people in India so far.

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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had said in a survey conducted in June and July that antibodies were found in one in three people. This survey was done on 36,227 people from 21 states.

Vaccine side effects

The recommendation is not to give the vaccine to every healthy child in the UK because Pfizer and Moderna have been reported to have very rare side effects such as heart swelling, including chest pain and rapid heartbeat.

According to data from the US, where millions of adolescents have been given the vaccine, heart problems were found in 60 boys per million boys aged 12 to 17 years who took the second dose of the vaccine. At the same time, in girls of the same age, such symptoms were seen in only eight girls per million.

According to the information received from America, where vaccines have been given to lakhs of adolescents, there were 60 cases per million among 12-17 year old boys where such symptoms were seen. Such symptoms have been reported after the second dose, whereas in girls, eight cases per lakh have been reported for heart swelling.

Children's doctors in the UK say that only two out of a million children reach intensive care if healthy children have Kovid, but if children have health problems, this figure increases to 100 children per million. becomes of.

Shyam Kukreja, a children's doctor at Max Hospital, also says that any vaccine has its side effects or side effects. It has been seen in Moderna or Pfizer to cause swelling in the heart of some children but it should be seen that this is very rare or rare.

They recommend that the situation worsens with Kovid and it has serious consequences, it is better that the vaccine should be applied.

Dr NK Arora also believes that there are reports of swelling in the heart. But they are sure that there is nothing to worry about for India because right now there is a vaccine for children and 'Carbavax' of Biologicals E. Ltd., which will be similar to Hepatitis B vaccine.


How to increase immunity in children amid fears of third wave of corona?

In India, a committee constituted by the Union Home Ministry has feared a third wave of corona in the month of October.

A team of experts was constituted under the National Institute of Disaster Management. Emphasizing on the preparation of better medical facilities for children, this committee has said that children are also at the same risk as adults.

This report, titled Kovid-19, Third Wave Preparedness: Children Vulnerability and Recovery, also states that if children are infected in large numbers, then medical facilities, doctors, equipment such as ventilators, ambulances etc. There are as many as are needed.

Dr. M. Wali is a Senior Consultant in the Department of Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.


Covid: What is Delta Variant?

Expressing concern over this report, he says, "Children make up one-third of the population in India and this section is still devoid of vaccines and scientists' concerns are inevitable. Child care infrastructure has never been this strong, as children fall ill less frequently than adults and this is now being felt and therefore attention is being drawn to be prepared.

Although the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) said a few months ago that children are the most susceptible to Covid-19 infections, there is little chance that the third wave will particularly affect children.

The IAP also said that there is no evidence that most children with Kovid-19 infection in the third wave will develop serious illness.

Dr. Wali also mentions the same thing and says that when the first wave of corona came, we also talked about the BCG vaccine given to children and it was an attempt to tell that most of the children in India play in mud. And their vaccination is also done from time to time. We had suggested that BCG might come in handy.

They say that parents need to make sure that all the vaccines their children receive are on time.

The same report states that the introduction of the Kovid vaccine for children (ages 12-18) may be started by August.

Recently, the Drug Controller General of India has approved the emergency use of Zydus Cadila's vaccine. After this, giving vaccine to children of 12-18 years of age can start soon.

In the same report, Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has been quoted as saying that Bharat Biotech's covaccine will be available for children in India from September.

By this time the data of Phase II and Phase III trials on children aged 2-18 years is expected to come. Whenever the Pfizer vaccine is approved in India, that too could be an option for children. Pfizer is the only vaccine that is being given to children worldwide.

Vaccinating children will prove to be a milestone in the war against Corona and children will be able to resume studies and will also be able to go to school.

Immunity in Children

Dr. Wali, a Padma Shri awardee, says that Indian children have more immunity or immunity than foreign children.

But they give instructions not to open the school. He says that he has come across many cases where parents complain that their child is not getting full development while staying at home.

They advise that parents can get their children to do many activities while staying at home. At the same time, he says that it should be noted that the staff working from the lowest level to the top in the school should be vaccinated.

 They emphasize that attention should also be paid to boosting immunity in children. For which they suggest taking several steps -

They describe cleanliness as the most important, in which it should be mandatory to wash face, hands and feet when coming home from outside. Do not bring shoes in the house and come to the house in summer and advise the children to take a bath.

• Keep distance between children and sick people at home.

• Keep children away from junk food and tell about its harm.

• Children should be vaccinated regularly and nowadays there is also an influenza vaccine which can be helpful in protecting against covid.

 • Inculcate the habit of wearing masks in children.

• Avoid sending children to school now.

 • There is a lack of protein in the children of India, so families who eat eggs must give eggs to the children, apart from this, pulses and soya are also good sources of protein.

• Make a habit of drinking milk and eating cheese in children.

• Feed small children by making ragi, maize, sattu, gram soup or pudding, and older children can also make their roti or paratha.

• For Vitamin C, drink lemonade and feed fruits, whatever are the natural sources of vitamins, they should be fed to children.