How was the first meeting of PM Modi and President Biden?

The conversation, which started with light-heartedness and a few jokes, ended with Indo-US relations, Kovid-19, environment and migrant issues.

At the beginning of the conversation, there was a funny discussion about Joe Biden's family ties with India, but after that, both the top leaders agreed that the relationship between the two countries is at a critical juncture. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden held a bilateral meeting on Friday

PM Modi said that the coming decade is 'transformative'. At the same time, Biden gave his opinion on the 'new chapter' in relation to both the countries.

This is the first meeting between the two leaders since Joe Biden became the US President.

PM Modi said that the seed that has been sown to expand India-US relations under the leadership of President Biden is now reaching a 'transformative phase'.


In this context, he mentioned the growing importance of people-to-people ties between the two countries and said that Indian talent will remain a 'full partner' in this regard.

At the same time, President Biden, speaking earlier, said that the two countries are beginning a 'new chapter' in bilateral relations, which has many difficult challenges and it starts with Kovid-19.

He also said that climate change and stability in the Indo-Pacific, including the Quad partners, are the main agendas of their dialogue.


Simultaneously, Biden said that the US-India relationship has the power to solve the world's 'terrible' challenges.

Biden said that he spoke about this hope in 2006 and also said in 2020 that India and the US are the two closest countries in the world.

Biden said, "I think the relationship between India and America, the world's two largest democracies, is bound to be stronger and closer and I think they can benefit the whole world."

During the conversation, PM Modi said that bilateral relations have more global positive effects.

The Indian Prime Minister also raised the issue of trade during this period. He said this would remain necessary and trade between the two countries has always been highly appreciated.

He said, "There are some things that you have and there are things that we have, and we really complement each other. I have found that our area of ​​business is also going to be very important in this decade. "

However, during this time Biden did not mention trade and on the other hand only he said that the US-India partnership is rooted in democratic values.

"Our partnership is so much more than what we do. It's about who we are. It's about our shared responsibility to uphold democratic values, our joint commitment to diversity, and our shared commitment to diversity and the 4 million Indo-American people," he said. family ties that make America stronger every day."

At the same time, Prime Minister Modi said that both the countries are committed to democratic values ​​and traditions. "I think the importance of these traditions will grow even more," he said.

During this, both sides also mentioned Mahatma Gandhi. However, both spoke about them in different contexts.

While President Biden mentioned the importance of tolerance to Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi spoke on Gandhi's idea of ​​preserving the earth.

 What was the discussion with Kamala Harris?

PM Modi's special meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday afternoon. The two met at the 150-year-old Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is the ceremonial office of the Vice President in Washington.

PM Modi mentioned Harris's phone call during the second wave of coronavirus in India earlier this year.

He said, "A few months back we had a chance to talk on the phone. We had a long discussion at that time. The way you spoke to me was very encouraging and very spontaneous. I will always remember that. Thank you very much. "

Describing Harris as a "true friend", he acknowledged that the US government had helped the private sector and Indian diaspora.

He said India and the US are one of the largest and oldest democracies and both are "real allies" who share common values ​​and geopolitical interests.

Along with this, PM Modi pointed to strengthening the supply chain, strengthening areas like technology and space, saying that cooperation of both is important in these areas.

Prime Minister Modi described Harris's victory as an "important and historic event" and said he was a source of inspiration to many people across the world.

Harris, along with being the first female Vice-President of America, comes from the African-American community and has ties to India as well.

Referring to his relations with India, PM Modi invited Harris to visit India.

He said, "With this journey of victory, Indians would like to continue it in India as well and that is why they are eager to welcome you there. That is why I invite you to come to India."

On the other hand, Vice President Kamala Harris described India as a very important partner of America and said that both the countries are working hard to make the world safe and strong.

 Kamala Harris's victory described as historic


He said India has been a source of coronavirus vaccine for many countries at the start of the pandemic and the US is "proud" to support India's immunization efforts.

Harris said on the daily corona virus vaccination in India, "America is proud to support India and it has a need and responsibility to vaccinate people. I welcome India's announcement that we will again Will be able to export the vaccine."

Apart from this, he told that India and America are working together on climate change and the governments of both countries are concerned about it and some of its 'deep' effects will be seen.

Kamala Harris said it is "essential" for India and the US to strengthen democracy in their respective countries and protect democratic principles and institutions.