How to Write a Book and Get it Published?

 Writing a book is the first biggest dream of a writer. A writer with an instinct towards book reading, will always ask:how to write a book and get it published? You think about writing a book only when you consider yourself capable for it. Your ability means that your point of view which is liked and understood by the readers. The art of a writer is that he makes any thing or event or even simple thing so interesting that people get lost with him. He could not stop himself from reading the book even if he wanted to. Here we will focus on how to write a book and get it published.

How to write a book? Before this idea comes to your mind, it becomes very important for you to consider many more important ideas related to writing a book.

How to write a book?


Before writing a book, consider these questions:

• Why do you want to write a book?

• Can I earn more money by writing a book?

• Can writing a book make you famous?

• Can you write a book?

• What subject can you write a book on?

• How to write a successful book?

How difficult and easy it can be to write a book determines your proficiency in the art of writing. It is a very simple task and you never know when you have written a book. It happens to those who write as well as live in it. They do not know whether they were writing or riding in the boat of their thoughts, they even assess the writing.

Writing a book is equally difficult for those who have to think for it and even with a lot of effort they do not come close to completing a book, it is not a task. It has no goal, writing a book is a journey. which is never going to end.

 There needs to be a dedication.

In the direction of writing a book, the most important question becomes, do you read books? Are you curious to read, if so then only this work is for you, otherwise it is not.

How to write a book?

To write a book, first of all, you should make sure that in which subject you want to write the book.

On an average a writer writes 4 books in a year. But if this is your start then it may take some time for you. You have to think a lot to write a book. The more you can think, the more you can write. In today's modern times, many writing tools will make your writing a lot easier.

In the matter of writing a book, most of the great writers believe that writing a book never lets you down. This is your biggest achievement and you always feel proud about it. You will thank yourself that you took your valuable time to write a book.

Writing a book is a big activity, in which you have to write on a particular topic. Together you need one or more chains.

 You should have enough fuel to write them.

When you write a book, you do not have to write anything in shortcut, you have to write everything in detail and in extreme detail. By which you present the scene by writing, which the reader experiences in his mind. The sound of words has a direct effect on the human brain. Which proves to be more effective than a picture or a movie.

The Process of writing a book :

1) Select a place to write

Where you write to write also becomes very important. Many times you are in a situation where you want to try to write but that place is not satisfactory and distracts your attention. That's why you have to choose a place where you feel full and nothing disturbs you. Be it any color or your old bed, whatever may confuse your attention, you have to tailor the space accordingly.

It is a long journey. Writing a book cannot be trivial. A little thought can turn your mind. And for a long time to run and think about one's mind is like a writer having conquered his mind. It's complicated but it's easy for you. Choose a place keeping the following considerations in mind:

• Choose a very quiet place.

• Do not disturb or obstruct your thoughts.

• There can be a library, coffee shop or a free room in your house as per convenience.

• Have a clean place.

• The temperature is slightly cooler than normal.

• It is better if you have a curved chair.

2) Gather the tools for writing a book:

When you start writing a book, you should have all the necessary tools that help you write.

Some important list is given below:

•      pencil holder

•      Watch

• Cutter for peeling pencils

• Paper weight

• Lamps

• Note Pad

•      paper clip

• Stapler

•      Napkin

• Tissue

• Required Documents

•      tape

• Printing Paper

• Bookends

• A small wooden board

• A flat chair that holds the reed upright

• High Lighter

It is better if you have the right material or the one that suits you best, although you can start writing a book with some of these essentials as well.

The most important of the suitable items are a pencil and paper to write on and a good chair.

When you have to do the most important work of your life sitting, then you should be aware of your read and choose such a chair which keeps your spine straight.

 It is important for a writer to keep his spine straight and healthy. A writer's thoughts are what he writes in the book. Traveling from place to place is not necessary for the author but it is not harmful either. You should try to learn something new every time, try to see something new so that every time a new thought stream can arise in your mind which is the basic power of a writer.

3) Find your long (main/big) idea:

what will you write? Is it something that you will be able to write on such a large scale? A great idea that you want to write a book about. The subject of the most intense study and consideration is what will be the idea on which you will start writing.

It should be so powerful and good that it makes you stand out from the rest. And you can twist those thoughts too much. A book is a collection of thousands of thoughts and when you are unable to find your big idea then writing a book is not possible.

Find your big idea and continue researching it and get as much information as you can about it and how to present it. Make a great outline of it. As you explore your main idea, ask yourself some questions:

• Why am I writing on this (thought) idea?

• Am I better at this?

• Is this an idea that will become the center of attention while being important?

• Who would love to read on this type of topic?

When you find the answers to these questions. You are then ready to select your main idea. And let's go a step further to write the book.

4) Find out what the world is liking:

Writing a book is a different matter. But what is that book running in the market, attracting people's attention or people's attraction? Writing a book on it are two different things. You write a book which is based on your own mindset, you have your own thoughts in it, there will be times when people want to think different from your thinking, although some people may agree with your thinking, but the difference will be that more What are people liking? Writing a book is a big deal. The book is an analysis of innumerable hardworking thoughts.

It is clear from the above ideas that writing your thoughts or writing a book and writing a book for the people are two very different principles. In which if you write a book just to offer your ideas, then that book will not necessarily achieve more success in the market, but if you mark such ideas and write a special book which is being liked by the world and people then it It proves to be a better option to earn money and become famous for the market purpose.

The choice is yours. What kind of ideas do you write about what you like or what people like. Then if people and you have the same choice then it is a wonderful coincidence that will publish a successful book.

Now the main question is:

• How to find out what people like to read or what is their center of attraction?

Answer: For this, you can go to the online bookstores to see what kind of ideas are attracting more people to what they are liking. You can see the best seller books by visiting the website below.


• amazon. Kindle

• Flipkart books

By visiting some more such websites, you will be able to guess what is the choice of people in today's era. And after that by looking at your main idea, let's start writing the book like this.

5) Make attractive sequences:

Create catchy sequences

The opening pages of your book determine whether the reader considers it worth reading or not. You must have been a reader yourself, think before reading a book or when choosing a book to read, what did you see in it that made you decide to read that book.

These ideas will make sure you focus on which parts of the book to work on. Readers usually choose their book by looking at the following things:

• Title

• Subtitle

• cover photo

• Main page

• Index

• Back front page

Some of the names given above are that part of the book on which a reader has a direct and first sight and after seeing these, he prefers to choose a book.

Now that you know that these are the most important parts of the book, then you need to work especially hard on them.

There is an old saying that:

"Whatever you see will be sold"

For a regular good reader, I think the biggest reason to choose a book is to see the sequence of the book. And whatever happens within the book, if your sequence is very engaging and effective then your book is definitely going to be liked. That is to say, the sequence of the book has to be made most carefully and extremely attractive.

6) Divide the book into small parts:

You start anything with small parts and to write a book, you have to write your subject in small pieces. You have to keep track of everything from one page to the other. Writing a book is like a big project and it will take time so you break it down into small sections. This way you will be able to start writing in the first few weeks.

Writing a book is a very convenient task, you have to write something special and better that attracts people. We don't just have to fill the pages.

You understand the book you want to write and then go on setting paragraphs, pages, parts and everything. After a period of one month, you will be able to complete your 100 pages.

Now you have set the outline of the book and it is getting easier and better than before.

7) Set the time:

No matter how hard you try, you cannot give enough time to any of your work until you take out a fixed time for that work.

Writing a book may feel like breaking a mountain in the beginning and it may be so but it is not impossible. We can write it better and progressively with our understanding. (kitab kaise likhe?)

It is important that you take the time to write, you resolve that you have to give 6 hours to him, then you can be sure. Your work also progresses. You have to make full use of your allotted time. Of course you can break it into pieces for your convenience. You can allocate some hours for morning, some afternoon or some evening and night. In this way you also get a chance to think. Which makes you a better writer.

Usually writers don't find time to write because they watch Netflix or any Bollywood Hollywood movie. But still you should set aside 6 hours weekly to write your book.

8) Stick to the main ideas of the book:

Those who are the big ideas of your book should not be forgotten while writing them, that is, it should not happen that the effect of the book which we have laid down should be reduced. Already the readers read the title of the book and the title itself describes the principle of the book.

We have to word our thoughts and story in such a way that its theoretical sense should be clear. Although we would like to write after thinking in other areas but not more than that in a certain limit. The title of the book should be such that as soon as it comes in front of the people, they show curiosity to read that book.

9) Create an outline:

Whether the book is in any subject, fiction or non-fiction, etc., but it is important that you have to go by setting a size for it. Where and which facts will be true or not, you will have to prepare a structure in advance and keep it. After that you have to write and keeping your structure in mind. Now this task will be better and easier.

The outline of your book will help you and you can also find out how good the book will be in writing.

You have to write keeping in mind the day, date, weather, etc. going on in the story, which cannot happen easily without you making an outline.

From the beginning to the end, at which place you have to mark the thrill, suspense, you have to prepare the blueprint of all these first.

The reader gets new ideas, keeps in touch with the book, always remains an interesting question that draws the reader to the last page of the book.

And write such a story or idea which is impossible to guess.

All this you have to write in your outline and write it correctly in the book.

If it happens somewhere while writing a book that you lose your confidence or you feel that no, you cannot write anymore, this cannot be a good book, etc. The outline saves you from any such negative thoughts. You just keep writing point to point and in the end you will win.

My personal point of view in this matter is that we should think before starting any work that how well you will be able to do it and before writing the book, it is a very important step in the case of book writing.

When designing a book, keep these things in mind:

• Dates, Time, Day, Season: Remember to tell what time to say.

• Interesting Characters : Create interesting characters as per the requirement of the book which keep adding to the suspense from time to time.

• Questions: The more questions the more curiosity leads the questions to the last. Make up questions.

• Explain the problems and the struggle should also make the reader feel that this kind of struggle is true.

• Keep revealing the characters of all the characters.

• Describe the natural beauty or any scary jungle place in detail.

• Write down the mental expressions of the characters as well.

There are many other main things that can make a book very interesting, how and how to use all of them, the author decides.

10) Create a time limit:

Set deadline

Writing a book is a very big and peace loving task, any kind of haste can spoil your work here. Or it can ruin your performance. But the writing speed should be such that at that time we have fixed a part of your book or the whole book has been written.

The problem is that if we don't enforce a deadline, our work lags behind.

 We should be afraid that I have calculated so much that I will write so much in so many days or I had set so much time, then why is it still incomplete? until you create a dead line. You do not have the urge to work, which is very important for writing a book. For the present, you should prepare the outline of your front page and remember that all the big ideas should be written in it.

In this, you can make your close friends or family members accountable.

11) Keep the math of words:

The number of words you write per day determines the speed at which your book is being written. You must have knowledge of word count.

The process of writing a book is progressive when you make it a goal to write a set number of words. You should first make sure that how many words you will write in a day. And then how many words do you write in a week, then how many words do you write in a month?

The reason for keeping all this account is that we keep knowing when we have to give more time to our work or when we can also focus on some other work. After all, writing a book is not a one day job. We have to include it in our daily routine and complete the prescribed time or words.

Suppose you write 1000 words in a day. Accordingly, you wrote 7000 words in a week and 30000 words in a month. That is to say that our target should be fixed and when to increase the speed, when we can reduce it, we should know all this.

Make sure that you write how many words according to your abilities and commit to writing at least 500 to 700 words per day, this will give enough speed to write your book.

To increase the speed of writing a book, take some special time out of your time, such as if you are more free on any day in a week, what is the day when you are more free, you add that time to the prescribed line .

 On Sundays of the week, you can give more time to your book. And at that time you are in a more comfortable position. Sunday is considered the most beautiful day to write.

This will give extra speed to the writing of your book.

12) How will you make writing possible along with other daily responsibilities?

Writing is not a battle, nor is it a race that you have to compete to win. You just have to change yourself as much as you can not more than you can be, if you do this then nothing will be possible and your personal life may have to face problems.

Basically, you write only as much as you think is important.

 As I said writing a book is a part of our life and it will go our way if there are any other important things. Those whose results are changing with your book writing, then you have to do that first.

Writing a book may be a part of our life but writing a book is not life. We have to complete the book while discharging all our basic responsibilities.

It is our thoughts, we will write them when we feel like it, it is better and will be successful too. If you are worried about some other task in your mind and try to write then it will affect your thoughts and it can ruin all your hard work.

Remember that you have to free your mind from worrying and express your thoughts. Unless your mind is empty and calm, it will affect your thoughts, which directly affects our writing skills.

You have to take easy time out of your routine and write your book in that time. And in the last, you should give as much time to writing according to the routine which you find easy and also increase your writing productivity.

13) Use a modern computer (application) to set concentration:

Your concentration develops your thinking and your thinking produces your thoughts. And to write a book, we need millions of thoughts according to us. In such a situation, we can understand that concentration is an important requirement for us.

You get distracted by the sound of your phone or you get frequent messages and calls and you are troubled by the notifications of your mail which are the staunch enemies of your concentration.

In such a situation, we can use some modern apps to maintain our concentration, which can prove to be very important to maintain your concentration.

This application keeps your concentration safe as well as it keeps full account of all the details related to your writing (word count /page /). Due to which your time is also saved and your work is also easy.

Given below are some of the applications that will help you to write a book:

• Focus Writer

• Script

• The Reedsey Book Editor

• Millnote

• Freedom app

• Stay focus

• Write room

The above mentioned modern computers will prove to be very useful for writing a book.

14) Maintain confidence, do not let the morale fall:

keep confidence don't let the morale fall

As we all know writing a book is not an easy task and it is a great achievement in itself that you are working to write a book. And it takes a lot of time to write a book and over time you start getting frustrated. There are many problems in such a situation which will try to make your mind useless and break your morale but you have to stand firm and keep your confidence till the last we have to stay on our thoughts which we used to write the book in the initial days. were committed. We should think about those thoughts.

Such negative thoughts come in the mind of every writer that what he is writing is not good and many unnecessary and negative thoughts come. But it is the duty of the true writer to face them and take his book to the destination.

It is not at all easy to complete a book, in which he displays his art in front of everyone, ignoring the sorrows and pleasures related to the personal life of the author.

The main essence of all the things is that you have to maintain your morale, such questions come in the mind of every writer, but still they do not take their steps back and complete their book.

15) Avoid rush to finish:

You must have heard this saying that hasty work is the work of the devil and it affects your work, it spoils the quality of your work.

While writing a book and in the last phase of writing a book, we can be in a hurry to complete the book which is a natural thing. But we have to avoid it.

And to keep the quality of your writing skills even better. A book is a testimony of a second to a year or more of hard work. We are well aware that both mistakes and mistakes are the product of haste and we would not like to make any mistake or mistake on our hard earned capital.

Therefore, we do not have to be in any hurry, keep our patience and complete our work very leisurely.

16) Check if there is any mistake then correct it:

After writing the book, you yourself should check it whether there is any mistake or mistake. Is everything the same? As you had prescribed and if it is not, then you should fix it and if there is any necessary change, then definitely do that too.

This action has to be done after the completion of the book. If you want to add something else then add and everything is correct then take your next step. Study and examine each word and expression closely and understand its effect. It will take time but it is the result of all your hard work, you cannot be careless with it.

How to Publish a Book?

How to Publish a Book?

And finally, you get there which was according to your plan. This is the biggest achievement and a matter of joy for a writer.

A true writer always tries his best to make his book reach as many people as possible.

How you publish the book is up to you. You can also publish on a website like amazon kindle.

Why do you want to write a book?

Why do you want to write a book?

When you ask yourself why you want to write, you should have a clear idea of ​​why you want to write a book.

• Are you writing to earn more money?

• Are you writing just for a hobby?

• Do you want to write for an appearance?

If the answer to any of the above mentioned questions is yes, then this writing art is not for you. The reason is that there are already many writers in the world and a writer cannot earn much money, there are only a few people who earn more money. Yes if you can earn money by writing for any news agency or in any film etc.

And thirdly, you can never prepare a great book for show off. And you can't get more famous than writing a book. If you only want publicity, then you can become famous by abusing someone by making a video of some maar dhad, this will be an easy way. But the chances of you becoming famous by writing a book are very less. That's why you came into it after thinking, because knowing how many people get excited and start it and are able to do it incomplete, in which both your time and mind are wasted.

I hope you have understood that writing a book is an act of patience and patience, there is no rush in it. It is not an impossible task, you just have to believe in yourself, at first it may be difficult, after that it will be easy for you.

There is a special gift for you, and this book given below will give you a solid guide, maybe after reading it every shell and every curiosity in your life will end. If you are a writer or want to become a writer then this small book will bring a big change for you…