How to start Dairy Farm Business?

 If you are thinking of doing any business from your home, then dairy farm business can prove to be the best for you, so in today's post, we will tell you how to start a dairy farm business?

The products of dairy farm are not only used by the residents of our country of India but people all over the world use its products in their everyday life.

If you are thinking of starting this business without planning, then stop because in this way you cannot get success.

For any type of business you need a plan. That is, here we will talk about every aspect related to cow rearing i.e. dairy farm or milk production like which species of cow to choose, how to take care of it, what fodder should be given to them, which dairy should charge the right rate etc.

How to Start dairy Farming business?


So, let's know how to start cow farming business


What is dairy farm?

Dairy Farm is a business, in simple language, a small business which is small only in the beginning and keeps on expanding with the passage of time.

Dairy farm products are used in many ways. Apart from milk, ghee, curd, butter, buttermilk, paneer, cow dung and cow urine are also sold in dairy form.

These products of dairy form are used in large quantities.

How to start Dairy Farm Business?

Starting a dairy farm does not make this business successful, but it requires hard work and dedication.

For starting a dairy farm, the most important things needed are the animals first and then the place where these animals will be kept.

Special care has to be taken of the breed of animals in the dairy farm, the person has to work with both his senses and enthusiasm, otherwise his system does not work well.

It is very important to keep the cows in a proper place otherwise if they are kept in their unfavorable environment then its effect can be directly in the daily products.

Good breed animals

Identifying the best breed of animals for a commercial business can shape the future of the business.

For newcomers who do not know about animals or do not recognize good breed animals. Then he will definitely get the loss of soya done.

Such persons should approach the dairy farm falling in their area and collect as much information as possible from the owner or workers of the dairy farm about the animals.

In dairy farm, good breed animals act as backbone. In commercial business, it is necessary that the loss should be in minimum amount.

Some cows of foreign breed are available for commercial business in our country, which are very popular:-

1. HF Cow

This cow is of large body whose weight is about 580 kg. Their skin is mainly identified by black and white spots. Due to the huge body, this cow eats a lot of food. This cow is sensitive.

This cow cannot tolerate high temperature. Talking about the product, it can give 15 to 40 liters of milk per day. Its cost can be around ₹ 40000 to ₹ 60000.

2. Jersey Cow

They are identified by their skin which is a mixture of star and red colour. They have a wide mouth, and large eyes. Their weight is around 400 to 500 kg.

Jersey cow mostly adapts itself according to the environment. Talking about the product of Jersey cow, it gives 15 to 25 liters of milk per day. ₹ 30000 to ₹ 50000 will be enough for its purchase.

Jersey cow's milk contains more fat than HF cow's. This cow can tolerate higher temperature than HS breed.

Jersey cow is more commonly used for small business than HF cow. Because keeping HF cow is a bit more expensive.

Generally pure breeds of HF and Jersey cow are not found in our country India but cross breed breeds of these cows can be seen in our country in great quantity.

To buy defective animals, you can login to this website and get information.

Choose the right location

It is necessary to have green facilities for milking cattle animals. It is very important for them to have a suitable environment.

Wherever it is to be followed, there should be a good arrangement of water. Water consumption is high in the summer season, so there should be no shortage of water in the water source. Apart from this, arrangements should also be made for lighting.

Before choosing a place, keep in mind that there must be electricity there. Apart from this, the surrounding space should be slightly open.

Shelter for cows

The main animals for the dairy farm are the animals there, which is very important to take care of. In such a situation, utmost care should be taken that there is a favourable climate, environment and temperature for the cows there.

In such a situation, the residence of the cows should be planned most carefully because they neither have to live in a very hot environment nor do they have to live in a very cold environment.

If there is an unfavourable climate, environment or temperature for the cows, then their health will be affected very badly. Which can have a direct impact on their product as well. This may harm the owner of the dairy farm.

Deteriorating the health of the animals does not only result in the loss of the product, but the owner of the dairy farm also has to spend for the improvement of the health of those animals.

Dairy farm feed

Special care has to be taken of the diet of the animals in the diary form, because they will produce the same product as they are given to eat.

Commercial business animals are not left open due to which they are not able to get green grass. For the food of these animals, the owner of the dairy farm brings their food to them. Which they export from the markets.

Chemical things are also fed to these animals for more production, which affects their health as well as their product.


The milk of the animals comes out twice a day. Newbies need some training for this. This milk has to be supplied, so take great care of cleanliness.

Collect all the milk in one place and then supply it.

Dairy farm products


Milk is used almost daily all over the world. Milk is very beneficial for our health.


Another product ghee is also produced from the dairy farm. The use of ghee has positive effects in our health. It is used for food and in many other ways.

Desi cheese:

This product made from milk, paneer is very popular, various types of dishes are prepared using this product which are very tasty.


Curd is also made from milk. Curd is also used in worship rituals including food.


Butter is a milk product. Which is used in making dishes and dishes. Its use makes the food very tasty.

Cow dung:

The cow dung produced by animals is also used for commercial purposes and they are sold by making cow dung cakes.

Price of dairy farm products

• Milk - ₹ 50 liters

• Ghee - ₹ 1200 liters

Cost of Dairy Farm:

The minimum cost for dairy farm can be around ₹ 300000 to ₹ 700000. The rest may cost less if the space is already in place and only animals are to be exported.

The cost of a cow can be around ₹ 30000 to ₹ 60000 which will give 15 liters of milk per day.

Capital to be invested in animal feed in dairy farm is also necessary. They have to give things like lentils, gram, maize to eat, due to which there is an increase in the product.

If the health of an animal deteriorates due to any reason, then it also has to be spent in getting it repaired.

Income from dairy farm:

Generally, the income of a dairy farm is not assured as its income is ensured according to its product. If there is a small dairy farm, then the monthly income can be around ₹ 20000 to ₹ 40000.

If we talk about the popular and wide dairy farm, then its income can be around ₹ 100000 to 1.5 lakh rupees. With the passage of time many changes are seen in these business.

Disadvantages of Dairy Farming

Milk and milk products are very beneficial for health. But if this product is pure then it is beneficial for our health, otherwise continuous use of these products can have negative effects on health.

Many people do not pay attention to the quality of milk in the pursuit of more profit and product. Which has an impact on the users.

In the pursuit of more production, people try to get more milk from the animals than their capacity, as a result of which the quality of the distance decreases. Due to which the consumption of milk becomes healthy.

Due to all this, the taste of milk also has a very bad effect. A watery taste is felt in such milk. Due to the tasteless of milk, people also shy away from consuming it.

Such traits are mostly seen in animals used for commercial trade such as Jersey cows and HF cows. This cow gives milk in large quantity but it is not sure that the milk given by them will be pure.

Things to keep in mind in cow rearing

Dairy farm owners should think about the health of the customers more than their profit. By this, this problem can be improved a little.

The milk found in the small dairy farm of the village is very tasty and pure. Because the cows used in commercial business are not kept there, which give more quantity of milk, whose quality of milk is not perfect.

The animals used in the commercial business are kept tied up and given to the grass that has been brought from the markets to eat them, for each product of milk, they are made to consume maize, gram dal, etc. But they are not left open.

The health of animals used in commercial business is worse than that of small cows used in small business i.e. indigenous cows.

Small dairy farms that use indigenous cows do not spend much on the feed of the cows and make them consume naturally available green grass. Due to which their health does not deteriorate quickly and they are happy and give more quantity of milk.

She gives more milk by being happy when the cows are called by their names after keeping them.

Cow's milk is very tasty and beneficial for health.