How to start business of dona pattal? Strategy to start this business

 The business of Dona Patal is such a business in which people can earn more profit in less capital. Even then, if you are interested in this business and want to know how to start the business of both leaves, then read it carefully because it is going to be completely useful for you.

In our country of India, in ancient times, people used to eat food in pattal and dona, the same thing about now, pattal and dona still people use it in many types of parties and receptions.

How to start a dona pattal business?

The business of dona pattal has been going on since ancient times, but in today's generation people are using pattal and dona in a standard way which are often made of plastic and thermocol.

If you want to do business of both the leaves, then this business is very right option for you because in this business you can earn more profit by investing less capital.

The cost of capital in this business is very less, but the demand for both the made and the pattal remains very high in the market. Glasses made of thermocol are used in every reception and party, even in restaurants and tea and cold drink shops.

In today's generation, people often like to drink tea and like to eat food in restaurants where dona and leaf made of thermocol plastic are used, so if you want to do this business then you will get a lot of benefit in it.

Plan to do both pattal business

If you want to start this business, then first of all you have to know about all the processes of this business, for which you will have to take advice from many people. When you will know all the activities of this business then you will have to prepare a plan for your business that in which way you will be able to run your business easily.

No matter what the business is, a successful plan is required to run every business smoothly, such as the purchase of picture goods in this business, the capital involved in starting, the process of selling in the market, and the registration of your shop. For all these, a plan has to be prepared and then you start your business.

1. Select the place:-

If you are discussing in your mind to start Dona and Pattal business then first of all you have to choose a right place for your business because you will need a proper place to run the business well. In which the wedding activities of your business can be done easily.

To do business of both leaves, you have to find a place where there are no people around because the business or factory produces many such harmful substances which are harmful to the people. Dona and pattal are nowadays made of plastic which is very harmful for the people because it is not possible to destroy it.

Along with this, the place for your business should be in such a place where the goods manufactured in your business can be easily exchanged.

Thus choosing a right location is very important for your business.

2. Raw Material:-

In earlier times, dona and pattal were made from the leaves of the tree and through small three ko, but now talking about, there are many such places where the pattal and dona made of plastic are still used.

To prevent the spread of pollution, the government has banned the use of this type of leaf and washing, so now stones and washes made of paper are being used everywhere, the raw material required for this is paper and somewhere between trees Pattals and donas are made with large leaves and are also being used.

3. Machine used in the business of Dona Patal:-

The business of dona pattal is done in both small and big scale, people can make it by hand in their homes, but in whichever company the two pattal is made, the machine to make it is also kept in that company. Doa and Pattal can be made in more quantity than expected machine, so companies keep many machines available under their company to make it so that more products can be manufactured in less time.

Many machines have been manufactured for making dona pattal, hand press machine, hand press double die machine etc. Hand press double die machine has two handles, through which double pattal is manufactured in large quantity.

Dies and mods are applied in the machines through which different sized pattals and dona are made.

Many types of machines are made available in companies making dona pattals, which make pattals and dona of different sizes, which are used by people in many types of parties and also in hotels.

4. Starting income in the business of Dona Patal:-

Ever since the ban has been imposed in the Doa Pattal made of plastic by the government, since then the process of making Doa Pattal is done by the people using paper and tree leaves.

So if you want to start this business then you have to use its raw material i.e. leaves of paper trees which are available for you in very less money.

You can plant a number of trees for the raw material of your business, whose leaves you use to make leaves, in such a situation your starting income will be very less, but the profit will be many times more.

To start this business, you will get the raw materials in less amount, as well as the cost of the machine is also not high, if you want to expand your business more, for this you buy the machine which costs ₹ 10000 to ₹. It is up to 20000, due to this your product will be made in a very large quantity in a short time.

Thus, the starting income in this business is very less, but while talking about its profit, it gets many times more.

5. How is dona pattal prepared?

Making both leaves is a very easy process because in this process the product directly comes out of the bun by the machine, so that we do not need to do any hard work, making both leaves is a very easy process.

Through the machine, both the plates come out by closing directly, for this you have to load the scrap paper into the machine and then through that machine the stone and both glass cups etc. come out of the product bun. By the machine in a very easy way. It is possible to make both leaves.

A few years ago, people used to make leaves of leaves, in which they used to collect the leaves using their hands and make them by adding them to small bamboo sticks.

But in the modern era, different machines have been prepared by the scientists for each type of activities, under which both the leaf making machine has also been made, through which more products are manufactured in less time.

6. Registration of Dona Patal Business:-

If you open this business, then for this you will need to get registered because whatever the business is, it is mandatory to register in every business, only then you will be able to run your business well.

Keep all types of legal licenses so that you do not face any problem in future.

In whatever area you want to start your business, you apply for the license by going to the municipality of that area, from which you will get the license by the staff of the municipality and when you have the license, you will not be afraid of anything and you You can run your business with a free mind.

Both the pattal business is a legally run business but for this also it is mandatory for you to get NOC from the Pollution Control Board.

Name your business in such a way that no company name matches with that name.

To run this business, it is mandatory for you to go to the District Industries Center and get registered under the industry through MSME.

If you are doing business of leaves and grains on a large scale, then for this you will need to hire some workers and you can get those workers to work legally.

7. Marketing Potential for Business:-

In many places, both plastic and thermocol-made Doa Pattal is being used in excess which is harmful to our health and our environment because the score cannot be destroyed.

In such a situation, if both the business of paper and leaves is started, then people will start using paper and leaves made of paper and leaves to avoid polluting the environment. And when people start using both the leaves made of paper and leaves, then this business will gradually start expanding more.

The use of both leaves has started happening in large quantities in restaurants, hotels, parties, receptions. The leaf made from paper and tree leaves is easy to troubleshoot and it does not cause any pollution, so our environment remains safe. If you start this business then this business can be beneficial for you.

How to sell both the leaves?

If you start your business with the product of both leaves, then you can easily send it to the market because it is such a substance that is used every day, so the two leaves made by you will be easily sold in the market. 

To sell it, you have to have an attachment to a shop, according to which you can manufacture and sell the orders given in your company.

You can do the process of spelling it by contacting the shop as well as the restaurant because it is used in large quantities in the restaurant, due to which the owner of the restaurant can buy both the leaves from you.

More profit in less cost in both business:-

The business of dona pattal is such a business in which you can earn more money in less cost, for this you will not need much money for the required raw material because to make dona pattal you will need paper and leaves which you can make through the tree.

If you want to open a company, then for this you will have to plant more trees for good goods so that you can get the raw material for making both the leaves in less money.

When you start your business in this way, then only you will get machine money in starting and you will get the raw material from the tree itself and gradually your business will move forward, in today's generation everyone wants to avoid pollution, that's why people Instead of using both the leaves made of plastic, the leaves made of paper and leaves have started using more, which will benefit you immensely.