How to start agarbatti business? Steps to start this business

Do you want to start agarbatti making business sitting at home? So it can prove to be a good decision if you do it in a planned manner. In this article, we will tell you with complete planning how to start agarbatti making business (How to start Agarbatti manufacturing business process)?

The business of producing incense sticks is very easy if you use its machine. Still, there are many people who do not want to invest their money in the machine, then they can start the production of agarbatti by manual hand. But my opinion is that by investing a little, you should start this business with the machine itself.

Incense sticks are traded by the people on a small scale as well as a large scale. There are some people who want to start this business but they do not know the strategy of this business, so today we will tell you through this article how to start agarbatti business?

How to start agarbatti business?

If you want to do business of incense sticks, then this business will prove to be very beneficial for you because you can get more profit in this business with less investment. Today’s article is on how to start agarbatti business.

This business can be started in both small and big scale, the work under this business is done very easily, that is, in other words, incense stick making machine plays a very important role for this business.

Because at a time, the number of incense sticks made by machines is more than those made by hands and it also takes less effort because incense sticks are made by direct machines.

There are some people who start a small business of incense sticks from their homes, in which they work to make it with their own hands and refuse to invest.

But if by investing some money, agarbatti machine is taken, then you will get more profit from incense sticks made by machine than by hand. By machines, excessive incense sticks are made in 1 minute, which is impossible to make by hand.

Therefore, if you want to start agarbatti business, then by investing some money, you first buy agarbatti machine and then start your business.

1. Selection of incense stick making machine:-

This business is such a business in which the machine plays a very important role because the advantage of this business is according to its machine, a large number of incense sticks can be prepared by the machine in minutes, the incense stick making machine would have different qualities. Whose working capacity is also different. If you want to start this business, then the choice of incense sticks machine will be the first step for you in this business.

There are different types of incense sticks machine which are as follows:-

2. Automatic Machine or Automatic Machine:

Those traders buy this machine who do business of incense sticks on a very large scale because 150 to 180 incense sticks are manufactured in 1 minute by this machine.

Automatic machine manufactures incense sticks in more quantity than other machines, so this machine is bought by the traders of big companies and it is easily available in the market.

The design shape structure of this machine is very amazing in which sticks for incense sticks can be made of any size like round, long and square etc.

If you also want to do your incense sticks business on a large scale, then for this you will need to buy an automatic machine and this machine will prove to be very responsible for your work.

• Manual Machine:-

Manual machine is a good quality and long lasting but the rate of this machine is less than automatic machine which traders are able to buy easily according to their income.

Manual machines are available in the market in both single and double pedals, which users buy manual machines according to themselves, in which some buy manual machines with single pedals and some buy machines with double pedals.

• High Speed ​​Machine:-

This machine manufactures more quantity of incense sticks than other agarbatti making machines, its process is very dynamic.

With this machine, we can easily produce more incense sticks in less time, which does not require much labor, so buying this machine saves labor costs and on the other hand, by producing more incense sticks than other machines. Get more profit.

Large agarbatti makers buy this machine in large numbers because the company has more area to make incense sticks, whereby keeping many incense sticks making machines, all those machines at a time can produce incense sticks in large quantities.

 This saves time as well as the expenses of the employees, due to which the company gets profit.

If you also want to do business of incense sticks on a large scale, then for this you buy a high speed machine, by which 300 to 540 incense sticks are prepared in 1 minute.

If you keep not one but many machines inside your company, then you can estimate how much quantity of incense sticks you can manufacture in a short time, in this way you will get immense benefits in this business.

Incense sticks are prepared by these three machines, but a machine is also needed for drying the incense sticks and mixing the powder.

3. Raw Material:-

If you are looking to do business of incense sticks, then it is very important for you to know about the raw material, different types of raw materials are required to make incense sticks:

• Zigat Powder

• Sandalwood Powder

• Charcoal Dust

• White Chips Powder

• Perfume means natural aromatic oil

• Bamboo Stick

• DApp

• Paper Box

• wrapping paper

• Kuppam Dusk

All these raw materials are used to make incense sticks, agarbatti paste is prepared from the different types of powders mentioned above and a layer of that paste is applied on the upper surface of the bamboo stick.

Perfume is used to make the incense sticks made fragrant. Thus all the raw materials mentioned above have different contribution in making incense sticks.

4. Selection of Place for Production and Installation of Machine:-

 The choice of area is necessary for the business of incense sticks, but if you want to do business of incense sticks in a small scale, then you can do it easily from your home also.

In which no special place will be required for this, you can start the business of incense sticks by installing a machine in a small part of your house.

On the other hand, if you want to do this business on a large scale, that is, to open its company, then for this you have to buy land of about 1000 square feet to increase your business.

5. Selection and Training of Staff:-

The trader through whom the business of incense sticks is done on a large scale, he keeps many workers under his company to do the work related to incense sticks.

Different tasks are done by these staff in the process of making incense sticks, like some people put the paste in the mixture and some people prepare their bamboo sticks by machine, keep staff for different tasks like this.

 If you also want to do big business of incense sticks, then for this you will have to select the staff, in which you will have to keep qualified workers for your work and will also have to give them a statue income.

Many people take training to learn all the processes of making incense sticks. They are able to do the given work well.

6. Agarbatti Mixer Machine:-

To mix different powders of incense sticks, a machine comes which is bought by the user, which costs around ₹ 32000.

By this machine, all the different types of powders that come to make incense sticks are mixed.

7. Load the mixture and bamboo stick in the machine:-

The powder mixed by the mixer machine is like a paste, which is applied by the machine to a thin layer on the bamboo stick.

By loading the paste and bamboo sticks into the machine, the paste and sticks are prepared by the machine in the form of incense sticks which looks like incense sticks in which the paste layer is glued neatly over the sticks and this time manufactured Incense sticks are in wet state.

8. Collect the ready raw incense sticks:-

When incense sticks come out by machines, then collect all those incense sticks at one place.

Manufactured incense sticks remain in wet condition at this time, so some care has to be taken while collecting it so that the incense sticks stick together.

9. Be careful while making incense sticks:-

At the time when the lamps are made, they should not be kept in the sun for drying, but they should be dried in a place without sunlight.

While assembling the incense sticks, it should be kept in mind that they should stick together, so keep them separate in an orderly manner.

10. Agarbatti Dryer Machine:-

When the incense sticks are made, then at that time the incense sticks are in the wet state, which requires a dryer machine to dry, the incense sticks can be dried easily by the dryer machine.

The cost of this machine is around ₹ 25000, which the users buy from the market according to them. The special feature of this machine is that 160 kg of incense sticks can be dried in 8 minutes.

In the method of making incense sticks, this machine is used to dry the incense sticks, which saves time and drying of more and more incense sticks is possible through this machine in less time.

11. Selection of fragrance of incense sticks:-

When the incense sticks made are dried by the dryer machine, after that the dried incense sticks are dipped in perfume to make the incense sticks fragrant and then they are dried with the help of a dryer machine, only then the incense sticks become fragrant which can be used to perfume the homes. is done for.

12. Packing & Supply:-

When incense sticks are made then they are packed. In this packing process, incense sticks are packed in different colored packing plastics.

In today's generation, all people shop for goods by looking at the style of its packing, the packing style of whatever goods is attractive, people like to buy them mostly.

Therefore, if you want to sell more incense sticks made by you, then for this you have to pay a little attention in the process of packing it and as far as possible pack the incense sticks in such a way that it looks attractive in appearance.

When incense sticks are packed then it is sold, you can sell incense sticks made by you in stores. Because all the incense sticks shops, they buy incense sticks from the store itself and its purchase is done in more quantity every day because incense sticks are used every day in every religious place as well as in homes.

Process of making incense sticks:-

Process of making incense sticks by hand:-

Agarbatti can also be made by hand in which various types of powder like suitable raw material for incense sticks can also be mixed by hand.

The paste prepared in bamboo sticks can also be applied by hand and then they can be dried in the shade instead of machines, thus making incense sticks by hand is also possible.

Process of making incense sticks by machine:-

Agarbatti is also easily made through machines, in which there is a separate machine for the whole process of making incense sticks, a mixer machine comes to make a mixer of different types of powder.

There is also a separate machine for preparing bamboo sticks for making incense sticks, in which bus sticks are prepared and then both of them are put in a separate machine, which comes out as incense sticks made by the machine. Is.

More quantity of incense sticks are manufactured in less time by machine than by hand, so most of the people make incense sticks by using machines.

Types of incense sticks

There are mainly two types of incense sticks which are of different structure, some incense sticks are long, some are square and some are round incense sticks.

Some of these incense sticks are made only from spices, so it is called spice incense sticks and other fragrant incense sticks, scented incense sticks are made by spices and then dipped in perfume and scented.

Prospect in business for making incense sticks (is it profitable)

If you are wanting to start agarbatti business and a thought is arising in your mind whether this business will be profitable or not, then let me tell you that no matter what the business is, hard work goes into all the business, so you can buy incense sticks. Start a business because it is a business in which you can earn more profit with less capital.

The second thing is that incense sticks are not only used by the people of our country, but foreign people also use this incense sticks in large quantities and which are manufactured only in our country.

The Indian government buys incense sticks on a large scale and exports it to other countries, so if you are doing incense sticks business, then the incense sticks made by you will be sold in large quantities, which will bring you a lot of profit, so incense sticks business will prove profitable for you. Will happen.

Agarbatti Business Registration:

It is very important to have a license to run every business smoothly because running a business without a license is considered a crime.

Similarly, if you are doing business of incense sticks then you will have to get a license for your business, to run this business legally you will need a license which are as follows:-

Company Registration :-

If you are going to start the business of incense sticks, then first of all you have to get the business registered with any company.

GST Registration :-

It is very important for businessmen doing business to get GST registration because during GST registration, a GST number is available through which you can export your goods and services.

EPF Registration:-

The same trader gets the EPF registration done, under which more than 20 employees work.

ESI Registration:-

This registration is mandatory only if more than 10 employees work in your business.

Business License:-

No matter what the business of the product, it is mandatory for every trader to make a business license, if you want to do business of incense sticks, then for this you have to make a business license, to make this license, land papers are required, then only your business license will be made. .

Factory License:-

Large companies in which products are manufactured in very large quantities, it is mandatory for those companies to have a factory license.

Thus, after reading the above facts, you must have been clear that which licenses are necessary for business.

Government assistant loan to start agarbatti business:-

There are many people who keep capital ready to do their business but there are some people who have to do business but they do not have money available to invest.

If you are also wanting to do business of incense sticks and you do not have money to invest, then you can apply for government loan, you will get enough money through government loan so that you can start your business.