How to Make a Website for Free?


How to make a website absolutely free - the easiest way to create your own website

If you also want to know how to make a website for free, then after reading this article completely, you will understand about creating a website, so read the article completely.

Friends, in the earlier times, when we needed any information, then we used to go to the expert or teacher of that field, then he used to tell us about it.


But today's time has changed completely, now whenever we need to do any kind of information, then we pick up our mobile or computer and immediately search in Google and get accurate information.


Friends, have you ever thought that when you search anything on Google, then the above websites that come from which you get information, whose are they and how they come, the answer is that this website is us and web developers or bloggers like you would have.


Many of you have a desire to create a website, but due to lack of knowledge or lack of money or limited resources, they are not able to create a website and fulfill their wishes.

But today we will tell you some such ways by which you can create a website sitting at home from your mobile phone without the help of any web developer, so if you also want to know how to make a website or what are the ways to make a website then read this article till the  end.

What is website?

A website is a group of many web pages on the Internet created by a party developer or blogger.

Now you must be thinking that what is this web page? So let us tell you that web pages are a general page on which specific information is given on a specific topic.

If we understand the website in simple words, then website is a type of shop and web pages are the products of that shop like we go to get any goods in the shop, then whatever goods we need from the owner of that shop or talk to the staff and take that stuff

But in the case of the Internet, when we need something, then we search on the Internet, here the Internet acts like a shop owner or stop, that Internet shows us that product in front and we are able to get information from it. or buy.

1.   Blogger

2.   WordPress



Why is a website created?


People have their different purposes for making a website, many people make a website for the purpose of earning money, many people to fulfill their hobby or many people to sell their brand or product,

If we talk about all the inclusion, then the purpose of all this is to earn profit.

In this way, we can say that you can also earn money from the website, you can sell your product to someone else's product and you can also fulfill your hobby.

In today's time, the website has become such a medium, with the help of which we can sit at home and spend a good amount of money by putting a little potential.


You can get a lot of growth.

How to make website -

Friends, there are many ways to create a website on the Internet, but today we will tell you about two popular ways with the help of which you can create a website.

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

What is Blogger?


 Blogger is a tool or product of Google itself, with the help of which Google gives us the opportunity to create our own blog or website for free.

Yes, friends, you do not have to spend a single penny to make a website on blogger, here you are given both domain (blogspot) and hosting for free and that too hosting is such that no matter how much traffic comes but it can be done in any situation. I don't get down

Unless Google's server is down and Google's server is down, it is not possible.

In this way, if you also want to create a website for free, then you can use Blogger, further we have told you about how to create a website for free.


WordPress is also a very good way to create a website but WordPress is a bit expensive.


In this you have to pay money for every work but WordPress is so easy that you can easily run a website without any coding knowledge in it and if your aim is to earn money then you can also earn money.

As we told you in the blogger section that there you are given domain and hosting for free from Google, whereas in WordPress you have to buy both domain and hosting from any hosting domain company, which you have to pay a good amount.

But on WordPress, you get many such options, with the help of which you can give a professional look to your website.


How to Make A Website ?



We have told you above about how to create a website, now we will tell you how to create a website.

There are 2 ways to create a website, out of which we will tell you in detail about both the methods respectively-

How to make a website for free?

1.   To create a website for free, first open any web browser on your mobile or computer.


2.   After opening the web browser, search by typing in the search bar of the web browser.

1.   As soon as you search, the Blogger interface will open in front of you, in which you will have to sign in first.


2.   You will need an email id and password to sign in, on whichever email id you want to create your blogger account or website, keep it ready.



3.   Sign in using email id and password.


4.   After signing in, the button of Create New Block will be showing in front of you, click on it, from here the main process of creating your website starts.



5.   Choose the name of your website or block, enter the name of the website with whatever name you want to create.


6.   After listening to the name of the website, you will see the option to enter the URL, tell about the URL, then the URL is like an address like your home address, in the same way URL is an address of your website from where users reach your website.



7.   Enter the URL and if the URL entered by you is available or available on Google then you will see its information below otherwise you will be asked to select another URL.


8.   After successfully selecting the URL, your website is ready in which you have to select any one template team.



9.   Initially you will see many templates provided by Google, out of which you can choose any one. If you want to give professional look to your website, then you can download and restore the team separately.


12. In this way without spending any money, your website is ready, now you can put your brand promotion articles etc. in it.

How to make website with Wordpress?


• Creating a website with WordPress is a bit difficult, so you should pay a little attention while creating a WordPress website, the steps on how to create a WordPress website are described below-

• To create a WordPress website, you need a domain and hosting, which was given to you by Google for free in the case of Blogger, so before creating a WordPress website, you should select which posting you have to work within 2 minutes.

• After selecting the domain and hosting, buy it, after buying, you have to connect your domain and hosting with each other and connect to WordPress, only then your website developer will be found.

• After installing domain hosting and WordPress, your website is ready, like blogger, you have to set up a team, select the team and install it in your blog, after that your WordPress blog is ready.

• Working on WordPress is a bit easier than Blogger because here you get to see plugins from where you can easily do such things.

• But if you are a beginner and want to learn then you can choose that blogger because in blogger you are absolutely free.