How to learn to read, speak and write English?

 English language has become more important than our mother tongue in the present generation, that is why in today's post we will tell you how to learn English?

This language comes at number three among the languages ​​spoken all over the world, due to which this language comes in some form in every work, whether it is official work, whether it is doing homework of children or meeting a new person. Have a conversation. It is very important to know English for all these works.

Just as the script of our mother tongue Hindi is Devanagari, in the same way the script of the English language spoken in this whole world is Roman, it is used in most of the works.

In today's generation, in this digital India, all the work is done in English language, so it is very necessary for all of us to know English, only then we can mold our life with this growing generation.

Speaking English is not as difficult as people think, because just as we have learned our mother tongue, in the same way we can learn English language very easily.

The importance of English

Just as Hindi is spoken around our family, that is, in our environment, in the same way, if English is pronounced in the same way in all our surroundings, then we also learn to speak English easily under this environment.

Four more Hindi language pronunciations happen every moment every day and the same thing is set in our brain.

In the same way, if English language is pronounced around us every moment, then this language will also be set in our mind like Hindi language and we will be able to speak English easily and clearly without taking any course in grammar.

How to improve your English?

Some small things are useful to improve English:

To learn English, we have to keep many small things in mind and we have to consider all those things according to those things inside our mind, then only we can learn English easily.

Learning English language is not as complicated as people think, if someone is determined and follows every little thing, then he can become an English speaker.

There are many such important small things that we need to keep in mind to learn English, those things are as follows:-

1. Listen only to the English language

To learn English language, we have to keep some important things in mind, only then we will be able to succeed in learning English.

The first important thing to learn English is that you just listen to English in any way, do not do any kind of work while listening and as far as possible without understanding the English language without emphasizing it in this sentence, you just Hear.

With this, you will be attracted towards English as soon as you hear it because the way we learn to speak Hindi.

When we were young, we also used to hear only Hindi, neither we used to make sentences of it nor did we understand it, only listened and the same thing heard was set inside our brain and we used to speak these Hindi.

In the same way, in different ways, whether it is a movie, whether it is an English song, or an English lecture, just listen to all of them without doing any work and just listen, by this you can learn English easily.

2. Do not translate the English language

If you also want to learn English, then you have to keep one special thing in mind that while listening to English, never try to make their sentences, as far as possible you should try that you understand English language in English only. Try.

Because to learn any language one should not depend on other languages, this is because a person who speaks English is not dependent on Hindi.

Just as we speak Hindi, we do not have to depend on any other language to speak Hindi, in the same way why we have been dependent on Hindi language while speaking English.

In this way, while learning English, we should not translate their sentences, so that we can easily learn English.

3. Speak short sentences

If you also have a desire to speak English, if you want to learn English, then you should try to speak by making short sentences by yourself.

If you are at home, then you should try to speak short sentences as far as possible in the conversation of the house, in this way your confidence will increase and you will move towards learning English.

If you try to speak short sentences in your colloquial language with English, then it is not a belief for you, it will boost your morale, you can learn English very quickly.

4. Don't panic

Never be hesitant while speaking English, never think that we had to use this grammar here, you should try to speak English without bringing all this to your mind because if you do not speak grammatically correct English then there will be no problem with it. Not there.

Those who try to speak Hindi in English also make mistakes, so speak English without hesitation.

If you are hesitant to speak English and think that it should be according to grammar, it will be wrong if you have this kind of thinking then you cannot learn English.

So if you want to learn English then without any hesitation, just keep on speaking English, it will increase your confidence and you will be able to learn English quickly.

5. Start Thinking in English

To become a good English speaker, thinking in English is a very important thing, if you want to become a good English speaker, then for this you have to make Hindi sentences without English, think English in English and then speak.

Just as we speak our Hindi language thinking in Hindi language, in the same way we should also speak English thinking in English, in this way we will be able to learn English quickly.

Thinking in English is very important for learning English, so as far as possible think in English and speak in English, with this effort you will be able to learn English.

6. Don't stress grammar

If you also want to learn to speak English very fast, then for this you keep speaking your sentences without adding to grammar because every English speaker does not speak grammatically correct, they have English speed.

Because they go on speaking their English without worrying and without adding to the grammar, so to become a good English speaker, you should also keep speaking English without panic.

A good English speaker is not considered the only one who speaks English with his head on grammar, to speak English firstly, you should just go on speaking English without worrying and without adding to grammar, you will learn English very quickly.

7. Watch English Movies and Serials with English Sub Titles

Many films come in English, many serials come along with it, the subtitled content is also of English, in which you should keep in mind that whenever you have the content, you fall in English, because of the spoken sentences in their content.

They have their methods, you will learn English to some extent, because to speak English, we also have to dominate the question of English within ourselves, only then we can become good English speakers.

If you also want to learn English well, then another most important step you should do for this is to state that all the movies you watch.

Watch all the serials you watch in Hindi and not in English, because of this, the sentences spoken in English and their accompanying expressions.

Inspired by them, you can learn more than half of English, if you start studying this process, then you can speak very good English in no time.

8. Watch English News

To speak Hindi in English, you should see English news, whatever anchors are anchoring them, their English is in a very simple language, which will be very easy for you to understand.

With this you can catch their expression as well as English and in this way if you see every day, then one day you can speak English easily.

It is very important to watch English news every day and make a habit of watching English news, from all these you can learn English to a great extent because to learn English it is not necessary to just read English and speak English..

Apart from this, you do every activity in English that you do every day, as if watching news is a daily job, then for this you see English news.

9. Learn English Reading from English Newspaper

If you also want to learn English, then along with all the activities for this you should read English newspapers because it is also a daily task for us that we read every newspaper every day, so why don't we replace Hindi newspaper with English newspaper. So that our English reaches a high level.

Headlines in English newspapers which are related to someone's lifestyle, then headlines of many films come, read the paragraphs of the headlines of all of them, but English sentences are very simple in the eyes, so you will understand the usage easily and this If you do the work every day, then in a few days your speed of reading English will increase very fast.

10. Listen to English Songs

To speak English, it is very important for you to listen to English, so you should try to listen to English songs as far as possible.

With this, when you are listening to English songs, at that time your focus should be on listening to English songs only.

Friends, after some time you start humming some of these songs and some lines will be such that you will also be able to speak with these songs, so listen to English songs as far as possible.

You can listen through the phone with headphones on, or you can listen to many such TV channels in which they give English songs, or you can listen to English songs from the radio too.

While listening to English songs through all these mediums, you should try to repeat these songs as far as possible, this will keep you moving towards these songs and you will start understanding the song, this will also improve your English.

11. English Story

To learn English, you should read and speak English stories along with all the activities, so that you will have a good grip in your English sentences.

To read the story of English, you can either read from the book of English or English story is also given in your phone, from all these you can read as well as listen to the English story.

This will help you get hold of your sentence and your English will be good, apart from all this, if you want to tell the story to someone, then you can take out the story of English from anywhere and tell the story of English to those people in Hindi.

All these activities will improve your English to a great extent.

12. English Idioms

Knowledge of English idioms is very important for learning English because we mostly use Hindi idioms while speaking Hindi language.

Similarly, we will also need English idioms while speaking English, so for this it is very important for us to come to English idioms.

To make English good, it is necessary to have knowledge of English idioms, so you should learn English idioms.

If you want, you can also read it from the book of English idioms or you can also read English idioms with the help of phone which will help you to improve your English.

13. Confidence

 If you want to speak English clearly, then it is very important for you to have confidence in yourself because if you make yourself sleep that I do not know grammar well, it will be a mistake to speak to me.

If you are speaking English thinking all this, then you will not get success in learning English, so be confident in yourself as far as possible and start speaking English without panic.

It is very important to have confidence because with the help of self-confidence we can easily solve the most difficult tasks.

Therefore, be confident in yourself even while speaking English and start speaking English, this will make your English very good in a few days.

14. Practice in front of the mirror

If you are hesitant to speak English and you want to speak English, then for this you should practice English in front of the mirror along with all the activities.

You stand in front of the mirror and repeat some short sentences in front of the mirror, along with this you also do some questions in front of the mirror and give the answer yourself, with all these efforts your English practice will be very good. And you will be able to speak English without hesitation.

For the practice of English, many people are hesitant to speak in front of anyone that if something goes wrong, what will it tell me.

Keeping all these things in mind, if you practice your English in front of the mirror, then you will be able to attempt English yourself to a great extent and your English will be much better than this.

15. Practice Daily

If you want to learn to speak English faster in English, then you need to practice daily for it because with practice everything becomes easier.

In this way if you want to learn English then practice in English everyday, even one your English will reach a very high level and in this way you will be able to become a good English speaker.

Practice is such a thing that no matter how complicated a task is, that task is made easy during practice.

That's why we should never stop practicing, by practicing we do not have difficulty in achieving our goal.


English language is very important for every person in today's generation because without English it is very difficult to do any work in this generation, thus English has become a very important part in our life.

Today, all the methods related to how we learn English through this article have been told here.

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