How to do Article Writing and Learn to Write Articles?

 Friends, today we will focus on how to do article writing and learn to write articlesAlthough writing an article is very easy, but when we sit down to write an article, we do not understand what to write and what not! We don't know where to start and where to end. That's why you should have knowledge of Article Writing and Article Writing Format. 

We all know that when we speak, we do not have control over it and we can say anything, but when it comes to writing, we have to write only those things which are very important as well as the correct use of words.


Actually, writing an article means using words in the right way so that you can express your point in the least number of words and with as much information as possible. It is indeed very important if you want to learn how to do article writing and learn to write articles.

Since the person is in front of you while speaking, then you can feel that he is not getting bored with your words and then you can also make changes in your words accordingly.

But when it comes to article writing, this cannot be done, so you have to keep such an article writing format that your readers or those who listen to that article stick with it till the end.

Now this can be done only when you know what is Article Writing and how to write articles and today we are going to give you complete information about how to do Article Writing as well as Article Writing Format, so let's start from scratch.

What is Article Writing?

This is such a way by which we provide information by writing about an object subject in an interesting way, you can do article writing on any subject which is called "article".

Article writing is directly related to information, so we should be aware of the topic on which we want to write or else you can write an article after studying it thoroughly.

According to us, Article Writing is of two types, the first one whose every word has its own importance and in this every word is chosen very thoughtfully like writing poetry by poets and our Gita, Purana, etc.

Another type of article in which simple and simple language is used to share your information on any topic like writing about Blog Article, News Article, Personal Opinion, Essay, Technology, Health etc.

Let us tell you that it is very important to have writing skills for article writing, but it is also true that anyone can do article writing, just for this you should know the right way to write an article.

If you want to learn to do article writing on any subject, then we are going to tell you about those things, with the help of which you can write your best articles.

Article Writing Format – How to write an article

You should be able to write your article in an interesting way so that whoever starts reading that article once read it till the end and at the same time the article written by you should be beneficial for the reader and the answers to all his questions should be fulfilled. needed.

Therefore, before writing an article, you should know your article writing format, how you have to start writing, where to tell something and how to complete the article etc.

We are going to tell you all the points in turn, using which you can do article writing on any topic in a great way.

1. Article Writing Opening Section

This is the most important and important thing that how you start your article because if you are able to engage the readers with you in the very beginning, then they may read your entire article.

Like in the beginning of a news channel, such words are used "look closely at this innocent girl" and just saying this, our whole attention is focused on her and we keep watching her continuously.

In this way, you also have to use your imagination to start your article and present your points in an interesting way without telling them directly.

Also, describe what you are going to tell in that article so that the questions of the readers are mixed with your questions and they read your article completely to know their answer.

For example, if you are writing about "Impact of using mobile" like

“Do you know how dangerous the smartphone in your hands is with you round the clock and what diseases it can cause to you?

You must be finding this a joke, but this is the truth and you can guess this fact that your head starts hurting due to continuous use of mobile.

And you do not sleep at night, if the same thing is happening to you then you have come under the influence of this disease but you want to know how to avoid it…..bat…bat…bat..bat”

In this way, by not telling things directly, make it a little interesting so that the readers can also catch your imagination and if you are successful in doing this then they will become your fan.

2. Article Writing Action Section

When you engage the readers with your article, then it is the turn of the action part of the article! In which you now have to answer his questions in turn like

"What is mobile

-How mobile works

-how to use mobile

When to use mobile

What diseases can be caused by mobile

How to avoid mobile  addiction etc.

This is the main part of any article in which you have to tell the things for which the readers have come to read your article.

Now you have to answer all these questions honestly, not that you should tell anything, for this you should have good knowledge and to write very deeply, do research on Google first.

Here you can understand your points so easily that you do not feel the need to read any other article, for this you can give different types of examples.

3. Article Writing Closing Section

Now it is the turn of the closing section, which is as important as the article opening section, because once the readers get the answers to their questions, why should they read further.

So here you have to write an overview of the entire article as well as tell other important facts related to this topic to the readers so that they can understand the importance of your article.

And do not end the article completely, for this also tell things in a slightly more interesting way so that the attraction of the readers remains till the end.

So friends, mainly there are three parts of any article which improves the way of writing articles and this is also an easy way with the help of which you can also do article writing on your topic.

If now you have understood how to do article writing, then now it is important for you that what you should keep in mind while writing article so that you can become better in article writing and make your writing skills more brilliant. .

How Article Writing is Performed?

When you sit down to write an article on any subject, you have to take care of many things which enhance your writing skills, so keep these important things in mind for article writing.

1.Learn to Imagine

This is the most important part of article writing because when you write an article, you write it not just for one person but for thousands of millions of people.

And Imagination is the only thing that you can create every kind of scene, only through Imagination you can create a great structure of the article inside yourself which encourages your readers to read your entire article.

2. Quiet Environment

You must have often seen in books-photos and films that an article writer writes sitting in a quiet environment so that he is not disturbed in any way.

So that he can remain completely focused on his imagination because our mind is very fickle and if someone disturbs us then we come out of that imagination completely and it can take a long time to be focused on it again so Article Choose a quiet environment for writing.

3. Don't use the same words over and over

You must have seen many times that the same word is used repeatedly in an article and the same thing is repeated in many lines and paragraphs, which makes the readers bored with your article.

Therefore, instead of using similar words, use words with similar meanings, which the reader does not feel that he is reading the key line again and again like and, and, or, etc.

4. Start writing from zero

In article article, you do not know who will read your article because it can be a child as well as a young man or also an adult.

That's why you should write your article absolutely from zero so that every class of person can understand very easily because when people do not understand the facts written by you, then they leave your article.

5. Do not cut written

Often we write a lot of things in our article so that we keep our readers engaged with us, but sometimes some sentences come in our mind but due to not being a complete paragraph, we cut those lines.

But instead of cutting these lines, you should keep them in one line because these lines are often helpful in writing more in the same article.

Especially those who are new in article writing, they face problems in writing articles in the early days and they cut the line written again and again in the pursuit of writing perfect articles.

6. Write Your Experience

If you are writing on a topic in which you have some personal experience, then you should write your article on that basis.

Because we all have the same problems and the reader is most excited to read the article when he feels that his problem is exactly like this and then he reads the article till the end to get their solution.

7. Write Short Paragraphs

As we told you in the beginning itself, when we sit to do some article writing, we do not understand what to write and what not, so in the early days you have to start by writing in small paragraphs.

Because by doing this your confidence will increase and will motivate you to write better, in this way you can start your article writing.

8. Learn to Research

It is not necessary that you have good knowledge of every subject, so before writing on any subject, you need to study deeply on it, only then you can write a quality article.

Therefore, before writing an article, do research with the help of Google and also see how other people have written in that topic and how you can write better than them.

9. Write and Read

In the end, you have to read your written article again and again until you are satisfied that you have written a good article and the more you analyze, the better your article writing skill will be every day.

Also, check that you have not made any spelling mistake and follow the words of every line is correct or not, in that way you can become a great article writer by using the way you write and read.

So friends, now we hope that you must have understood  how to do article writing and learn to write articles.