How to Change Gmail Password in Minutes?

 We should keep changing the gmail password from time to time because we all know that to use the internet, we need a Gmail account everywhere. In many places on the internet, we have to login by entering our gmail id and password. And sometimes we forget to turn it off by entering our gmail id and password.

Which keeps our gmail account at risk of being hacked. And if once your gmail account is hacked, then the important data lying in it can be misused. That's why we should keep changing gmail password from time to time.

By changing gmail password, your gmail account remains safe and if you ever accidentally forget to close it after login somewhere, then after changing gmail password, your gmail account is automatically logged out from everywhere.

And it opens only when you enter a new password. To keep our gmail account safe and secure, we should keep changing our gmail password in 3-4 months. 

As you all know hacking someone's account has become very easy in today's time. You must have seen such news many times in your news that Amitabh Bachchan's account hacked, Rahul Gandhi's account hacked, then we are common people.

How easy it becomes to hack our account, so we should be a little careful to keep our gmail account safe and secure and keep changing gmail password from time to time.

So friends, if you also want to change your gmail password or even after many efforts your gmail password is not changing, then after reading this post completely, you will never face any problem in changing your gmail password. So let's move on.

How to Change Gmail’s Password?

Friends changing gmail password is very easy it takes you less than 5 minutes to change gmail password

So, you should understand very well how you can change gmail password. And then you can change your gmail password anytime. Follow the steps given below to change gmail password.

First of all, type in google and go to gmail's website.

Now login to it by entering your Gmail id and password.

Step 3:-

As soon as you login in it, a window opens as you can see above. Now you will see the setting icon in the coroner, click on it.

Step 4:-

When you click on the setting icon, you see setting written in a drop down menu. Click on it.


Step 5:-

As soon as you click on the setting icon, a new screen will open in front of you. In which you get the option of Accounts and Import at number four, click on it.


 Step 6:-

Now you see Change Password under Accounts and Import, click on it.

Step 7:-

When you click on change password a new page opens in front of you in which you are again asked to verify gmail password. Sign in by entering your gmail password in it.

 Step 8:-

Now finally that window comes in front of you where you have to enter new gmail password. Now enter your new password in new password and then enter the same password in confirm new password and click on CHANGE PASSWORD.

 Step 9:-

Now a message will show in front of you in which it will be written Your password was change means your gmail password has been changed and click on Get started.

 Step 10:-

After you click Get stared, you get a security cheekup message that tells you that your gmail account is secure and you get to know how many devices your gmail id is open. Now click on continue my account.