How to become a professional YouTuber?

 YouTuber This name must have been heard a bit because nowadays most YouTube videos are watched on mobile, so this word is not new to many people and has become a way of earning money online. Today, we will focus on how to become a professional YouTuber.

In today's time, people are earning good money by working online in many ways, just as people working offline are called doctors, engineers, officers. In the same way, people working online are called Youtuber, Blogger and Freelancer. If you know how to become a professional YouTuber, you can earn a lot.

Today we are going to give information about Youtuber.

Many people do not know who are Youtuber and how to become a Youtuber and what should be the qualification for Youtuber as well as how Youtuber earns money etc. For a Youtuber, some such questions come in the mind of people.

If you also want to know everything about Youtuber and some such questions are also coming in your mind, then after reading this post you will get answers to all your questions because in this article all the information related to Youtuber is provided. have been done.

Who is YouTuber?

Often you get to hear both these words Youtuber and Blogger more when you do some search or watch videos about earning money online, so you should understand about both.

Actually, there is a lot of difference between these two, due to which both of them work in different ways but both can do the work online sitting at home and the money also gets transferred to our bank, let's talk about who is the first Youtuber. I know.

Youtuber- Youtuber is a person who makes videos on Youtube and works only on Youtube, through which he also earns money, a Youtuber uploads videos to Youtube through his video content and shares his words, knowledge, experiences among people. Shares etc.

A Youtuber is his own boss and he does not work under anyone, he can work whenever he wants and can take leave whenever he wants, so his work depends only on him.

A Youtuber can work from home, office or anywhere, most people think of earning money sitting at home, similarly Youtuber also works online sitting at home and earns money.

During the corona virus and lockdown, the level of unemployment in India has increased a lot and many people thought it appropriate to become a Youtuber to earn money and they are making videos on Youtube, they are called Youtuber in simple words.

A Youtuber presents his content in a very good way through videos, so that whatever he wants to show is easily understood by the people, which increases his subscription and also creates popularity among the people.

Often people get confused between YouTuber and Blogger, so here you should know a little bit about Blogger too, so let's understand it too.

Blogger- A blogger is a writer and he writes articles on his blog i.e. website, a blogger brings his content among the people through his article.

People also read and like his content only through the article, whatever information we get by searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, all that information is written by a blogger only.

A blogger presents his point of view to others through his article, and like Youtube, the blogger is also his own boss and he does not work under anyone, the only difference is that he writes in text content. Work while YouTuber works as a video.

What are the types of Youtuber?

In the early days of the launch of Youtube, there were only a few types of Youtuber, in which Tech Youtuber, Gaming Youtuber, Entertainment Youtuber were the most prominent and people also thought more about becoming a similar Youtuber.

But in today's time, whatever category of channel people make, the same category is called the type of Youtuber, in the same way, if seen, there are many types of Youtuber but some popular Youtuber types are as follows.

-Tech Youtuber

-Entertainment Youtuber


-Gaming Youtuber

1. Tech Youtuber- Tech is a very big topic, it is such a big topic that people open their Youtube channel by dividing it into many small topics.

Most of the Tech Youtuber give information related to mobile, computer on their channel, some famous Indian YouTube channel names are Technical guruji, Greeky Ranjeet, Sharmaji Technical and Tech burner.

2. Entertainment Youtuber- Youtubers of this category make videos to entertain people, some Famous Entertainment YouTube channel names are BB ki Vines, Amit Badhana, Carryminati etc.

3. Vlogger- These are the Youtuber who roam from place to place and make their own video and upload it to their channel, people also like to watch this type of video and take a lot of interest in someone's personal life. Some of the famous Indian Youtube Channel names are Web Beast, Mumbiker Nikhil and Gaurav Zone, Gaurav Chaudhari.

4. Gaming Youtuber- Gaming Youtuber upload gaming videos and live stream gaming on their channel. Some of the famous Indian gaming youtube channel names are Carryislive, Dynamo Gaming, Scout and Mortal.

How to become youtuber?

To become a Youtuber, you first have to choose a good name for your YouTube channel, which is unique and easy to remember, open a YouTube channel and put good videos on that channel.

In today's time to become a Youtuber, you have to make a video in front of the camera yourself, only then people recognize you and you are known as a Youtuber, although you can make a Youtube video without showing your face, but then people do not recognize you. And you don't get that much popularity.

When your videos are liked by the public, then your channel starts to grow a lot and gradually you also become famous with your channel, in this way people start recognizing you as a Youtuber and you become a Youtuber. So, dear friends…these are important things if you want to know as to how to become yoiutuber.

Things you need to become a Youtuber

To become a Youtuber, you must have your own Youtube channel so that you can come among the people through your videos.

But to become a Youtuber here, it is not enough to have a YouTube channel, along with this your content should also be very good, if you have the power in your content, then no one can stop you from becoming a successful Youtuber.

But some things are needed to make good content and here we have told about those things, these things are very important things to make Youtube Video, so let's know about them.



-Video editing software


1. Mic- Mic is a very important thing to make Youtube Video, if you make Youtube Video without Mic, then it is obvious that your voice will not come properly in the video so that people will not understand what you want to show. .

2. Camera- There is no need for a very professional high quality camera to make Youtube video, but the quality of the camera should not be so low in which your video itself cannot be recorded properly.

In today's time, a lot of cameras are coming in the mobile itself, which make very good video recording, you can also use the mobile camera of Youtube Video.

3. Video Editing Software- When you have recorded a video for your Youtube, we need video editing software to remove the things that we do not want to show to the public.

Video editing software is a very useful thing to make the video great, with the help of this we can edit our videos according to our mind and upload it on Youtube Channel.

4. Patience- To become a Youtuber, you need to have a lot of patience because a Youtube channel is like a business and the way business does not start earning millions in a single day.

In the same way, millions of rupees cannot be earned from Youtube in a single day, Youtuber has to wait for few months to earn money from Youtube and there are very few people whose videos go on in early days.

Qualification for Youtuber

If you think that to become a Youtuber, you must have a degree or diploma, then it is not necessary at all.

To become a Youtuber, you do not need any degree or diploma, whether you are educated or not, how do you look, who are you, what do you do, whether you are a child, how old are you and all these things to become a Youtuber Doesn't matter.

If something matters, then your content, the more and more good videos you make for people, people start knowing because of your videos and start appreciating your talent.

What do you need to know to become a Youtuber?

To become a successful Youtuber, you do not have to be very knowledgeable in different subjects, you just need to have a very good knowledge about the topic on which you are making videos.

Obviously, if you are making a video on that topic on which you have a little knowledge, then you will not be able to explain your point in the video well to the people.

In this way your video will also not be able to become good and if people do not like to watch your video then you will never be able to become a successful Youtuber.

Therefore to become a Youtuber, you must have the ability to present your point effectively in front of others, this ability helps you a lot to become a successful youtuber.

If you want to become a Youtuber, then you should know all the information about the subject of Youtube like uploading videos, SEO, publishing videos, as well as editing videos to make Youtube videos the best, so you need to do video editing. Must come

To become a Youtuber, you must have a computer or mobile and should also be able to run it, it is impossible to become a successful youtuber without a computer or mobile because different things will be required at different times.