Google found six diamonds from IIT Patna, offered 54.50 lakh package

 34 B.Tech students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Patna) in the capital Patna have been given pre-placement offers by many multinational companies in the country and abroad on the basis of internship. All these are going to be passed students and girls in 2022. Google has selected a total of 6 such students from IIT Patna, who have been given the highest package. These 6 students have been given the highest annual package of 54.50 lakhs. 

Along with this, Adobe, Gojek, Media.Net and Morgan scored 1 each, cloud-based US software company 2 students, investment banking firm Goldman Sachs 3, insurance and healthcare firm Optum 7, Samsung Research Bangalore 3 , Publicis Sapient has offered PPO to 3 students. Offers ranging from 25 to 53 lakhs per annum have been given by these country and foreign companies under PPO.

Placement will be in total two phases

You know that the average number of PPOs received so far is 24 lakhs annually. The first phase of placement in IIT campus is to be held from September to December, while the second phase is to be held from January to March. In the last year, a total of 19 students were offered pre-placement. This year 78 percent more pre-placement offers have been given to students and students as compared to last year. All these students had done internship in these companies between May and July. On the basis of which the companies have given this offer to them. All the students were interviewed online, on the basis of which they have been given this offer to all the students.

According to IIT's placement officer Kripa Shankar, the process of full-time recruitment for the year 2022 will be accelerated from October 2021. This year also the placement process including pre-placement talk, test and interview is to be conducted in virtual mode only. Major companies offering PPO include Google, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Publicity Patient, Samsung, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, Medianet etc. At present, companies from various sectors like IT, Finance, Management have increased the offers of pre-placement in different domains for the students and students graduating in the year 2022 in the sectors like consulting, core, analytics etc.

Last year also reached more than 50 companies

Also, be aware that a total of 239 students were selected in the campus selection of the batch passing out in June 2021 year of IIT. A total of more than 50 new companies took part in it. Meanwhile, more than 140 students of B.Tech were selected for campus. In which a package of 54.57 lakhs was offered by Google, 52.50 lakhs by MTX, 43.50 lakhs to B.Tech Computer Science student by Microsoft. Apart from this, a package of 47.50 lakhs was offered by Deesha, 43.50 lakhs by Microsoft, more than 30 lakhs by Gems Kart, Amazon, Land Rover Jaguar, Topper to the students.