Engineer learned special skills from YouTube, earns Rs 1 crore

 In today's time, YouTube has become a means of earning. But people are also learning new ways of earning from this YouTube. Like Pramod Susare of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra has discovered. Pramod completed his Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and started working as a Maintenance Engineer in a MNC in Pune. He used to earn Rs 12,000 per month and had to struggle to meet the monthly expenses. But he learned a special skill from YouTube and today he earns Rs 1 crore.

Was not able to save money

 He used to send Rs 5,000 every month to support his family. But he had no chance to save money. However, a business trip to China in 2017 changed his life forever. During his travels, he saw some of the materials used in the business, such as drums and tires, being recycled into attractive furniture.


The idea followed in India made them think of repeating it in India. What came to his mind was that there might be a potential market for it. After returning home, he started researching on this and found that there is hardly any businessman in this sector. According to a report in The Better India, today Pramod's startup 'P2S International' sells upcycled furniture, earning him millions.

Help from Youtube

To research and build knowledge in his business, Pramod spent hours on YouTube to learn how drums and tires could be converted into furniture. The last idea came to him when one day his bike got punctured. He was waiting at a tire shop when he inquired about the cost of unused tires. It was Rs 8 per kg. He quickly calculated the repairs, added the labor cost and estimated a 30 percent profit margin on it.

Confident about business idea

They were feeling confident about their lucrative business idea. Pramod invested a few thousand rupees to make chairs, tables and seating items out of recycled tyres. He started the business in September 2018, but did not get any customers till December. It was disappointing for them. In January 2019, he received an order from a cafe based in Pune, which saw his products. He earned an income of Rs 50,000. Fortunately, the cafe was inaugurated by celebrities and entrepreneurs. Some of them appreciated Pramod's products, and in 2019, he got another project in Thane that fetched him Rs 5.5 lakh. His annual salary was Rs 2.5 lakh, and he earned twice that in the new project.


Quit job

He quit his job soon after completing the project that year to focus entirely on the business. After this his business did a business of Rs 1 crore. Pramod now manages a team of 14 artisans and employees. They believe that becoming an entrepreneur is actually more rewarding and satisfying than a job.