Amitabh Bachchan chose a series of 5 poems for the promotion of his new film 'Chehre'

 Amitabh Bachchan is recently seen promoting his new film 'Chehre' in a unique way. He recites poetry in it in his serious, lively voice. The film hit the theatres recently as well as a series of 5 videos in which Big B himself is seen reciting poems from a book 'Chehre' which is a compilation of 70 poems by Vikas Bansal, one of his biggest fans. Shabchan describes Vikas as part of his extended family. Vikas is a passionate poet who has written over 1000 poems and is currently the co-founder and director of the electric cab 'Prakriti'.

Bansal's book Chehre focuses on the emotional upheavals in the journey of life and the consequences of one's actions and decisions. It explains how our different 'faces' come out in different situations. The book is a monologue in which the poet puts before us questions and answers from different aspects of life at the same time. In November 2019, Vikas himself had the opportunity to present a copy of Bachchan's book.

Bachchan chose 5 poems from "Chehre" for the promotion as the vast dimension of these poems echoes the theme of the multi-starrer. The video released by Bachchan is trending with Rs'Chehrepoem' and has hit the internet. Bachchan has also praised Vikas in his most recent blog, writing, "Whether the words of Vikas's creation are in sync with the characters of the film or not, but they have a special existence... Actually from the story or screenplay of the film. Vikas was not aware, yet presenting the right sentiment is a big achievement.

This feeling has to be understood in singing..but singing also has its limits..The presenter is not a skilled reader of the poem or the words expressing the poem or is not drenched in the spirit of the writer in the mood of the presentation..and it is always The mystery of the spirit of the poem will remain.

Expressing his views on the poems used in the promotion of the film, Vikas Bansal said, “These poems are dedicated to the different faces that human beings make to hide their real emotions. Bachchan sahib himself has enhanced my honour by reciting poetry. I remember my childhood days when we used to stand in long queues of tickets to watch his wonderful movies. I have always been one of his biggest fans."

A book by Bansal 'Jazbaton Ka Ghar' came out in April 2020 during the lockdown. Through this, he wanted to raise funds for the people worst affected by the Kovid 19 pandemic. They managed to provide ration and prepared food to about 500 families daily for months. In 2020, his company 'Prakriti' helped more than 53,000 corona patients to reach hospitals and health centres without any hassle.