All that you may want to know about Amit Shah

 Amit Shah is the biggest 'player' of Indian politics!

Due to his dedication, hard work and style, Amit Shah is the most trusted companion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Political analysts say that one can criticize Amit Shah's ideology and style of functioning, but one cannot question his vitality and hard work.

New Delhi: Amit Shah is the biggest player of current Indian politics. If BJP is consistently registering a banging victory in the elections, then its real head is tied to Amit Shah's head. There are many reasons behind this as well. He has been a chess player. They know which pawn can become a threat to the king and queen at which place. After the amendment of Article 370, Shah has become more popular among the Indian public than before. Although he gives credit for most of his work to PM Narendra Modi.

The special thing is that there is no fixed rule of Amit Shah's political chess, the same move as the occasion. He has also been interested in plays. He has performed on stage many times in his student life. Politics is also theatre, who can understand it better than them. He also deals with politics like theatre. Shah's first meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in 1986. This meeting gradually turned into friendship. Now these two are the number 1 pair of Indian politics. PM Modi is convinced of his style and passion.

 Apart from playing a valuable role in the government, he is also making an important contribution in making India strong and secure. 

The pair that gave BJP the highest height! (File Photo)



Changed the colour of the political map


While being the Home Minister, Sardar Patel unified India divided into princely states and after becoming the Home Minister, Amit Shah of Gujarat ended the problem of Article 370 which had been going on for years. When Chanakya Amit Shah, who gave BJP a massive victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, was going to be a part of the Narendra Modi cabinet, most people expected that he would become the Home Minister and would do something special in Indian politics. Shah absolutely fit such expectations of the people. It is because of his dedication and hard work that he is so important to PM Narendra Modi. Due to his hard work and working style, BJP's full majority government was formed at the center for two consecutive terms. Together with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he did such a thing that the color of the political map of the country changed.


Record of Rallies and Travels


Amit Shah visited 312 Lok Sabha constituencies to win the 2019 elections. Conducted 161 rallies and 18 road shows. Traveled a total of 1.58 lakh km. This is more than the president of any other party in the country. BJP has won 302 Lok Sabha seats alone this time. Behind that is the hard work. Shah never sits in peace. When Shah comes down to conquer a state, he gets so involved in his work that he sleeps only five-six hours.


Average journey of 524 km per day



Analyzing his journeys till March 2017, Shah traveled an average of 524 km in a day. You might not believe it, till then he had traveled more than five lakh 7 thousand kilometers in 32 months. According to political analysts, it is the result of Shah's activism that the BJP emerged in this way. The political map of the country has changed, so somewhere behind it works Shah's strategy and hard work.


To win the election, he prepares in the same way as a diligent student studies diligently to clear the exam. That's why he went on to achieve the goal successfully. They win one election and start preparing for another.

 Amit Shah is closest to PM Modi! (File Photo)



Never lost an election


Shah has contested 44 small and big elections between 1989 and 2019. Never lost a single election in life. People who know him closely tell, "Shah is not called Chanakya just like that. He is an expert in creating political mazes. He either marginalizes the opponents or makes them in his favor. Where to break them. BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has told in one of his articles that Shah prepares for elections in the same way as talented and hardworking students study continuously. At the age of 17, he had read the entire history of Chanakya.


Discusses Details on the table at 7 in the morning!


Senior journalist Himanshu Mishra says, "Anyone can criticize Amit Shah's ideology and style of work, but one cannot question his vitality and hard work. What is published in the newspapers of different languages, about what is published in the newspapers at 7 am. They get updated by 6 pm. At 6 pm, all the details are on his table. His team also has people who get six hours of sleep like them.


According to Mishra, the organization's capacity can be gauged from the fact that he can directly contact the worker of any booth. They have all the databases. Before one goal is accomplished, he sets another. Never let anyone sit. His team reaches before he reaches any state. He doesn't trust anyone quickly, but when he has faith in someone, then he believes him a lot."


According to Mishra, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Bhupendra Yadav, Ram Madhav, Anil Jain and Sunil Bansal are said to be in his core team that strategizes. The strategy of the media is made by Amit Malviya and Anil Baluni.


Classical Music and Chess!


Such is his interest in the game of chess that in 2006, when he was the head of the Gujarat State Chess Association, he got chess included in government schools in Ahmedabad as a pilot project. Actually, he has tried the rules of chess well in politics too.


A very serious look, Shah, despite his hectic schedule and many public events, refreshes himself by listening to classical music and playing chess. He also enjoys cricket when he gets time. Like a chess player, it has become his hobby to keep working for victory in elections. That is why he is the most successful president of BJP.


Spicy food, Mukesh's song and Antakshari


Home Minister Shah does not forget to fulfill his small wishes. It is said that Shah is very fond of food. They like spicy food. I like pav bhaji. Shah listens to classical music during his long car journeys. He is a fan of singer Mukesh. He also enjoys playing Antakshari. It is said that Shah never loses in Antakshari. He remembers many Hindi songs.


Shah's politics


It is the political magic of chess player Amit Shah that he has changed the political map of the country by bringing Congress into only five states. To win the election, Amit Shah applied mathematics and also made chemistry. He also compromised with those parties, which had influence only in a particular region or caste. The effort was just to add to the party. To connect OBCs and Dalits with the party, he gave importance to the leaders of the castes in the party. He was successful in shifting Mauryas, Kushwahas, Yadavs, Rajbhars and Nishads to the BJP in a big way.


Handles Negative News with Humility


Usually politicians like only positive news, but Shah is such a leader who also handles negative news published for himself. Amit Shah has also put a Critic option on his website in the 'Press' corner. He learns from his criticisms. At the same time, he tries to tell that he tolerates criticism.


Records keep on getting added with Shah!


Amit Shah is the President of BJP since August 2014. He has not only saffronised the political map of India but has also made BJP the world's largest party with 10 crore members. His strategy and hard work work behind this. In the 2016 assembly elections, BJP formed an absolute majority government in Assam, Tripura. Not only this, it also emerged strongly in Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. That's why no one can deny that he is the biggest fighter of BJP's glorious journey so far. It will not be easy for any BJP president to do the work of Amit Shah and maintain the record set.

 Continuing to work has become Amit Shah's hobby (File Photo)



Never sits Idle


Shah does not sit for some day, but his visit to some place is fixed to strengthen the party. Looking at Shah's travel details, he not only visited the states in which the BJP government is in power, but also focused on those where the saffron flag is yet to be hoisted. Most of Shah's visits were those in which he was strengthening the party's grassroots structure or building it completely from the ground up in traditionally weak states such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal. In his journey, he not only tells the mantra to overcome the challenges of the organization, but he tries to remove the mutual displeasure of the government and the organization.


From poll agent to party president


Amit Shah is a Gujarati, but he was born (22 October 1964) in Mumbai. He became an RSS member in Ahmedabad. Worked for ABVP and joined BJP in 1984-85. For the first time, the party made him a poll agent in Narayanpur ward of Ahmedabad. He had started understanding the mathematics of politics while being a poll agent. However, after the defeat in Delhi and Bihar, many senior BJP leaders questioned Amit Shah's leadership, but after the victory in states like Assam, Tripura. It was not too late to praise him. Obviously this praise did not go in vain. In Bihar too, the BJP government was formed with Nitish Kumar. Even in 2019, when BJP got 302 seats alone, people could not believe it. But it was true. This time, Amit Shah had already given the slogan of three hundred paar. Obviously, because of his work, he had the confidence to win so many seats.


After this, he climbed the stairs one after the other till the National Treasurer of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and then the Vice President of Gujarat BJP. His outreach to party workers at the grassroots level and personal association with them made him stand out from other leaders. When the Modi era started in Gujarat, he was given the Home Ministry. Now he is becoming a cabinet minister in the Modi government. It remains to be seen which ministry he will handle.


Overcoming UP's Challenge

Shah, a maestro of electoral mathematics, is known to look at even the smallest numbers. That is why he knew that winning in Uttar Pradesh is very important to form the government at the Centre. The 2014 Lok Sabha elections were also very important and since then his relationship with Uttar Pradesh started. The BJP entrusted him with the task of a politically complex state like Uttar Pradesh. He too was understanding this challenge. To win this battleground, he traveled to every corner of Uttar Pradesh and carried forward the agenda of development of the party with the popularity of Narendra Modi. The result was so spectacular that BJP won 73 out of 80 seats in UP. In 2019 too, most of his travels have taken place in UP.


Amit Shah started the journey with a simple worker (File Photo)


In the very first year after becoming the party president, the BJP won four out of five assembly elections - becoming the party's chief minister in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana, and in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP became a part of the coalition government with the post of deputy chief minister. He also succeeded in forming the BJP government with a thumping majority in the UP assembly elections. There the party's exile was ended.


However, after the defeat in Delhi and Bihar, many senior BJP leaders had questioned Amit Shah's leadership, but after the victory in states like Assam, Tripura, it did not delay in praising him. Obviously this praise did not go in vain. In Bihar too, the BJP government was formed with Nitish Kumar. Even in 2019, when BJP got 302 seats alone, people could not believe it. But it was true. This time, Amit Shah had already given the slogan of three hundred paar. Obviously, because of his work, he had the confidence to win so many seats.

Profile of Amit Shah

 Full name-- Amit Shah

Date of Birth 22 Oct .--1964 (Age 56)

Place of Birth-- Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Party Name ---Bharatiya Janta Party

Education ---NULL

Profession---Agriculture, Political and Social Worker

Father's Name-- Amit Anil Chandra Shah

Mother's Name --- Smt. Kusumben Shah

Spouse's Name--- Sonalben Shah

Spouse's Profession--- Social Worker

progeny--1 son


Permanent address--- 16, Sudeep Society, Royal Crescent, Near Jalsa Party Plot, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad-380013

Present address 11, Akbar Road, New Delhi-110011



political events

2019--- He contested the 2019 election from Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat which is said to be the seat of LK Advani and won by a margin of three lakh votes.

2019-- In the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he took over as the Union Home Minister.

2017-- He was elected to the Rajya Sabha.

2014- Amit Shah became the National President of Bharatiya Janata Party.

2013-- He was appointed as the National General Secretary to the BJP Minister, Government of Gujarat

 2012-- In the 2012 assembly election, Amit Shah contested from Naranpura seat and Dr Jitubhai B. Patel defeated. This time he won by over 60,000 votes.

2007-- Sarkhej electoral college again won over Amit Shah by a margin of 2,32,832 votes. This time he defeated Shashikant V. Patel (Bhurabhai) of Congress party. He was again inducted into the state cabinet and given the responsibilities of key departments like Home, Transport, Prohibition, Parliamentary Affairs, Law and Excise.

2002--- Amit Shah again contested elections from Sarkhej assembly and won. He defeated Congress candidate Himanshu Vithalbhai Patel by a margin of 1,58,036 votes. Amit Shah was given the key portfolios of Home, Transport and Prohibition.

 2001--- He became the national convener of BJP cooperative campaigner. Amit Shah was made co-organizer of Gaurav Yatra.

2000--- Amit Shah was elected as the President of Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank.

 1999--- He became the State Vice President of BJP, Gujarat.

1998 --- Amit Shah was re-elected to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly as an MLA from the same seat. He defeated Pradubhai Kanubhai Patel of Congress party. On the party front, he was appointed as the state secretary of BJP, Gujarat in the same year.

1997--- He became the treasurer of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

1997-- He successfully contested by-election from Sarkhej Legislative Assembly seat and became MLA. He won the seat by a margin of around 25,000 votes.

1995--- He became the chairman of Gujarat State Finance Corporation.

1989--- He was appointed as the secretary of BJP Ahmedabad city Gujarat.

 1987--- He was appointed as a member of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

1982--- He became the Joint Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Gujarat.

 1980- Amit Shah joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and worked for four years in the student union, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.