7 best ways to earn money from WhatsApp

 WhatsApp is the first choice of every Smartphone user, you must also use WhatsApp, but do you know that you can earn money from WhatsApp. So friends, today we are going to tell you about the best ways to earn money from WhatsApp.

As you know that WhatsApp is the most used app, so it is possible to earn money from WhatsApp. If we say simply, then there is no such feature in WhatsApp that you can earn money. But you can definitely earn money with the help of WhatsApp.

 There are many ways to earn money from WhatsApp, using which you can earn as much money as you want, it is completely up to you and the best thing is that you do not have to pay any money to work, you can do it at home. You can earn money sitting.

Things needed to earn money from WhatsApp

First of all it is important for you to know that what are the things you will need to earn money from WhatsApp, so that you can start earning money from Whatsapp, so let's know about them.

1. Must have Smartphone

2. Must have a Gmail account

3. Must have Internet Connection

4. Must have WhatsApp Groups

5. Must have multiple WhatsApp numbers

You should know very well that the more WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp numbers you have, the more you will get help in earning money from WhatsApp. That's why you have to join many WhatsApp groups.

If you have many WhatsApp numbers then you can create WhatsApp Group or Broadcast and remember that you can message 256 members in one broadcast simultaneously, so do WhatsApp messages from different broadcasts.

If you have the above-mentioned things, then you can start earning money from WhatsApp, so let's now know what you have to do to earn money from WhatsApp, we are telling you about all the ways by which you can sit at home. You can earn money with the help of WhatsApp app.

7 best ways to earn money from WhatsApp

We are telling you the methods which are most used to earn money from WhatsApp, so you should use all of them.

 Earn Money From WhatsApp Through Affiliate Marketing

We have placed Affiliates marketing at number one because it is a way that you can earn a lot of money and it is also the best way to earn money from WhatsApp.

As you know, nowadays everyone likes to shop online. You can also find such people around you or may be in your friends and family. You have to make a group of all these people.

After this, according to the needs of these people, you have to join the affiliate program of that online shopping website like amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal, etc. You will get money.

Affiliate marketing is such a way that you have to share the link of any item and if someone clicks on it and buys it, then you get commission i.e. money.

Earn money from whatsapp by link shortening

This is also a very easy way to earn money from WhatsApp because in this also you just have to create a link and then share it and when someone clicks on that link then you get money.

Like “How to earn through WhatsApp”, this topic is searched a lot on Google, it is a viral topic that everyone wants to know about, thus there is some topic that is viral and people know about it. 

You have to find such topic and copy its link ie URL and then shorten it with the help of Link Shortening website. For this you can use adf.ly website because in today's time it is most used to earn money from Link Shortening.

After this, you have to share it with as many people as possible on WhatsApp, when someone clicks on this link, then he sees an advertisement for the first 5 seconds which you get paid. Meaning the more clicks you get, the more money you earn.


 Earn money from WhatsApp through Referral Program

On WhatsApp, some of your friends must have sent you a link to an app in which after signing in, you get some money and other people also get separate money for joining it. Which is called Refer Program.

You get to see many such apps in google play store. Like earlier you used to get 25 after logging in Paytm App, similarly today after joining Dream 11 fantasy cricket you get 100 rupees and if you join other people through your refer link then you get 50 for that too. Get up to Rs.100

It is also very important for you to know that when you join this type of program, there is a limit to withdraw money like 20-50-100 etc., after which you can withdraw money.

 Earn money from Whatsapp through PPD Network

Today the internet has become very cheap and at the same time its speed has also increased. So whenever any new thing comes on the internet like song, movie, games, viral video, important document PDF etc. people download it instantly, this is the best way to earn money online.

For this, first of all you have to join PPD i.e. Pay Per Downlaod network and after that upload any such thing which people want to download.

Just then you have to share the link of that file on WhatsApp, after which people who download it will get money. The more downloads the more money you will earn.

 Earn Money from Whatsapp Through Paid Promotion

Today everyone makes the most of digital marketing to reach their service and product to the people and to sell it. You can also do digital marketing with WhatsApp.

If you have a lot of WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp numbers, then you can take money to promote something because people spend a lot of time on WhatsApp. So let's know what things you can promote.

1. Can Promote Apps

2. Can Promote Local Business

3. Can Promote Website and Blog

4. Can Promote Youtube Channel

5. Can do Facebook Page and Facebook Group Promotion.

6. Can promote new product

 Earn money from Whatsapp by selling your stuff

If you do any business then believe that by using WhatsApp you can spread your business and earn money. That is why a separate WhatsApp Business App has been launched.

This is a powerful way to connect people with your business, so you have to find people on WhatsApp and make a list who can buy your stuff and then take a photo of your stuff and share it on WhatsApp.

Earn money by selling online stuff on whatsapp

I have recently seen such people who sell goods online to earn money from WhatsApp, this is a very good way to start your business without spending money.

You have to find such goods from the website of online shopping website like amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal etc. that people around you want to buy and then share it to everyone on WhatsApp by taking a photo of it and telling its price accordingly. If someone likes it, then you can order it online and sell it.