Why Dry fruits have become expensive? Know the Taliban Connection

 The FIEO has predicted a rise in the prices of dry fruits in the Indian market in the coming days as 85 per cent of its imports are from Afghanistan.

With the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, trade with India has been stopped. Now neither anything can be exported to Kabul nor is it possible to import anything from there. Due to this, there is a possibility of dry fruits etc. to become expensive in the market.



Dr. Ajay Sahai, Director General, Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) said, "We are closely monitoring the developments in Afghanistan. Imports to India are through the transit route of Pakistan.



At present, the Taliban has stopped all cargo going to Pakistan. So the virtual import has also stopped. Some of the products are sent through the International North-South Transport Corridor, which is still functional, Sahai said.


The road for products shipped via Dubai is also not closed at the moment. FIEO DG expressed hope that India's trade relations will continue despite the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan.


These things have bilateral trade

FIEO DG said, India currently supplies sugar, medicines, clothing, tea, coffee, spices and transmission towers to Afghanistan, while most of the imports coming from there are dry fruits. We also import some onions and gum from there.


India-Afghanistan trade

India is among the top 03 countries in Afghanistan's trading partners

Bilateral trade of $ 835 million has happened between the two in 2021

India imported goods worth $ 51 million from Afghanistan

India has invested 03 billion dollars on the soil of Afghanistan

Money has been invested in 400 projects, some of which are currently in operational condition.

US intelligence agencies had warned of the collapse of the Afghan army

A confidential estimate by US intelligence agencies predicted the collapse of the Afghan army and the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan.


According to the New York Times report, despite this intelligence estimate, US President Joe Biden had assured that Kabul would not be piled up. According to the report, by July itself, most intelligence reports had become dismal. Questions were being raised whether the Afghan security forces would be able to put up serious resistance and whether the government would be able to stay in Kabul.

What is the Taliban Connection?

India is the Natural Trading Partner of Afghanistan and the largest market for Afghan products in South Asia. Due to the political change in Afghanistan in the last two days, the price of dry fruits has started increasing in India.

 New Delhi

Afganistan Taliban News: India and Afghanistan have strong historical and cultural ties. The trade relations between the two countries are also centuries old. Given the geographical proximity and historical ties of the two countries, India is Afghanistan's natural trading partner and the largest market for Afghan products in South Asia.

Due to the political change in Afghanistan in the last two days, the price of dry fruits has started increasing in India. Traders have said that imports have been disrupted after the political turmoil in Afghanistan, due to which the prices of dry-fruits have increased in Jammu and Kashmir.

No import since 15 days

Traders say that they import many dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, figs, walnuts from Afghanistan. For the last 15 days, there is no import from Afghanistan, due to which there is a shortage of dry fruits in the market. Jyoti Gupta, President, Jammu Dry Fruits Retailer Association said, “Imports from Afghanistan are getting hampered for the last almost a month. No goods are coming from Afghanistan since last 15 days. Due to this, dry fruits prices in India have grown."

Business grew in few years

In the last few years, there has been a further increase in the import of dry fruits from Afghanistan. Agriculture and allied products account for 99 per cent of India's exports from Afghanistan. But once again the extremist Taliban has taken power in Afghanistan. This can affect the trade relations between the two countries.


There may be trouble on Diwali

Afghanistan is a major source of dry fruits for India. Even during the Civil War, the country has had a rich harvest of dry fruits, almonds or mulberries. The rise of the Taliban has raised fears that the supply of dry fruits, mulberries and almonds from Afghanistan has been affected. Along with dry fruits, white mulberry is imported in large quantities from Afghanistan. Experts say that in the era of Taliban, relations will not be the same as before. That is, this Diwali people may face shortage of Afghan dry fruits and almonds.