Why did Gavaskar advise Virat Kohli to talk to Tendulkar?

 In the Leeds Test, Virat Kohli's decision to bat first after winning the toss brought a mountain of difficulties for Team India.

Joe Root's bowlers wrapped India cheaply due to the 17 degree temperature, cloudy skies and moisture present in the wicket.

The Indian team could not even play the full fifty overs in the first innings and was reduced to just 78 runs. Nine batsmen did not even reach the tens. Rohit Sharma scored 19 and Ajinkya Rahane scored 18 runs. Captain Virat Kohli became the victim of England fast bowler James Anderson for the seventh time in Test cricket by scoring only seven runs. Seeing the loss of wickets in the same way, former captain Sunil Gavaskar, who was commentating the match, also said that Virat Kohli should call Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat Kohli's form can be gauged from the fact that his last century came against Bangladesh in the year 2019 in Kolkata when he scored 136 runs.

Now, in all the three formats of cricket, including the matches played in T20, ODI and Test cricket, there have been about 50 innings when he did not score a century.

I don't know my mistake

Madan Lal, former India all-rounder, selector and coach on Sunil Gavaskar's Virat Kohli taking advice from Sachin Tendulkar, says, "Sometimes a batsman does not realize his weakness or mistake, but others do. He Sachin can take advice from Tendulkar, but he will have to solve this problem himself because he has to go to play in the field.

 Madan Lal is also surprised by the fact that Virat Kohli after winning the toss decided to bat first. Either he missed the wicket or he was confident in his batting that by playing first he would score 250-300 runs and put pressure on England, but it did not happen. It has been seen in Leeds that teams prefer to field first after winning the toss.

Well, it depends on Virat Kohli how he adjusts to the current conditions. One very important thing is also that the ball is being bowled very well to him, any batsman can get out on it. Anderson is the best bowler in the world, in the battle going on between him and Virat Kohli, only Anderson has won so far.

Influence in mindset

Regarding this issue, former India batsman and selector Ashok Malhotra says, "The bigger thing than worrying about Virat Kohli is that there has been a difference in his mentality. His bat is not getting more runs while he is getting quicker. He has a habit of scoring centuries. The kind of image he has created, the pressure is coming on him. Under pressure, he tries to play fast and that is not possible in England."

If Ashok Malhotra is to be believed, ultimately it is for Virat to play, whether he goes to Sachin or Ravi Shastri, but he has to control his mindset. Playing with too much anger or enthusiasm only causes damage.

Apart from losing the final of the World Test Championship, when India continues to win under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, what is the pressure on them? In response to this, Ashok Malhotra says, "For two years, he did not score a century. His run average is falling. Everyone has seen him score a century in every third and fourth match, the pressure is building on him due to not scoring."

 Regarding the technical deficiency in Virat Kohli, Ashok Malhotra says, "He has to stay on the wicket. The way he is getting caught at slips again and again, it seems that he is playing the ball away from his body. He He can control himself. In trying to play early, his bat is going away from the body. He will have to wait and play for a while.

Kohli's weakness

So has the whole world caught the weakness of those who are not scoring centuries from Virat? Regarding this, Ashok Malhotra says, "The whole world has not caught his weakness. He is just not scoring runs in England. In England's heavy weather, the ball swings, which has to be played with eyes down. Can't play with bat there. "

Apart from Madan Lal and Ashok Malhotra, cricket critic Ayaz Memon also believes that Sunil Gavaskar has given the right advice to Virat Kohli to talk to Sachin Tendulkar on the phone.

Regarding the technical deficiency in Virat Kohli, Ashok Malhotra says, "He has to stay on the wicket. The way he is getting caught at slips again and again, it seems that he is playing the ball away from his body. He He can control himself. In trying to play early, his bat is going away from the body. He will have to wait and play for a while.

He said, "Virat Kohli is getting out, not once but continuously making the same mistake. It seems that there is a lack in his concentration or technique. This can happen with the biggest player. Sachin Tendulkar's For example, when he was getting out outside the off-stump in Australia, he thought that in the last Test match, neither drive nor play over cover. After that he scored a double century.

When a big batsman and that too a batsman like Virat Kohli, if he is getting out in the same style again and again, then he must talk to someone he considers his well-wisher, then improve his batting so that the middle order of the team is maintained. But can England be played without a cover drive?

Regarding this, Ayaz Memon believes, "There is no harm in putting a cover drive, but on which ball it is important is important. If the leg does not move, the form is light, which can be of the biggest player, if the lean patch comes, then the best player gets out quickly.

Ayaz Memon says, "Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane are getting out just like Kohli is getting out. Rohit Sharma is losing wickets while hooking or pulling. Rishabh Pant is getting caught in the slip or gully. So Batting coach Vikram Rathor and chief coach Ravi Shastri also have the responsibility to work on the team.

 There is pressure on number one too


What is Sunil Gavaskar's concern about Virat Kohli because he is the captain and one of the best players in the world?


In response to this question, Ayaz Memon says, "Of course. If Virat Kohli as a captain does not move ahead by taking lessons from mistakes, then the morale of the team also starts falling, so Sunil Gavaskar has given the right advice to Virat Kohli."

Ayaz does not believe in any specific reason for the pressure on Kohli, but he says, "The anxiety or stress of performing well is felt by everyone. Novak Djokovic went to the Rio Olympics, but could not make the Golden Slam, lost in tennis although number one. So, there is pressure on those who are the best, but take this pressure in a huge positive form and convert it into good performance. He has done this in the year 2018.


Ayaz says, “It is okay that he has not scored a single century in any format for the last two years. But his form is not like 2014 when he was struggling, here he scored 42 runs in the first innings of the last match. It's not that Kohli's form has deteriorated at all, but somewhere he is losing his concentration. Sometimes a slight improvement in technique makes a big difference, so Gavaskar advised Virat to Sachin Told to take it."