Who is Islamic State Khorasan who attacked Kabul airport?

 Islamic State fighters have been blamed for a number of deadly attacks in recent years, such as this photo after the 2019 attack on a wedding hall in Kabul 'ISIS-K' or to put it more broadly, 'Islamic State Khorasan Province' (ISKP) is a regional ally of the extremist organization which calls itself 'Islamic State'. It is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is considered the most dangerous and violent of all jihadist extremist organizations in Afghanistan.

The ISKP was established in January 2015 when the Islamic State was at its peak in Iraq and Syria.

This was when the US-led coalition forces did not defeat the self-proclaimed caliphate of the 'Islamic State'.

This organization recruits both Afghan and Pakistani jihadists.

Especially those who have left the Afghan Taliban who believe that their own organization is no longer as fanatical.

 ISIS-K has a base in Nangarhar, the eastern province of Afghanistan

How radical is this extremist organization?

The Khorasan branch of Islamic State has been blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in recent years.

It has targeted girls' schools, hospitals and even a maternity ward of the hospital.

Its fighters shot pregnant women and nurses in an attack on the maternity ward.

The 'ISIS-K' is not like the Taliban, which has limited its borders to Afghanistan.

The organization is part of the 'Islamic State' global network that aims to target Western, international and humanitarian targets, wherever they are.

Scene after the attack on Kabul airport

Where are they active?

ISIS-K has a base in Nangarhar, the eastern province of Afghanistan.

Drug trade and human trafficking between Pakistan and Afghanistan pass through it.

There was a time when Islamic State used to have about 3,000 fighters.

But it suffered heavy losses in encounters with the Taliban, Afghan security forces and US-led coalition forces.

Do they have any relation with Taliban?

To put it superficially, yes. These connections are through a third party and its name is Haqqani Network.

Researchers say there are strong connections between ISIS-K and the Haqqani network.

On this basis, he builds a close relationship with the Taliban.

The person to whom the Taliban has given the responsibility of security of Kabul is Khalil Haqqani.

The US has placed a $5 million bounty on Khalil Haqqani's head.


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Dr. Sajjan Gohail of the Asia Pacific Foundation has been tracking extremist organizations in Afghanistan for years.

"ISIS-K, the Haqqani network and other extremist groups operating in Pakistan have had a partner role in several major attacks between 2019 and 2021," he says.

When the Taliban took control of Kabul on 15 August, a large number of prisoners were released from Pul-e-Charki Prison. Among them were extremists from Islamic State and al-Qaeda. These people are in large numbers.


But ISIS-K has deep differences with the Taliban. The ISIS-K alleges that the Taliban have chosen to negotiate peace in the expensive and luxurious hotels of Qatar's capital Doha, leaving the path of Jihad and Maidan-e-Jung.

Islamic State extremists are a major security challenge to the incoming Taliban regime.

The Taliban leadership and Western intelligence agencies will probably agree on this point.