The Exemplary Dr. Pankaj Bharti

“You can either be a doctor or kind-hearted person”, said a prominent orthopedic surgeon of Kankarbagh area of Patna, when I went to his clinic after breaking my leg. I also seconded his opinion with many experiences of my own.

But, when I came back to Delhi after almost 2 months, it so happened that my pre-conceived notion went for good. I got a manuscript of Dr Pankaj Bharti. I was told that his book Fix Your Knees without a Stitch is my next assignment. Though I started casually, but picked up interest as I started thumbing through the pages. Soon, I developed profound interest in the manuscript, and learned many things in an interesting way.

During the making of Foreword page, I asked  Ritu Madam, the Publishing Consultant and very hard-working, intelligent girl to make me talk to Dr. Pankaj Bharti, as it was the need of the hour. I was rather excited to hear his words, because till that time, I had developed deep sense of appreciation for his knowledge and its display.

During the conversation, he was giving me full ears, listening to every small query that I had, though he had to rush to meet Dr. HarshavardhaG, the then Health Minister of India. His patient hearing and cogent answers of my queries added another feather. It helped me work more diligently in his book.


After almost 2 years, I contacted him for my mother-in-law, who is very chronic arthritis patient. However, I did not contact him by choice, but out of compulsion. The doctors we consulted, put us under the impression that if we do not opt for knee replacement, and that too in his/her clinic/guidance, my mother will lose both legs and life.

I did not have any idea about Dr. Bharti’s way of handling his patient, as I knew him as an author. However, I mustered courage and wrote a message with the willingness to meet him citing the case of my mother-in-law. He told me that he is away from Delhi, but will be back in nearly 10 days.

I approached the doctor on the date he was scheduled to arrive and he was quick to respond, giving me the time, he can meet. When I arrived in his clinic(28, North Ave, Block N, Shivaji Park, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026), what caught my eyes most was there was pictures of birds, nature, not the melancholic figure of knees, if you do not treat your arthritis as most doctors do. There was positivity all around.

When my turn came, Dr Pankaj Bharti floored me with his outstanding hospitality and the way he devised solution of the chronic problem my mother-in-law was going through. “I read 6 hours a day even today. People ask me as to why you still read. But, if I won’t read, I will not be able to serve my patients the way I have been able to. It’s my passion, it is my life.”

In my almost hour-long conversation, he talked with me on a range of topics, right from his staff to his background, his spirituality. On the way back home, I kept on thinking about the warmth, hospitality and the way of life, Dr. Bharti unfolded to me. Thanks a Ton, Dear Doctor Bharti. We need many many more doctors like you. 

                                                                -----Ashish Jha