Suceesssure Makes Foray in Article Writing Services

New Delhi: Of late, Woman Entrepreneurs have come forward with their entrepreneurial endeavour and made significant contributions for the greater good of their society. Sushmita Jha is the newest entrant in the legion. She hails from Mithila and has been a prominent name in UGC Net Coaching.

Recently, she has started her own venture with the name After getting good response from students, and the requests to start content writing, editing services, she has added these services as additional services. 

The services offered are as follows:

·      Content Writing: This service includes almost all sorts of Digital marketing Content, viz. SEO Content, Social Media Content, Descriptions, Amazon web content, Webpage Content, and the related content. You can approach to the company for your old or new website, on page and off page SEO Content, promotional messages, etc.


·      Ghost Writing Service: This service incorporates book writing. Those who are new to the term “Ghostwriting”, the term pertains to writing a book without owning the content. The author of a book may contact the website with the related query. The website will respond to the query made in the next 24 hours.


·      Content Editing Services:  The entrepreneurs of today struggle quite hard with the content that they receive. They search over the net, consult a service provider, and most of the time, they do not get what they want to get. And resultantly, lots of work they need to perform, even after getting the content. In our content editing services, we are primarily focusing over books. Sushmita Jha says that her service will live up to the highest expectations of her clients.


·      Translation Services: While talking to TodayTwigs, Sushmita Jha said, “I am told that the translation today is more like Jugadu service. Only one person, without the in-depth knowledge of the subject of the content provided, keeps on doing all sorts of services, with full dependence over software and other Jugadu services. And this is one of the most important reasons why we have started this service. Here, you will get translation services mostly Hindi-English and vice versa.


·      Proofreading Services: Suceesssure provides proofreading services, primarily for various kinds of books. “We have started talking to a large number of proofreaders and have started getting positing responses as well. As of now, our work volume is not much, but as it increases, we will build our team as well.


·      Book Publishing: Though the website is not publishing book as of now, but has got MOU with some publishers that will help its clients publish their book at the most reasonable price.


·      Academic Writing and Resume Writing:  In order to help our students, we provide academic writing as well as resume writing services. Thought this service is at its nascent stage, but is growing day by day.


You can contact with your query in the below given link: