Pratichaya Patron Makes her Foray in Book Writing

 There are many adjectives you can associate with Pratibha----the social media czar, the reticent, resilient, creative, a woman with a golden heart, so on and so forth. Of late, one more adjective has got associated with the Mithila Mati Woman, and that is AUTHOR. Yes, you read it right. She has started penning down her thought, and the latest buzz is that her book will hit the audience in the month of September. The Cover Page of the book is launched today.

The heading of the book is itself thought provoking----Acchi ladkiyan, budi kahaniyan(good girls bad stories). Somewhat it looks paradoxical. While talking to TodayTwigs, the owner of Social Media Group Pratichaya, and the author of this book, said laughingly, “Yes, the title of the book is indeed thought provoking. And this is the reason why I want my readers to keep their fingers crossed, keep on guessing till the time the book reaches to their hands.

Pratibha has been in the writing for good number of years, however this is her First Crush with creativity. Though she remain tight-lipped when asked to shed light about what is inside the book, but one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that it is destined to be as popular as her Social Media Presence Pratichaya is.