'Can't trust Taliban, they are beating everyone'


Hardit Singh had a smile on his face and he was not even trying to hide it.

He came to India on Sunday after crossing a long road of difficulties. He was talking to the media after landing at Hindon airbase near the capital Delhi.

Referring to the current situation in Afghanistan, he said, "The difficulty was too much, what can we say now."

However, Hardit claimed that he was one of the lucky few who was not bothered much by the Taliban.


He said, "It was fine for us. It is very difficult for other people. We were in Gurdwara Sahib and were fine."


Fear dominates

Dipen Sherpa had come to terms with the difficulties that Hardit Singh was referring to.

Giving information about the situation, Dipen said, "The situation is very bad for the people in Afghanistan. Firing and bombing are happening all around."

Dipen continued, "The Taliban cannot be trusted. They are beating people. We were living in great fear."

A total of 392 people came to India from Afghanistan on Sunday. Of these, 168 people landed at Hindon airbase. Of these, 107 were Indian citizens and 23 belonged to the Hindu and Sikh communities of Afghanistan. These included two MPs Anarkali and Narendra Singh Khalsa.


'Everything is over, now it is zero'

Narendra Singh Khalsa is satisfied to come to India. But there is also a problem in my heart to leave my home in Afghanistan.

He said, "I am crying. In Afghanistan (we) were living for generations. Had never seen such a situation before, what are you seeing there now."

Clearing the tears in his eyes and a runny throat, Narendra Singh said, "Everything is over. The government that was formed for 20 years, everything is over, now it is zero."

The Ministry of External Affairs of India is trying to evacuate the Indians trapped in Afghanistan. Government officials say that evacuation of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs is also a priority. But the road to India is not easy for the citizens of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan experience

The Taliban are specially investigating such citizens of Afghanistan who have visas to India. The journey of 168 people who came to India on Sunday has not been easy. These people were stopped in a hall near the airport for two days.

Afghanistan's MP Anarkali said that she is happy to be in India but will talk about her experience in Afghanistan later.

An Afghan woman who arrived with the family on Sunday said, "The situation in Afghanistan was deteriorating, so I have come here with my daughter and two grandchildren."

"Our Indian brothers and sisters came to our rescue. They (Taliban) burnt my house. I thank India for helping us," she said.


How will the problem go away?

India has spent billions of dollars on building infrastructure in Afghanistan during the last two decades. Apart from the Parliament of Afghanistan, India has also built dams, schools and hospitals there. India's relations with the democratic governments of Afghanistan have been strong, but the Indian government has not yet expressed its stand on the Taliban.

The Government of India has indicated to give shelter to the people of Sikh and Hindu community.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs on August 16, it was said that Sikhs and Hindus who want to leave Afghanistan, "India will allow them to come." The statement also said that the Government of India will "stand by" the Afghan people who have been partners in issues of mutual development, education and public interest.

A batch of 87 Indians and two Nepalese nationals who came out of Afghanistan came to India late night via Tajikistan. At the same time, 135 passengers reached Delhi through a special plane from Doha, the capital of Qatar. He had gone to Doha from Kabul a few days ago. Two days after the Taliban captured Kabul, India had evacuated 200 people. These included the Indian ambassador and embassy staff.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan's ambassador to India, Fareed Mamundzai, said that only through "efficient leadership and international help" can the sufferings of his country be reduced.