Book Review---Achi Larkiyan Budi Kahaniyan

 About the book

 The present book is a unique and brilliant work of the author. He has presented the equations of relations on the real surface of life very easily. In this book, where there is love, on the one hand, there is also hypocrisy, there is inclusion, there is also hatred. Where on the one hand there is the melody of relationship, there is also the arrogance of conceit. If there is harmony, then there is enmity, if there is a duty, then there is also wickedness. While there is opposition to the age-old customs, there is also support for the freedom of women to choose their own life.

 In short, this book contains a succinct mention of all the essential principles and attitudes to protect oneself from the hassles of life.

Collection of heart touching stories


About the Author

Born and brought up in the holy land of Mithila(Village Nakti), Pratibha ji has masters degree in ancient history as well as B.Ed. She has also been a promising student. He has many unpublished works on various subjects in Hindi. Pratibha attributes her love for the national language to her father, Shri Ramanand ji, who is known to be a great lover of Hindi.


Those who know Pratibha ji closely, they believe that while she is bindas(insensitive about the public opinion) by nature, she is also silent like a book. She never learned to give up in any situation but moved ahead with a new lesson from every situation. Writer Madam believes that life is in every moment, it should not be wasted and this thinking has inspired her to combine her thoughts and the rising and falling currents of society and put them in the form of a book.

They have a huge presence on social media. Pratibha runs a Facebook group by the name of Pratichaya which is quite popular.