75th Independence Day: Important announcements of PM Modi from Red Fort

 On the occasion of 75th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the country from the ramparts of Red Fort said many important things for farmers, girls and youth. Read the important announcements of the Prime Minister-

Girls will study in Sainik Schools

PM Modi said that now girls will be able to study in all the Sainik Schools of the country.

He said, "Sometime back, admission to girls was started in a Sainik School in Mizoram. After this, now the government has decided that all Sainik Schools in the country will now be opened for the daughters of the country." Earlier, only boys were admitted in Sainik Schools.



Emphasis on the priority of mother tongue

PM Modi said that because of the language, the country's great talent has been tied in a cage, but language should never become a hindrance in development.


On 75th Independence Day, he said, "People can move forward in their mother tongue. If people study in their mother tongue, then justice will be done to their talent. The new national education policy is also going to emerge as a big weapon in the fight against poverty because it will give place to the talent of the people. has been given.


Mother tongue is important. He has a reputation. There was no language barrier in the playing field. Youth have been our game and are also blooming. Sports have been included with importance in the new National Education Policy. It is very important to have sports for fulfillment in life."

Targeting China and Pakistan without naming

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India is facing the challenges of terrorism and expansionism with great courage. India has been raising questions on Pakistan regarding terrorism and PM Modi has been targeting China for expansionism.

The Prime Minister said on 75th Independence Day, "By conducting surgical strikes and air strikes, India has given a clear message to its enemies that now a new and modern India is emerging, which is fully capable of taking tough decisions."

New education policy

Modi said in the country that the country's new education policy is a means to fight poverty and meet the needs of the 21st century, and regional languages ​​will now be given more importance.

He said that in the new education policy, along with studies, sports have been made a part of mainstream education instead of extra.


The goal will be perfection, not access to facilities

Modi said that till now it was the effort of the governments of the country that facilities should be provided to every corner of the country, but now the goal should be that all facilities should reach 100 percent to all the people.

He said, "Now we have to go not towards development but towards perfection. That is, all facilities should be provided to 100 percent people of the country, this should be our goal."

"All the families should get all the facilities and we have to achieve the target of saturation of all the schemes. It doesn't have to take much time."

Time for cities to bridge the gap between villages

He said that now to bridge the gap between cities and villages, optical fiber network is also reaching there.

He said, "Women are joining self-help groups in many places in the village to start new ventures, for such women, the government will create an e-commerce platform so that their products can reach every corner of the country."

PM Modi said that the government is working to ensure the reservation system for the poor and downtrodden and by passing the bill, the states have been given the responsibility of identifying the deprived communities.


Priority will be given to small farmers

Modi said that apart from the cities, we also have to pay more attention to the development of the villages of the country.

He said that "the land with the people in the villages is getting smaller. After the division of the families, the land with the farmers is getting smaller and smaller. In the earlier policies, small farmers were not given much attention but now they Decisions are being taken keeping the farmers in mind. In the coming times, a campaign to build a warehouse at the block level will be launched.

He said, "Most farmers of the country are owners of small land. Earlier the policies of the country did not have policies for small farmers. But now agricultural reforms are being carried out in the country. Improvements in crop insurance are going on. Kisan credit to small farmers Get cards. Solar schemes should be effective. Keeping every small farmer in mind, PM Krishi Samman Yojana is being run. To become a small farmer, the pride of the country - this is our dream. To increase the power of small farmers of the country in the coming years Will be."

Advice of scientists in agriculture

Modi said that when the whole world was facing the corona epidemic, at that time India made the corona vaccine and did the work of giving it to the people. He said that if this did not happen then it can be imagined that what would have happened to India.

Now in the coming time, in view of the increasing population of the country, the time has come to take the advice of scientists in the agriculture sector to meet its food requirements.

Government's interference in the lives of citizens will be less

Modi said that in the modern era, country next generation reforms will be implemented so that all government facilities can easily reach the person at the last corner of the country.

PM Modi said, "The goal of the elixir is to build such an India, where the level of facilities is not dividing the villages and cities. Where the government does not interfere unnecessarily in the lives of citizens, where there is every modern infrastructure of the world. For this the country will change but we also have to change according to the changing times.

Modi said that in the earlier era the government itself used to sit on the driving seat but now it is not the need of the modern country, so the interference of the government in the lives of the citizens of the country should be minimized as much as possible.

He said, "The country will have to make efforts that the people of the country are removed from the web of unnecessary laws and procedures. For this, more than 15 thousand compliances have been removed from the government recently. Ease of Living and Ease of Living Doing business is what we need very much. Dozens of labor laws have been merged into four codes and major changes are being made in the tax structure as well."


North East will be connected with whole of India

In his address, Modi said, "The government in North India is writing the history of connectivity and this connectivity is not only of infrastructure but also between hearts. Soon North India will be fully connected by rail service with the whole of India. "

"There are many possibilities of oil farm, herbal farming and organic farming. Work will be done on this in the coming years."

Assembly elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir

The Delimitation Committee has been formed in Jammu and Kashmir and preparations are being made to hold the assembly elections here in the coming time.

Tight security arrangements have been put in place in Srinagar in view of the Independence Day.

National Hydrogen Mission announced

Modi announced the National Hydrogen Mission and said that the government aims to make India self-reliant in the field of energy and gradually move towards sustainable energy.

Modi said that for the year 2030, the country is targeting to produce 450 GW of sustainable energy and it is expected that it can be completed before time.

For this, the government has decided to meet the needs of railways with sustainable energy by the year 2030.

Partition Horror Memorial Day on 14th August

Prime Minister Modi said that from now on, every year on August 14, it has been decided to remember Partition Vibhishika Memorial Day.

He said, "Those who have suffered during that time and who could not get the last rites at that time, those people will be remembered on August 14."